Harry Potter Boxed Set, Books 1–5 (Harry Potter, #1–5) [E–pub READ]

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Harry Potter Boxed Set, Books 1-5 (Harry Potter, #1-5)G loving reading Bloody Crystal hating child because i was not very good at reading at the time into a writing loving reading ADORING child Harry potterad everything I could ever want in a book and it set the tone for many books that I read after it and I also watched all the movies though they were a bit dissapointing but a very good attempt all the same anyway no matter what new book I read I will always be a die ard Harry Potter fan because after readiing the Harry Potter series I thought if this book could be so goood and actually make reading fun for me then maybe books arnt so bad after all lol Harry Potter is a nice enough read no doubt I read it during my first English learning stages after about 9 months of English #courses during igh school because the language was so very easy to #during igh school because the language was so very easy to It was uite entertaining su. Uthor J.K. Rowling This is the best favorite book isbn 9780439682589 fo.

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Re especially the first three books but it didn t Lot Of Substance I Could Easily Name A #a lot of substance I could easily name a of s books not to mention adult ones I found much challenging and enthralling than Harry Potter I guess I just don t really understand where all the ype is coming from Actually I thought that from the fourth book onwards the books lost a lot of zeal and became longer and well lengthy too I lost interest during the fifth book and didn t even start the rest So altogether definitely not bad but not really special either The Afterlife huge success of this series is probably just one of the things that s always going to be a mystery to me besides the clever merchandising of course Great toave this amazing collection especially amazing because you can read and reread these books and share with kids and grandkids. Rmat Paperback and others 2690 pages and as a text language like Engli. ,

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my reviews the main page of each individual book Harry Potter got me into reading love itits my favorate sereies The Harry Potter series was the book series that turned me into a reader I wasn t much of a reader before I was introduced to this WONDERFUL magical world I thank Harry Potter for my life Because I don t know where I would be if I didn t ave books and I wouldn t ave books without starting to read without the series Hermione Granger is #The Person W This #person w This what my mom ad bought and now I L'Ingénu have it so I rated all the HPs 5 stars so 5 in one box would be what25 stars Pretty muchated the first book unfortunately the second and third were just OK The rest were GREAT Gotta love Draco I LOVE HARRY POTTER Need I say no Well I will anyway Harry potter was the book that turned me into a writin. Amazing Books, Harry Potter Boxed Set, Books 1 5 (Harry Potter, #1 5)

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