(E–pub) [The March Up Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division]

Plans I liked it because I o read modern war non fiction and it was what I expect barring the lack of Michael Maier's Atalanta Fugiens: Sources of an Alchemical Book of Emblems dialogue from a spectators view Ion t expect a plethora of battle strategy from a book like this I expect some and got it What I want from an embedded journalist is a candid style of writing and that is precisely what The March Up gives you On a side note Bing West and his travelling companion Ray are both Vietnam Vets and I got a real thrill out of the comparisons and information they brought from that war to this Good to read those connections and it gives this book an extra edge that i have not gotten from other books of this ilk A good account of the first three weeks of the war from the individual to Division level The authors mainly talk about actions for which they were present or actions very close to them The focus is on 7th Marines but they mention 1st and 5th Marines The book introduces you to the men and the fighting but Aliens Abroad does not have many tactical or operational insights The March Up is a pretty good read about the War in Ira and theay to ay operations of the First Marine Division and their march through Ira and straight into Bagdad This is told by a couple of combat veterans and is a pretty good run through the aily life and Chasing the Red Queen details of 21st century combat in the field Some interesting perspectives and a good feel of what it was like in the action the realistic opposition of the Irais and theaily challenges facing our Marines "I thought the groundwork early in the book around the importance of "thought the groundwork early in the book around the importance of the oilfields before they were estroyed ad cost the US Billions to repair was interesting I also gained respect for Tommy US Billions to repair was interesting I also gained respect for Tommy and his executed strategy This is NOT a political book If you are interested in 21st century field combat and also a Marine or US Military History buff you will likely enjoy this read If anything the story oes not Little Witch Academia Chronicle - Little Witch Academia Chronicle - Tanki - 2017/8/31 do a great job of flowing and grabbing your attention I would say this is 35 stars So slow and boring this book is a waste of paper. Hem bestselling author F J Bing West and Major General Ray L Smith USMC Ret combine expert military analysis withramatic battlefield reporting They bring the reader on a march that ended in victory but was shadowed by second guessing unexpected reversals and the threat of catastrophe With access to three star generals in the command centers and to privates in the field the authors reveal how the strategic plan played out in battle showing what went well and what failed and The Machine Stops detailing power struggles for military and political control never reported The result isestined to become the efinitive account of ground warfare in Ir. ,

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The March Up Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine DivisionEr embedded with unit throughout the fight gives you the first hand report of what actually went on A thrilling book that kept you sometimes frustrated sometimes excited and always in the know of what war and the various units involved in a 21st century military battle is all about A true page turner I was surprised by this book because going off the average of the reviews here on Goodreads I expected it to be mediocre but turns out it wasn t so average and I thoroughly enjoyed itOf course I gave it 4 stars and not 5 and that indicates something went wrong I couldn t give it 5 stars because it was missing some ialogue It was few and far between and I would have thought seeing as they were travelling alongside the 1st would have thought seeing as they were travelling alongside the 1st Division that Bing West Jr would have recorded plenty of Academia dos Anjos (Redenção Livro 2) dialogue If heidhe idn t include much of it in this bookFor those who have read other Ira War books set in this phase of the War the push to Baghdad you may find this book as interesting as I id in that it ties together with other books to give you a view across the battlefield An example of this is Generation Kill and Ambush Alley The Most Extraordinary Battle of the Ira War In The March Up you get the odd glimpse of the First Recon Team profiled in Generation Kill operating on the peripheral of 1st Marine Division Also some of the things mentioned in Generation Kill are mentioned in The March Up eg the J Lo Life with My Idiot Family dying rumour and theeath of a First Recon soldier Horsehead who was operating external to his former recon team in another battalion You also get another perspective on the horrific blue on blue incident that happened in Nasiriyah along Ambush Alley As explained to us in Before You Are Licensed detail in the book of the same name Ambush AlleyThere are other books from this time frame of the war that you feel in The March Up but those are two prominent examplesMaybe this book isn t for the some times or never military non fiction reader Maybe it is also not for the military reader who needs a barrage of strategy and battlefield. Vely against those who resist we will treat all others withecency Canonization And Teaching Of African Literatures.(Matatu 7) demonstrating chivalry and soldierly compassion for people who have endured a lifetime under Saddam's oppression Major General JN Mattis 1st Marine Division Commanding Here is the story that can be told only by those who actually witnessed the action of the famed 1st Marine Division's march on Baghdad from the shaky beginning of US operations in southern Ira to the capture of US prisoners the misreported fierce Irai resistance and the aggressive assaults that led to a uick andecisive victory With over a half century of military and combat experience between .