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American Kinship A Cultural Account

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Up chapter called Twelve Years in which Schneider admits that his argument is based on informant interviews with white upper class Americans he didn t truly understand the symbolic of American Kinship. Velopment of a theory of culture on which the analysis is based a theory that has since proved valuable in the analysis of other cultures For this Phoenix edition Schneider has written a substantial new chapter responding to his critics and recounting the charges in his thought since the book was first published in 196. .
S urbanites in 1967 in #an actual cross section of American families I expected so much of My issue was #actual cross section of American families I expected so much out of this My issue was repetitive this was let alone the generalized statements I read the second edition which included a follow. Y of anthropologically familiar but less differentiated societies He goes to the heart of the ideology of relations among relatives in America by locating the underlying features of the definition of kinship nature vs law substance vs code One of the most significant features of American Kinship then is the explicit de. American Kinship was an important point in the anthropological discussion about kinship but I that Schneider #point in anthropological discussion about kinship I felt that Schneider not place enough importance in actually doing his ob in this work His informants were white middle clas. American Kinship is the first attempt to deal systematically with kinship as a system of symbols and meanings and not simply as a network of functionally interrelated familial roles Schneider argues that the study of a highly differentiated society such as our own may be revealing of the nature of kinship than the stud.