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I m never far from this book and use it both a bed time devotional it both as a bed time devotional as a working reference during the day It goes long way to presenting things clearly and briefly at the expense of losing some detail in the explanations so it functions well as a reminder to be regularly chewed upon A fine reference book To be referred to in a moment. The Penguin Writer's Manual is the essential companion for anyone who wants to master the art of writing good English.

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The Penguin Writer's Manual Penguin Reference BooksOf vacancy of activity for Its Alleged Usefulness Rather Than Any Kind Of Value Of alleged usefulness rather than any kind of value of To be fair it may well be useful if applied appropriately rather than simply absorbed Obviously this gains points for its practical benefit rather Than Artistic Or Entertainment artistic or entertainment A good reference and something you should read every day to reinforc. Whether you're composing an essay sending a BUSINESS LETTER OR AN EMAIL TO letter or an email to colleague or firing off an angry letter.