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Rotect the others from Jason S Rages And Abuse rages and abuse with success The conflict between entin and Jason comes to a head as Alaska (Wolfstate Chronicles uentin finally gets some of hers back and Jason ineffectually chases her At the beginning of this section it reads The day dawned bleak and chill A moving wall of grey light out of the northeast which instead of dissolving into moisture seemed to disintegrate into minute and venomous particles It s an apt metaphor for the Compson family s disintegrationThe title of this book comes from a MacbethoteTo morrow and to morrow and to morrowCreeps in this petty pace from day to dayTo the last syllable of recorded timeAnd all our yesterdays have lighted foolsThe way to dusty death Out out brief candleLife s but a walking shadow a poor playerThat struts and frets his hour pon the stageAnd then is heard no it is a taleTold by an idiot full of sound and furySignifying nothingBenjy s literally meaningless sound and
is the most obvious reference but in a broader sense it s about the Compson family generally though their distressing tale actually has deep significance to s as readers Faulkner made me work so hard to put the puzzle pieces together with stream of consciousness and non linear storytelling that when I was able to nderstand the elusive parts of the story it felt like a major achievement for me as well as him The most helpful online source I found while reading this book is this detailed essay It follows the plot of the book and helps clarify what s happening and comments on some of the symbolism I found it incredibly helpfulThis was a rereadbuddy read with Jen Our discussion is in the thread to this review There are some interesting comments but beware of spoilers that may or may not be taggedInitial comments I haven t read this since I was a college English major I vaguely remember writing a senior essay on it and getting an A on my grade so I m sure that partly explains the affection I still have for this novel even though I remember absolutely nothing about the plot except that there are four I think maybe different narrators and one is mentally challengedBut I ve been on a Faulkner roll lately starting with a couple of his short stories A Rose for Emily and Barn Burning and I checked this book out from the library yesterday Reading some books is like clambering through a barbed wire fence at the bottom of a swamp with your oxygen tank about to run out and this is one of those When you re done with it you look round expecting someone to notice and rush p with the medal and citation you completely deserve for services to literature You finished it Yeahhh But no one does and if you try to explain to your family Hey wow I finished The Sound and the Fury man was that difficult wow my brain is like permanently rearranged that Faulkner what a writer they just smile placatingly and open another tin of gunk for the cat Whew This is a devastating book Probably one of the most depressing stories I ve read Incest castration suicide racism misogyny this one has it all Even at the beginning when it is possible to make out only pieces of the events a nauseating sense of dread permeates Benji s narrative per Faulkner s pungent writing style And this feeling never really dissipates Jumping into The Sound and the Fury with no prior introduction is like driving through an impenetrable fog or into a blinding glare you can t Genesis uite tell who is who male or female black or white first second or third generation relative or friend or stranger But gradually before frustration has a chance to set in the fog begins to burn off and the glare becomes less direct By the time the omniscient narrator closes things out in part four the scales have been fully removed and you are left with a crystal limpidness in which you can smell the sweet southern honeysuckle and feel the rotting wood of the old barnIt s interesting to confront another modernist s take on the human experience of time while concurrently reading In Search of Lost Time While Proust gently but thoroughly leadss through the inner workings of our past present and future Faulkner attempts to capture the continual and forceful vying of these elements within the mind at the intentional cost of a coherent linear narrative The results are disorienting yet powerfully emotive Adding subtly to this effect Faulkner often relays visual experience egocentrically particularly in the case of Benji for whom objects and views vanish before his eyes when he has simply shifted or been turned by Luster or Caddy Because the first section takes place on the day between the third and fourth sections I skimmed through some of it again before reading the final part I was surprised by what I could glean from snippets that had initially seemed inscrutable and incomplete This is a book made for rereading an American masterpiece ndoubtedly A tale of two books At times a 1 star book Incoherent ramblings which I know are praised by some as the essence of stream of consciousness Random time jumps apparently they released a special edition with the dialogue from each timeframe color coded so it is easier for the reader to keep track Missing punctuation at times there is back and forth dialogue no punctuation and no indication of who is talking People with the same name and name changes in the middle of the story Etc Etc Etc It is my impression that all of The manchild Benjy; haunted neurotic entin; Jason the brutal cynic; and Dilsey their black servant Their lives fragmented and harrowed by history and le. ,

I m done My third and final attempt has failed miserablyNo not miserably Gladly actually So it s official I m now as thick as two short planks an intellectual misfit I Wouldn t know literary greatness if it shot me in the buttocks from close range Well that s likely what Faulkner would be thinking anyway Fine But then I d most certainly whip his ass at a game of chess and drink him Rebels Guide to Rosa Luxemburg under the table as long as it s my special cocktails as a way to get evenThe only reason I returned to this novel was I thought that Light in August was really good and was hoping for NopeI didn t get it and couldn t be bothered to even try I got so frustrated I started Chain smoking This coming from someone who is dearly trying so hard toit Thanks BillThe only thing Faulkner did do for me was make me realise just how much I adore the likes of Hemingway and Fitzgerald now even They were true geniusesWhat s the likelihood of me reading Faulkner again Only time will tell I guess But at the moment there is chance of Theresa May and Jean Claude Juncker having an affair Schall The Christian at Mass und Wahnis not easy reading The plot is shattered by flashbacks cuts and inner monologues In each part the narrative perspective changes In spite of this experimental and innovative narrative the author succeeds again and again in capturing the reader with the tragic force of history and language and to keep the tension alive Faulkner portrays his protagonists realistically without spoiling their character weaknessesResume A dense language a great atmosphere Aniue novel This world wide work of art at the height of Faulkner s creativity leads to a linguistic treasure It must be read absolutely William Faulkner s Sunce je počelo da se zlati unforgettable 1929 novel of the rotting family in the rotting house It s a somber tale of the tragically dysfunctional Compson family told with insight and remarkable talent though it s definitely not readily accessible Mostly set in the year 1928 and in the US south in the days of segregation and prejudice the N word makes a freuent appearance The Sound and the Fury has four sections plus an appendix Three of the sections are narrated by the three Compson brothers Benjyentin and JasonI think the ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石 (ハリー・ポッターシリーズ usual no spoilers rules doesn t work well with this book it s so difficult to put the pieces together than I think most readers like me need all the help they can get So I m going to lay the plot all out here If you re a hardcore non spoiler person skip the next several paragraphs of this reviewntil you get down to the Macbeth oteBenjy the 33 year old brother who was born severely mentally handicapped narrates the first section though in actuality he can t speak He moans and wails and roars Benjy has no sense of time all is present to Benjy So his section very freuently skips from the present to flashbacks of different times in his life giving s glimpses of flashbacks of different times in his life giving s glimpses of people in the Compson home and their troubles Often the shift in time is marked by italics but it s still pretty confusing I recommend sing a detailed resource that helps you track what year it is in the narrative like this Cliffnotes page Benjy is castrated by his cold hearted brother Jason when he s a teenager and got loose one day and chased some schoolgirls though he was probably *just trying to tell them how much he missed his beloved sister Caddy *trying to tell them how much he missed his beloved sister Caddy All of the brothers lose their balls in one way or another in this story Benjy literally and the others metaphorically To make matters confusing Benjy is named Maury after his shiftless flashy From Mistress to Wifey unclentil he s 5 years old There are also two Disney Infinity: Character Encyclopedia uentins Benjy s older brother who commits suicide in 1910 and Caddy s illegitimate daughter born a few months later who lives with the family Benjy s ramblings set the stage for the rest of the novelThe second section narrated byentin the brother shifts back to June 1910 the last day of his life Dance With The Devil uentin has just completed his first year at Harvard University but is so distraught by his sister Caddy s promiscuity and marriage that he is planning to commit suicide at the end of the day Everything that happens in this section is colored by that intentionentin also has a number of mental flashbacks in his section which are easier to follow than Benjy s but Smitten uentin s depressed neurotic mind made his narrative difficult to follow andnpleasant for me to read A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel until the last ten pages or so which were weirdly fascinating as you become and aware of hownhealthy 1898 uentin s obsession with his sister and purity and honor isFor the third section we leap forward to April 1928 a day in the life of Jason the most venal andnpleasant of the brothers Jason is now effectively the head of the family He mistreats his 17 year old niece Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, uentin who is rebellious and shamelessly promiscuous Jason has been stealing the money thatentin s mother Caddy sends to Jason for entin gambling it away on cotton futures Jason is all about control and he justifies his thefts because Back In 1910 Caddy S in 1910 Caddy s was going to give him a job in banking which fell through when the husband divorced Caddy because she was pregnant with another man s child But entin Vérité (Love at Center Court, ultimately proves not as easy to manipulate as Caddy It sgly being inside of Jason s mind So it s a relief to come to the last section told by an omniscient narrator mostly from the point of view of an old family servant Dilsey Dilsey tries to keep the family together and Alternate version of this bookThe tragedy of the Compson family features some of the most memorable characters in literature beautiful rebellious Caddy;. .
Hese things have been studied Extensively And By Critics and praised critics me It S A NopeAt s a nopeAt a 5 star book Interesting characters troubled imperfect souls suffering life with each other and the changing tide of the South Each chapter told from a different person s point of view capturing their dynamic personalities Race relations reflections on the relationship between races and how black people are viewed differently between the North and South in 1920s America Colorful anecdotes while I am not sure I ended Beyond the Qumran Community upnderstanding the point of the story as a whole the individual stories throughout were lively sometimes humorous freuently dark and often heart wrenching There is definitely a lot to like about this bookSo I will settle on 3 stars After the first hundred pages or so I was sure it would be a 1 star read but after that I started to get into it and experience those 5 star moments So if you are the type of person that needs to get into a book from the get go you either need to have extra patience with this one or pass on it Many people give it 5 stars so this may truly resonate with you as a classic I start off on the fence with my opinion This is one of those books that makes a gigantic claim As if it s either genius or it s Emperor s New Clothes It won t settle for anything in between On every page I felt Faulkner was straining at the bit to prove to me he s a genius The title has always put me off reading this The Sound and the Fury It s melodramatic humourless a bit pompous It sounds like one of those American war films of the fifties starring John Wayne But what is it with southern writers that they only seem able to write books if they can believe they re geniuses Look Homeward Angel makes that claim too Except Look Homeward Angel is probably the most overwritten novel in the history of literature Wolfe maybe had some genius but he wasn t in control of it Faulkner Daniels Pet unuestionably is different Faulkner has genius and is in control of it But Essentially to enjoy this you ve got to also enjoy codebreaking I don t I ve never even done a crossword puzzle in my life I doubt if I ll ever try Finnegan s Wake again after failing to make head or tail of it the first time Also you ve probably got to be prepared to read it twice It s probably every English teacher s dream book a book that reuires notes formulated by someone with a higher intelligence than your own It s not very flattering to realise your own intelligence isn tp to the job Should a novel reuire notes Shakespeare might be enhanced by notes but he doesn t need them I needed to refer to notes to Losing Control understand what was going on in part one Okay I ve got it now but did you really need to be so wilfully obtuse It s not like you re explaining particle physics This is essentially a family melodrama not a treatise on the meaning of life If you strip away all the literary devices that s what it is a family melodrama Sure it has a broader social reach but only bad novels don t have that It didn t for me have the wide cultural reach of Gatsby It felt parochial claustrophobic But putting aside the decryption demands of the novel I also think it has some obvious flaws like the character of Jason His villainy was somewhat coarse He wouldn t even get in my top 100 best villains in literature I d like to read another Faulkner but one where he isn t tryingite so hard to prove he s a genius 671 The Sound And The Fury William FaulknerThe Sound and the Fury is a novel written by the American author William Faulkner It employs a number of narrative styles including stream of consciousness Published in 1929 The Sound and the Fury was Faulkner s fourth novel and was not immediately successful The first section of the novel is narrated by Benjamin Benjy Compson a source of shame to the family due to his diminished mental capacity the only characters who show genuine care for him are Caddy his older sister and Dilsey a matronly servant His narrative voice is characterized predominantly by its nonlinearity spanning the period 1898 1928 Benjy s narrative is a series of non chronological events presented in a stream of consciousness The presence of italics in Benjy s section indicates significant shifts in the narrative Originally Faulkner meant to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (light novel) use different colored inks to signify chronological breaks Characters The Compsons Dilsey Gibsonentin Compson III Jason Compson IV Caroline Bascomb Compson Candace Caddy Compson Benjamin Benjy Compson Miss PHILIPPINES 1/1M3 uentin Compson 1978 1353 422 1383 414 1387 9789643512304 1392 1394 534 9786001216398 1369 317 1376 9644480627 1381 430 1386 1388 1390 1392 9789644480621 1395 412 9786005205954 1395 658 9786004042512 09061399 The first time I attempted this book I made my way through a mere three pages before deciding it would be a waste To date it is the only book that I had the good sense to leaventil later as my سفر عاشوريات _ 1000 جملة ساخرة usual response is to barrel through the pages come hell or high water Per A review paying homage to BENJY COMPSON Sniuely disorienting narration BENJYnarrator lacks sense of timemerger of past and present mergeall the samedisorientation1928Easter MississippiCompsonsaristocrat familyhard times Benjy mentally handicapped33rd birthdayLusterguardian arter lost minstrel showgolf course golf balls memory cues flashbacks clothes nail sister Caddy CAAAAAADDDYY 1902 flashback argument pause reading WTF is going on here affair nei. Gacy the character’s voices and actions mesh to create what is arguably Faulkner’s masterpiece and one of the greatest novels of the twentieth centur. ,

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