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The Power of Positive Thinking

Norman Vincent Peale è 0 Review

If you re committed to continually practice what you ve learned be ready to see some amazing things happen in your life Prior to reading this I didn t know that is was a Christianity based self help book The information in this book has been rehashed in The Secret and many other self help books Why Because it works I don t know when cognitive behavior therapy CBT was introduced but this books has lots of techniues rom that as well and CBT has been proven to help eliminate anxiety and depression In summary one has to renew our thoughts and speech and this will in turn change our thinking process which in turn will will in turn change our thinking process which in turn will worry and inner strife Altough i am a muslim but i ound this book eually revealing all of the methods and techniues i read in this book are easily applicable to any one regard less of their religion and aith the thought which Mr Norman discussed in this book is already known to every muslim but are long lost and The Poke Cookbook: The Freshest Way to Eat Fish forgotten But thanks to him that i am now again connected to my roots and living at peace I recommend reading this book with an open mind so that your cast culture and religion will not interfear in your intellectual growth and understanding of the laws of universe WARNING DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE TITLE OF THIS BOOK I love books about positivity self improvement etc and after hearing so much about how this is one of the most inspirational and positive books ever written Iinally read it and promptly regretted it This book is nothing than propaganda and shameless marketing or the author s church ie business Just when I started thinking oh I can get behind the concept he s teaching BAM there goes another sneaky advertising or his church He The Somme: Heroism and Horror in the First World War found every opportunity to sneak in the FULL ADDRESS of his church even though it was completely and obviously irrelevant and unnecessary I d be than happy to cite specific pages and paragraphsrom the book that show this but I can tell you right now there are TONS and I can Sicilian Lives fill this space with them I got so sick of seeing the FULL ADDRESS of his church s headuarters that I refused toinish it and put it in the recycle bin It wasn t a cheap book hardcover and didn t want to donate it to my local library or shelter because I didn t want to subject olks who May Be Vulnerable Or Gullible To Such be vulnerable or gullible to such I Alice Oliver found it almost immoral and disgusting to use religion and people s needor positive guidance I know this book is considered a classic and is beloved by many people so I guess I must not be seeing something that a lot do or I m just too cynical but if you read or re read the book pay attention to the references to the author s church and tell me they don t read like an advertisement The Protestant Temperament for a business Aew people told me that that this was among the great self improvement books Not knowing anything about the book or
I decided to read it of the recommendations I had received I was very surprised at how explicitly Christian the book is I was expecting a secular pull yourself up by your own bootstraps kind of self improvement book Instead the author ocuses on prayer and involving God in every aspect of your life and not just in one or two chapters but al. Es In this phenomenal bestseller Dr Peale demonstrates the power of aith in action With the practical techniues outlined in this book you can energize your life and give yourself the initiative needed to carry out your ambitions and hopes You'll learn how to Expec. ,

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If you are looking or a solution to your troubles this is A Fantastic Book fantastic book The and time tested practices outlined in this book should lead anyone to a life of mental and emotional health through aith in Jesus Christ You can ind the best edition here No citations When an author says here is a story when a womanman who had XYZ difficulty used these principles had remarkable results it turns me off Any random person can come up with such stories No citations no names The mantra given are The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data fine and ok style too but Ielt that the emphasis on Christianity was unnecessary Not that it offended me I don t care but it implies unnecessary that other religions don t have the same good teachings Anyway put me to sleep too There are better ways to write self help books the author should have asked Dale Carnegie I ound this book pretty useless I understand the power of aith in God but if you re going to write a whole book you need to have something other than that mantra repeated on every page There are no practical tips and its written as if he s a grade school teacher talking to his students Read Pema Chodron instead or even Martin Seligman s books about optimism and happiness This is a book that I am constantly reading on and off I Tempting Eden found it on a trip in Sante Fe New Mexico It turned up right inront of me while I was shopping at a local book store You know how a book comes into your life just at the right time well this is the book or me It has helped change my life at a point when I needed it the most I should say a very negative time in my life I would recommend it to anyone It is one of those books that you highlight and GO BACK TO REREAD PARTS OF back to reread parts of again Though written over 50 years before The Secret by Rhonda Byrne it almost exactly mirrors that book The terminology may be different pictureize instead of visualize but the techniues are similar I ve used techniues put orth in The Secret and in this book and they do work Put bluntly it has to be believed to work in order to work If nothing else there is practical advice Talking to Dragons for the aid of sleeping clearing your mind and reducing your level of anger in tense situations Additionally I think anyone would be happier and be pleasant to be around when they shift their thinking to a positive mindset This gives exercises to help accomplish that goalAgain Ieel Mr Peale s book and Ms Byrne s book compliment each other If someone is turned off by The Secret believing it to be Oprahesue New Age thinking than read The Power of Positive Thinking There aren t many who are mainstream than he who comes Three Times the Love from a traditional American religious background At the same time if someone is turned off by a traditional religious point of view read The Secret which instead of God uses the term The Universe when referencing a Higher Power therefore allowingor many The Drowning Man faiths and beliefs However if both books are read I believe a person not only reinforces the basic principles in their mind but also gains additional techniues to achieve their goalsAgain the caveat is you have to believeor it to work You have to remember to use it If you try The Bride of Willow Creek for a week and give up this won t do you any good However. This book is written with the sole objective of helping the reader achieve a happy satisfying and worthwhile life Norman Vincent PealeThe precursor to The Secret The Power of Positive Thinking has helped millions of men and women to achieveulfillment in their liv. L of themI m a Christian so I wasn t opposed to the religious content it just wasn t what I thought I d ind With that said I didn t like how Peale pushed the health and wealth gospel Rather than showing the Christian aith as primarily ocused on the spiritual life Peale described how to use prayer and your relationship with God to succeed materiallyPeale outlines his main ormula near the beginning1 Prayerize constantly pray to God and treat him as your close associate2 Picturize believe in Your Realizable Wish And Hold realizable wish and hold to that mental image3 Actualize praying and picturing leads to the wish becoming a realityThe book contains what I would consider paranormal or pseudo science I included some examples below Near the beginning Peale explains that one can use a positive mindset to combat the inferiority complex that many people suffer He mentions many studies throughout the book but I don t believe any of them were cited Every chapter is chock ull of anecdotes and stories There were a ew good tips in the book but overall it lacked enough practical advice to make it worth readingAdvice I liked Do something you re passionate about and you ll ind you have unlimited energy to do it Don t think you re so important Learn to slow your pace and delegate work Descriptions of the power of mind over matter how people can become sick or well based largely on their state of mind Explanations of psychosomatic issues Find moments to completely relax throughout the day even if only or a ew minutes Don t get the idea that you are Atlas carrying the world on your shoulders Don t strain so hard Don t take yourself so seriously Determine to like your work Then it will become a pleasure not drudgery Perhaps you do not need to change your job Change yourself and your work will seem different Become a comfortable person easy going natural pleasant kindly gentle Remember people s names Don t be an egotistical know it all Practice liking people until you genuinely doParts I didn t like Description of sending magnetic power to people by shooting prayers at them The entire chapter Prescription or Heartache It tells about death experiences people hearing or seeing the dead and other paranormal activities I read this book over 35 years ago at a stage in my life when I needed to leave home and go out into the world It did help me then I decided to re read it as I am at a different stage in life help me then I decided to re read it as I am at a different stage in life soon be the big 60 and don t want to turn into a grumpy old woman It is easy to lapse into grumbling and groaning especially when it is all you hear at work and rom the riends who have become negative Well I did enjoy the book and it has reminded me that looking at life positively every cloud has a silver lining gives you happiness and confidence Just one sentence in the book makes a difference every time you have a negative thought replace it with a positive one As this book was written in 1952 I am now reading a similar book with excellent reviews that was written recently which should be a good contrast As I will always want my riends and amily to enjoy my company rather than come and see me out of duty I aim to grow old gracefully and in a good mood. T the best and get it Believe in yourself and in everything you do Develop the power to reach your goals Break the worry habit and achieve a relaxed life Improve your personal and professional relationships Assume control over your circumstances Be kind to yourself. .