[E–pub/E–book] (Shadows in the Starlight) author Elaine Cunningham

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35 If I ive it a 4 I d want to read it again and be sad all over again that there aren t books This book wasn t anything really exciting plot wise and I could do with a few fewer crime bosses but the characters are fun I want of Gwen and Sister Tamar Scattered thoughts I didn t realize this was a second

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and while normally prefer to jump in cold I was a bit overwhelmed with the number of characters and story threads oing on There is a sex scene that doesn t fit the tone of the book and really feels like a stopgap measure to make the book fit in with the Urban Fantasy enreI think that the main problem with this book and the reason that I found it in the bin at an Odd Lot store is the cover The cover is wretched If I had not already read this author I would never have picked up the book The cover screams cheap and confused which is surprising considering that the publisher is Tor This book was reat Everyone was so wickedly deceitful You never knew who was oing to kill who and there was a lot of killin oing on Gwen is a smartass with a don t fuck with me attitude that I love There is no romance in this book Gwen sleeps with a few friends when she feels is no romance in this book Gwen sleeps with a few friends when she feels need to but otherwise her love life is non existent Normally that would turn me off from a book but there was so much oing on that I didn t mind her lacking a relationship I am disappointed that Cunningham didn t continue this series Gigi is now a PI Her friend ask. Best PDF, Shadows in the Starlight By Elaine Cunningham This is very ood. Shadows in the StarlightOr s website mentions trying to put together some longish short stories to wrap up the loose threads which would certainly be nice I think this may have just become the first series I should remove from my spreadsheet since it is technically finished but I ll leave it in for now in the hopes of noticing when those short stories are published in paper or electronically Took me a while to actually finish this once I started probably because I knew that if it ended with a cliffhanger I would probably never et relief being that the series is suspended indefinitelyThe book is cool due to the fact that it is set in my birthplace and current residence of Providence RI woot woot I did enjoy the story and progression better with this installment The true colors of all the players are peeping out Too bad we might never et a conclusion to the storyi never et a conclusion to the storyI say ive the book a try Second in series about elves in our world and a woman who finds out she was a changeling an elf left in place of a human baby She is also an ex cop disgraced because of a corrupt police official now working as a private investigator Her elf friends and human allies of the elves seem to be two faced and continually scheming using her as a pawn I want Gwen I enjoyed the first two books in this series but feel let down by the sudden ending of the series Not the author s fault I hope she will self publish the 3rd book because I really want to find out how things turn I hope she will self publish the 3rd book because I really want to find out how things turn S Market Paperback #And Others 288 Pages #others 288 pages has a text language like Engli. .

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S her to help the friends ex husband find his missing wife The trouble is the ex had physically abused her friend and Gigi isn t certain that the wife didn t vanish to avoid the same treatment and this is further complicated by her finding evidence that the missing wife is an elf Meanwhile someone starts a series of increasingly deadly attacks on Gigi Much like the first book I feel like this book is just a continuation of the series and cannot really stand on its own It isn t bad just has the feeling of being another installment in a mini class="675690dd728ccc717ac2256a1aee13f0" style="color: #333399; font-size: I Enjoyed This Book But The I enjoyed this book but the of the tale left me wondering who actually did what There s a lot of finger pointing but nothing definitively stated The tale is confusing enough without the author leaving it up to the reader s interpretation I like Ian Forest but there is definitely something shady about his character and what the heck is Jason up to I also like Gwen but she needs to et her head in the 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, game and figure out what s up with her heritage All the little hints are fine and dandy but they don t actuallyo anywhere I uess we ll never find out now I m disappointed to find out that the author for reasons not her own has left this series dangling What a shame as it really did have potential A different take on elves I thought the books this is the 2nd were enjoyable and very readable different take on elves I thought the books this is the 2nd were enjoyable and very readable apparently the publisher didn t see reason to keep oing with the series The auth. And the main topic to read with book details isbn 9780765348524 format Mas. ,
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