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SpoilersThings are finally looking up for Aura Logan has said his final goodbye and is at peace she and Zachary are officially together and Aura finally nows the truth about final goodbye and is at peace she and Zachary are officially together and Aura finally nows the truth about father and the part she played in the Shift Aura s brief period of happiness is shattered when she finds out that Zach has been taken into custody by the DMPgovernment for being a suspect in the bombing of a plane Aura is unable to visit Zach so she starts to investigate the bombing in the hope of freeing Zach Aura is determined to unravel the truth behind the terrorist attack and is soon swept up in conspiracies espionage and corruption When Zach is let go swept up in conspiracies espionage and corruption When Zach is let go the authorities Aura and Zach go to Ireland in the hope that they can put an end to the Shift Aura spends the first half of the end to the Shift Aura spends the first half of the moaning and whining about Zachary It s understandable that she s upset that Zach s locked up and in danger but her complaining never stopped I was frustrated with her attitude and I would have liked for Aura to have been stronger and to have tried to stay positive Zachary is depressed for most of the book because of how he was treated when he was in DMP custody again I could understand why he was miserable but reading about two angsty teenagers who are constantly down in the dumps doesn t make for thrilling reading I ve never really taken to Zachary I ve always preferred Logan over Zach Logan might not have been perfect but him and Aura were friends since childhood and loved each other for years whereas Zach and Aura didn t really share anything real and the only thing that tied them together was Zachary being the last of the pre shifters and Aura being the first of the post shiftersIn previous books Zach acted like Aura was treating him like crap because she was confused about her feelings as she was still grieving for Logan Logan wasn t just her boyfriend he was her best friend since childhood and not only did he die he came back as a ghost yet Zach still gave her hard time how was she suppose to properly grieve for Logan when he was still there as a ghostZach acted like he was all patient and understanding but he was just a whiny bitch and he even had the nerve to compare Aura losing Logan with him losing his ex girlfriend because she moved to another country seriously Zach your girlfriend of a few months moving to another country is nothing like your first love and lifelong best friend dying I was disappointed that Gina never found out about Aura s father she had a right to now even if it would hurt her I would have liked to see Gina move on from Anthony It s a shame because Gina s been mourning him for over 18 years and hasn t been able to move on as she still loves him yet he had no problem at all falling in love and sleeping with Gina s little sister I felt sorry for Gina being betrayed by her sister and Anthony I think she deserved her own HEA Anthony just came across as an awful person sleeping with a married woman then haunting her so much that she ended her marriage and then having sex with her younger sister I was actually interested in GinaAnthonyGina s sister s story than I was with Aura and Zach I wish that the author would write a preuelnovella that would shed some light on their story I thought Megan was a good friend to Aura I wish Aura would have been supportive when Megan and Mikey broke up I wasn t impressed with Dylan once again going after his brother s girlfriends honestly it s like the guy can t date a girl who hasn t already dated one of his brothers I was pleasantly surprised that Zach turned out to be a virgin I can t even remember the last YA book I read where the hero and heroine were as sexually experienced as each other It s beyond tiresome and irritating reading about the whole wide eyed blushing virgin heroine with the bad boy slutty hero so udos to Jeri Smith Ready for not inflicting that unwelcome trope on readersI was uite bored with the first half of book because nothing much of significance happened Things picked up once Aura and Zach went to Ireland there was action and the storyline actually felt like it was going somewhere I did think there were a few too many bad guys the DMP SecuriLab Nighthawk and the Children of the Sun cult I just thought it was a bit too much The resolution with the Shift was satisfying I was worried that everything with the ghostsshades and the Shift would just magically go away but there was realistic and gratifying end to the ShiftShade was by far the best book in the trilogy I wasn t very impressed with Shift but this instalment was an improvement but it didn t uite reach the standard of the first book 35 stars The story is back on track after the messy affairs in book two though I didn t enjoy this uite as much as book one Although there are interesting developments some genuine surprises and all the icky scenarios of the last book are a thing. In this dramatic conclusion to the Shade trilogy Aura and Zachary’s relationship sizzles as the secrets of the Shift are revealedLife can change in an instant and no one understands that better than Aura It’s been almost a year since her boyfriend. .
Shine by Jeri Smith-ReadyEr Recommend YESBook Boyfriend Zach but I might to Dylan for my picSUMMARY 60 words or lessOh man I ve been disappointed picSUMMARY 60 words or lessOh man I ve been disappointed YA series seuels and enders in the last year But finally someone does it right After the first chapter I couldn t breathe for not nowing I think I took my first breath when I had actual face time with my guy But I couldn t ask for a better conclusion to a seriesTo see my full review and yummy pic check out my blog post belowhttpmybookboyfriendblogspotcom2Audio ReviewI m glad they used the same narrator Khristine Hvam throughout the series for me That I am so grateful for It makes it easier to get into the story without having to adapt to a new voice I re Love obviouslyMerged reviewLOVE LOVE LOVED this book One of all my time favorite series favorite characters and stories You guys are going to adore SHINE And trust me the love story is better than ever I m seriously not good at writing reviews for the final book It s like I don t Between know what to say even though I enjoyed and loved it I just wanted to sit down think of everything that happened and let out a contented sigh and a satisfied smile Then be at peace lol But for Logan Aura and Zachary who had all been a very fascinating and lovely characters who made me swoon and grin so much it hurts and who provided me so much entertainment and happiness I guess it s just fair to share everyone how much I enjoyed this series Shine was a really great book and I would say that it brilliantly concluded this wonderful series I love how everything was revealed resolved and finally fulfilled The characters were well developed the discoveries and truths about the myths were amazing and the ending was just stunning and fantastic Aura on the previous book to be honest had me really worried and anxious in every action she did or decisions she made But in this book I seriously loved her and trusted her She was sure determined stronger and braver I love how how much she cared for Zachary and how committed she was to him Her determination to stop the Shift and help Shades to become ghost and passed on even if it was risky was amazing and impressive She definitely grew up in here and now I can totally say she s prettyick ass heroine Zachary I just seriously love this guys so so much Not because he did some ick ass stunts and tricks and beat up all the bad guys but because I saw a very vulnerable side of him in here He went through some pretty serious sht that almost had me bawling my eyes out and my heart ached for him still and my heart ached for him Still never gave up for Aura He was a very impressive and remarkable character and I was just really touched by his dedication and love for Aura I was very much touched and moved by this two They went through a lot of things here but they always overcome it together It was heartwarming and also very sweet And I thank Jeri Smith Ready for giving us so many lovely cute steamy and sweet scenes and making me swoon countless times before finally wrapping everything up The other thing that made me enjoy this book so much was the mystery about the Shift and Shine the myth in Newgrange in IrelandIt has always fascinated me since I started reading this series and I really loved discovering the truths behind it And one thing that I really really loved Jeri Smith Ready did here was she made Logan present I mean his memories were always present He was always remembered and I even appreciated his character It was very heartwarming and touchingI really loved this series it was beautifully written remarkably uniue and very captivating Jeri Smith Ready is a very wonderful and talented writer I so encourage you guys to read this series you ll never regret it This review is also posted at Book Overdose As much as I have loved this series and loved Logan I was super excited to get a chance to have a book with just Aura and Zach in it I adored Logan but I have always loved Zach and his Scottish brogue It has taken me forever to finish this trilogy and I couldn t even give you a good excuse as to why other than in the madness of blog tours ARCs and everything else I had completely forgotten about it which is s shame because this is a fabulous series So well written and so much funEven though this last installment was a bit serious than the others it was also my favorite of the bunch I loved seeing Aura grow up and even though she will always love Logan it was nice seeing her move on and see what was real and tangible right So is Logan in this one or whatPlease would one of my lovely goodreads friends let me now once they read it If it is Aura Zach the whole book I ll passI don t feel like barfing into a bucket the entire book Thank youSo far from what I ve heard I ll be passing on this one It won t be good for my health In fact I think eating glass and nails would be better for my health than the pain this book would caus. Ry ever patient and ever by her side with all that she nows But when the government threatens his life in an attempt to learn Aura’s secrets she will stop at nothing to protect herself and the one she loveseven if that means betraying her own heart. Of the past I think I just disengaged myself too much from the story to really enjoy this one An overall satisfying conclusion to the trilogy however I just ind of wish the story to really enjoy this one An overall satisfying conclusion to the trilogy however I just ind of wish two didn t exist So I m at a loss What do you say about the ending to a series that has provoked tears from experiencing every possible emotion that exists And possibly some that don t even have names yet What is there to be said about a book whose characters have infiltrated your heart and mind and made you sigh wistfully and reflectively at a song that sparked a memory or a "MOMENT THAT DIDN T HAPPEN TO " that didn t happen to but DAMNIT you feel like it did What do you do when you now how it ends And now there s no room for speculation because it s all laid out there alreadyBut then on second thought why would I be sad that I can t internally speculate on the ending Because Jeri Smith Ready has concluded this series in the most beautiful perfect way possible There are tough realities to face and moments when you seriously uestion your bladder control And might I suggest checking yourself into a hospital beforehand You ll need access to medical professionals and a code cart with defibrillator after the first chapter And also potentially after THIS ONE PART And then the other part I propose that JSR is the crowned ruler of YA relationships because this book is straight up sexual Remember the River Scene in Shift Yeeeahh you haven t seen anything yetAura has always been a strong female lead but she really get ready for the horrible pun shines in the conclusion uick thinking wily masterful Aura The Book of Earths: Hollow Earth, Ancient Maps, Atlantis, and Other Theories (Forgotten Books) kicks mass amount of ass I feel this needs to be said wine bottle weaponry But she s not ashamed to show her vulnerable side either She s such a real relatable protagonist so it s no wonder two amazing guys are in love with her As a female fan of this series it s easy to get caught up in Logan and Zachary but Shine is Aura s book And JSR establishes that well Okay okay and there s plenty of love for the boys too See books like the Shade trilogy make it really hard to read any other books I compare the lack of character development and complexity of other novels to the likes of these and they pale in comparison These are books I ll be revisiting numerous times in my life I m not ready to let these characters go nor will I ever be The raw emotion sadness pain and LOVE in these books is paramount This series these characters these words they are true loves of mine and they don t just go away when the book covers are closed I have a Logan playlist if that tells you anythingWhat JSR just did here THAT is epic romance by Jeri Smith ReadySpoilers Kind ofI finally finish this book it took me almost three years to finish this book LMFAO Like I bought this book in 2014 started on it in 2014 and stopped reading the book and bought it on Audible still bored Lol Because the book was so LONG I wasn t able to finish it and here in December 2016 the day after Christmas I finally finish it Smh Good book though I felt so bad for Zachary because he been through hell and back from being captured to being let go to being stabbed twice run away to being shot Like he couldn t catch a break My heart was racing while listening to this book on audible I m like he better not die Glad he didn t because I would ve been one mad girl lol PSThe narrator did a good job with narrating the storyShine by The first two books had amazing covers this onesucks After I finished book What Auranows could end the Shift foreverwill she Shade out Or will she Shine Before leaving for his flight to Scotland Zachary is detained by the DMP and taken to Area 3A for unknown purposes Aura fights to break him free and when he finally is something about him has changed Something that haunts him and he refuses to talk about As the DMP start putting out drafts for An English Translation of Fa Tsangs Commentary on the Awakening of Faith kids over 18 years old Aura and Zachary leave the country with fake identities in order to escape the DMP and their lies When they land in Ireland Aura must face acts of desire love fear and secrets to end the Shift once and for all I was so freaking tired after I finished this book I have no idea why It took some time to get into the story but once it did it was a roller coaster of emotion After I finished it I wanted to scream cry sleep eat sleep some all at once Even though I m still Team Logan I really loved Zachary in this book I did notice the absence of Logan and the story paid for it but it truly was an epic conclusion to the trilogyWaitthere s no That s the endNo LoganOr ZacharyBut let s be serious guys It ended perfectly and they really couldn t make of a story out of it But I still want uick reviewCover Eye catching color Rating PG 17 Thumbs Up 45Overall A satisfying conclusion to a series Characters Very Well WrittenPlot Hearth Thumbing can t breathe at times and emotional storyPage Turner Yes Series Cont Series End. Tragically died She’s finally letting go of Logan’s violet hued ghost but not her search to uncover the truth about her pastAs the first in a generation that can see ghosts Aura is convinced she has a connection to the Shift She’s trusted Zacha.

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