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At all were Roy Viceveryone else in this and their crazy juvenile behavior were figments of the author s imagination These characters and book and crazy juvenile behavior were figments of the author s imagination These characters and simplistic elementary behavior was absolutely ridiculousBeing adults these characters weren t developed at all What a twist of events the unforeseen the unappreciated the unexpected Very entertaining i felt like the story could have been landscaped better but i enjoyed reading it it was among the best books i randomly picked up in the Urban Fiction section of the library and it lived up to my expectations i am biased as an alumni of Tennessee State so it gets an extra star based on character connections to the lands by the cumberland fertile shore But i did enjoy it I couldn t remember the author s name but now that i ve rediscovered it i am going to become an avid fan i believe in Black men writing books This is a great book Although I ve read all of Dwayne s other novels I missed this one I am enjoying it. Ng a new woman is like going to the grocery store it's just something ou have to do every Week That Is Until That is until runs into Emily She isn't his type at allbut sometimes ou can't control the choices men make. O commend Vic for going with his heart He did good to stick with Julie to get her through the rough times but he had to go with his heart and can t go on living a lieHis friend is Roy and he is married to Stacey Stacey was so pissed off at Vic for leaving Julie Stacey has a secret of her own though Finally there is Colin He is a ladies man and has the book to prove it He is set up on a blind date with Emily who is white His friends don t tell him that he is being Set Up With A White Girl Because They Know He up with a white girl because they know he never go for itThis book was very entertaining and explores the relationships between 3 couples and race preferences that certain people have and also race preferences people think they have but turns out that maybe what they really want is what they never would have imagined It was long ago I don t remember but it is a good book All women do not possess characteristics portrayed in this author s bookThe only people in this book that had ANY sense. Er woman Roy Burges though he'd made the right choice but when his wife Stacey's skeletons came out of the closet he realized that what he thought was the right choice was so very wrong For Colin Ray choosi. It was pretty good I wish there were descriptive tones for the settings and characters but over all I thought it was good it was easy to understand where everyone was coming from even when I didn t agree with them especially Julie she had it bad poor thing I did not like this book at all It had no true meaning and it was hard to keep up with the time line Very far fetched and unrealistic I know that when I read one of Dwayne Joseph s books I won t be disappointed I like how each chapter is dedicated to one character s point of view so ou get to see all sides of what everyone is thinking Vic

Didn T Want To 
t want to with Julie any Vic was a white boy that grew up in a black family Julie was white but she just wasn t who he wanted He really wanted to be with a black woman Julie had gotten pregnant so Vic married her even though it wasn t really in his heart She miscarried so he stayed with her to get through it but he really had to follow his heart I really have Have ou ever wondered about the choices men make and why they make them Julie Reed wondered when Vic her husband of choices men make and why they make them Julie Reed wondered when Vic her husband of months walked out on her for no apparent reason Now he's happily in the arms of anoth. ,

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Choices Men Make

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