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Last SummerLast Summer is my first Kylie Ladd novel and I really njoyed this Australian author s take on the aftermath of death among a group of friends in the The Lady in Pink eastern suburbs of Melbourne When talented recreational cricketer Rory Buchanan dies unexpectedly at cricket practice from a heart condition his wife children and friends struggle to deal with their loss When I was almost seventeen and smack bang in the middle of my HSC trialxams my best friend died in a car accident Much of that time for me was a blur but I still remember where I was and how I felt the moment the news broke The aftermath was an Eyes extremely confusing time for me it was the first brush with death I hadxperienced at that age and didn t know what to xpect I was caught between wanting to move on and remember my friend with happy memories and wanting to respectfully mourn her too So when I read the opening chapter of Last Summer which relays Nick s account of losing his best mate I could connect with his xperience on a deep level I was surprised thereafter to find that the POV switched at Sinner's Heart each chapter between four couples Kelly Rory s sister and her husband Joe Nick and Laine Pete and Trinity Anita and James and then Colleen Rory s widowed wife I was a tad disappointed that Nick didn t have another chapter to himself until much later in the book and I actually found Nick and Laine s story to be the most unresolved out of all the couples by thend which was unfortunate because it was these two characters that I felt I connected with at the outset Last Summer xplores the different ways people mourn by withdrawing by being surrounded by people by talking or by dealing with it solitarily The grief managed to affect ach of these 9 adults in various ways and within the couples they were challenged with staying connected Rory had always been the outgoing sociable guy who brought Spirit of the Wolf everyone together and the group struggle to celebrate his memory when the one person who held them all together is no longer with them Through insightful storytelling Kylie Laddxplores the many layers of grief and its A Vineyard Christmas effect on the family unit friendships and the individual She skilfully allows the reader to connect with many characters and understand them from various viewpoints No doubt her background in psychology has allowed her to access her characters at a deep level and present them in a way that readers can relate to Everyone hasxperienced loss at some stage in their life and with Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose every loss comes change Laddxplores how this change can transpire in the lives of friends and family I ll definitely be seeking out her first novel After the Fall Since reading Kylie Ladd s debut novel After the Fall I ve been anxiously awaiting her next release When I finally got my hands on Last Summer I was cstatic and relieved when from the first line I knew it wasn t going to be a decision I regrettedThey were making love when Rory died p1With the sudden death of Rory Buchanan his devastated family and closest friends are faced with the uncomfortable truth of their mortality and themselves Their grief creates fractures in their relationships as they reassess their priorities and struggle to deal with their loss Unflinchingly honest Last Summer has a deceptively spare style I found last summer to be a couple of good things It was a good meditation on the ffects of sudden death on the people closer to the deceasedMore interestingly I found it to be a good answer to hurl 25 years too late at Margaret Thatcher after her claim there is no such thing as society only individuals and familiesWhat I found most distinctive in this novel was how mbedded the action was in society It showed very clearly that society includes a range of institutions that need to be supported by government to make possible the civil society we need and depend on to make life meaningful What I took away from this novel was that without society and its institutions the life of families and individuals would turn Hobbesian at a very rapid rate Review for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012Rory is a larger then turn Hobbesian at a very rapid rate Review for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012Rory is a larger then character and prominent figure in his circle of friends Whether it s organising special ventstraining for the cricket club or get togethers and parties for his friends he was the key to keeping this tight nit group together But Rory sudden death put a strain on the remaining friendship and marriages and with some it has prompted them re valuate their own livesThis is the first book I ve read of Kylie Ladd and I think she did a marvellous

in capturing the motional struggle 9 individuals and how they cope with grief from losing a loved one It s a fascinating insight on the different ways we mourn someone and how we look at life going forward some were silent and withdrawn some were angry and others took it upon themselves to make some life changing Math Basics 6 experience withoutither consulting or considering their partners I noticed since Rory s death that most of them kept their grief to themselves and rarely spoken openly to Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, each other or their spouses about how they are feeling It s really hard on marriages and friendships when you re shut down orxcluded like this and I can see the real importance of communication in these situationsThis is also a story of ordinary people with ordinary lives and how they juggle work children family life and marriage They are real and believable situations and as a Rory Buchanan has it all looks talent charisma an all around good guy he's the centre of very party and a loving father and husband Then one summer's afternoon tragedy strikes and those who are closest to him struggle to come to terms with their loss Friendships are strained marriages falter and loyalties are tested in a gripping and brilliantly crafted novel of loss grief and desireTold. Off to live in a barrel and ponder the meaning of life After the funeral they have jobs to go to That week the kids will have to be picked up from school dinner will have to be made as will the beds and the laundry won t get done all by itself The rest of the cricket season awaits too A new captain has to be appointed the fund raisers still have to be organised and someone has to replace Rory as coach of the Kookaburras the kids cricket teamThe great internal strength we appreciate when reading Last Summer comes from Ladd s weaving together of what could be nine novellas We feel compelled to read on not only for the realisation of one grand scheme but the conclusion of many secondary plots as well The wonder of it all is how seamlessly Ladd combines these sometimes disparate threadsI would say Ladd is of a listener than a talker In Last Summer the author recedes allowing the characters to take centre stage One can imagine Ladd in a room full of people finding it hard to concentrate on the conversation she may be having with you not because she finds you dull but because she is simultaneously keeping track of the needs wants and desires of veryone lse in the room It is this interest in people which nables her to construct scenes with large groups and there are many in the book without letting the reader miss out on a thing Few writers understand the mentality of the group Ladd doesLadd s life beyond the page may give some insight into her interest in and knowledge of people Dr Ladd has a PhD in neuropsychology which is to say she has made an xtreme sport of voyeurism Not happy with peeping through windows she has taken to peering into the very workings of the brain In laymen s terms she is one smart cookieIt is clear on reading Last Summer though that Ladd is an artist first and foremost Her ability to reproduce the phrasing of a liar to provide meaning with an action left half done to describe the slow and painful progress of someone attempting to clamber over the ramparts of a wounded heart these cannot be reduced to her professional interest in human psychology We must conclude that an artist s instinct and craft is at work here tooBut having said that Ladd does not offer us flights of fancy Last Summer confirms Ladd s preference for the true This is fiction which clasps fact s hand and will not let it go Ladd s prose is understated purposefully so I feel She knows she must keep uiet and not interrupt with fancy phrases or authorial interjections She is aware how important it is to keep the line of her narrative taught Last Summer is art cleansed of hyperbole modern realism at its most unobtrusiveLadd depicts her characters coming to grips with their loss and what it means in the midst of the chaos of contemporary suburban life Our suburban life Although we may feel invincible we may feel that we have xamined our lives that we are prepared for any ventuality often than not when tragedy strikes we find we are unprepared hopelessly soLast Summer caused me to reflect on life On my life too How well do I communicate with others How important are my relationships Is this the life I want to be living Have I made these choices or have they been made for meLadd reminds us that when death comes it is Too Late To Ask These Uestions We Can T Schedule late to ask these uestions We can t schedule for a breakdown We can t make things right by sheer will By letting us into the lives of these people Ladd offers us an opportunity to make sense of a subject we shun simplify or worse mythologiseI read Last Summer uickly greedily I really wanted to know what happened next how these people would cope When I wasn t reading it when I was at work I kept thinking I should text the characters to see how they were doing They had become such a part of my life It was a wonderful feeling A great thing for a novel to achieveAnd ven though Last Summer made me stare right into the unremarkable face of death when I closed the book and leaned back to think I realised that the central theme of the book is not death but life and how to live it wellMy one complaint is that the novel moves too uickly and the Humanism end comes too soon I would uite happily have lingered for longer amongst these characters But perhaps that is Ladd s intent Perhaps she wants toncourage us to get out and meet our neighbours in the fleshKylie Ladd is a strong intelligent subtle and wise new voice in Australian literature who is already being compared with Christos Tsiolkas Malcolm Knox and Helen Garner Last Summer is a warm ntertaining and somewhat life changing novel which will be njoyed and re read by readers of Jodi somewhat life changing novel which will be Placing Memory enjoyed and re read by readers of Jodi Ian McEwan and Colm ToibinAnd to the five or six people reading this who know of my taste in literature and raise theiryebrows at such words of commendation I say I mean very word And to those who read Last Summer and find not what I have found I say look again This is only the second novel I have read of this author and like the first I njoyed this immensely How not only the closest of friends can fall apart when they lose a loved one how people can t cope with their own grief little alone help their loved ones Worth the read Last Summer was another Australian fiction novel I d been recommended on Goodreads Although it was an asy to read fast paced book I didn disappointing the story never really went anywhere and the nding was sudden and felt like it was still the middle of the book. S our ownLast Summer is a stunning novel about loss the terrible pain of losing a husband brother or friend but also all those smaller losses that veryone must face the loss of youth the shattering of dreams the fading of convictions and the change in our notions of who we thought we were It is also about what comes after the loss how we pick up the pieces and the way we remake our lives. Eader will find many situations in the book part of your veryday life However I felt the While My Soldier Serves ending left a lot of issues unresolved and there were too characters and story lines which seemed a bit too busy for me But generally it was a pleasant and uick read This book was very difficult to get started Trying to remember all the characters who was married to who and which kids belonged to what parents was hella confusing but Iventually mapped it out and when I did I began to really njoy the book I found myself interested in ach character and ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe enjoyed developing an understanding of howach person came to that point in their livesIt was The Fiend Next Door easy to resonate with and involves themes that will likelyngage a widevast audience Some themes were challenging to read or consider because they were raw The author touched on themes that are not readily discussed in our society and presented them in a realistic wayThe nding made me feel a bit ripped off would have liked a few chapters Kylie Ladd s second novel brings up a uestion that none of of like to think about How we would cope with the loss of a loved one Set in suburban Melbourne the story goes of a group of friend all approaching 40 who play cricket for the local team At the heart of that group of friends is Rory who is team captain and a larger than life character When tragety strikes with the unexpected death of Rory this tightly nit group slowly falls apart Without there buddy the mates find themselves lost and struggeling to try and makes sense of things This ffects their families in many ways while trying their best to support the newly widowed Colleen and her kidsTold by the viewpoints of the mates and their wives Ladd does a பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் excellent job of creating believable and distinctive characters All of them have different personalities and have different relationships with Rory wich meant many differnt ways of mourning This not suprisingly creates its own tension with the mates and their families The uestion arising will there friendships surviveOverall Last Summer is anxcellent second novel from Ladd Absorbing and compelling in it s delivery the novel shows how we as humans can nver know for certainly what the future holds when it comes and how we will react If you are interested in a uality Australian contemporary novel then Last Summer may be the ideal ticket Well worth reading i say By the simple act of telling a story a good book can carry a light into the dark and unexamined corners of a reader s life The darkest of these unexamined corners is occupied by the single irrefutable truth of our The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 existence death Left in the shadows this stark fact can take on all of the attributes of a nightmarish spectre Left unexamined we may be leftntirely unprepared when death intrudes upon our own lives Something it will do A Meditation on Murder eventuallyLast Summer by Kylie Ladd begins with the sudden death of Rory Buchanan captain of the local cricket team a man in the prime of his life We immediatelynter the lives of those Rory left behind his wife Colleen his sister Kelly her husband Joe and Rory s friends and team mates Nick James and Pete and their wives Laine Anita and Trinity as they in their various ways cope with Rory s death and face up To The Fact That the fact that does and will go on without himLast Summer Is Told From is told from points of view of these nine characters with full chapters from one point of view only This method of storytelling reuires strong characterisation so that ach individual point of view provides a uniue perspective on the vents By choosing suburban Melbourne as her setting and the cricket club as her focal point Ladd has made things difficult for herself There is much that is necessarily shared by all of these nine characters They are all white they are all moderately well off they are all around the same age and they all have some connection to the game of cricket This seeming difficulty turns out to be one of the novel s strengthsA writer s tools are sharpened upon their knowledge of human nature and as we read we discover that Ladd s tools are very sharp indeed A lazy writer will accentuate minor differences between characters or lean upon ready to hand stereotypes but Ladd shies away from these You will not find the ditsy blonde the funny guy the Travis earnest one the clueless one Dopey Sneezy or Doc Ladd s characters are differentiated by their individual wants needs regrets and hopes which are finely drawn They are all at times funny witty stupid andarnest This techniue stablishes ach character s point of view with a force which is at once memorable and AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 engagingMy allegiance to one character s point of view was invariably challenged on reading the following chapter written from another character s point of view Theffect was a broadening of my perspective I was forced to The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? examinevents from different anglesLadd overcame my complacency too I thought I knew these people and in knowing them secretly despised them But as I read her characters revealed themselves in unexpected ways now they met my xpectations now they xceeded them I was given an opportunity to warm to characters I would ordinarily shun in life This is no small thingLast Summer is an The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online entirely adult story Here we find married people dealing with the conseuences of a tragedy but having only the tools of ordinary suburbanxistence to aid them The people described in Last Summer aren t philosophers they can t crawl. From the points of view of nine of the people who are mourning Rory this riveting novel presents a vivid snapshot of contemporary suburban Australia and how we live now Marriage friendship family all are dissected with great psychological insight as they start to unravel under the pressure of grief The characters live on the page; their lives are unfolded and their dilemmas are as real