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Miniseries Brides of Penhally BayCategory Classic Romance Zayed Kaylil is a brilliant surgeon and incidentally a sheikh He is deeply wounded and still carries scars from an event that changed his life When he meets Emily while on a short term contract at St Piran s hospit Easy to read but rapidly descends into incomprehensible mush with phrases that are copied and pasted throughout the book 35 stars It was a good book with likeable characters The switch from friendly to romance happened suddenly and uickly though There really a good book with likeable characters The switch from friendly to romance happened suddenly and uickly though There really no transition from we. Surgeon Zayed Kahlil is formidable yet scarred The only solace this deeply wounded man finds is in his work He's dedicated professional and brilliant And he's come to Penhally Bay to se.

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Sheikh Surgeon Claims His BridePaediatric surgical registrar no less Obviously SHE NEVER MAKE CONSULTANT AS ll Never Consultant As Ll consultant as ll a sheikh instead I don t feel that s a spoiler bearing in mind the title but hey one step at a time in the conventional world of romance novels And this is a conventional one without the sex scenes I ve come to expect in contemporary romance this is back to the good old days of Woman s Weekly stories So if you like a steamy romance look elsewhereOne star doesn t mean I didn t like it that it s so bad it s good like all other romance novels with Sheikh in the title. As overwhelming as the underlying attraction between them But Zayed closed his heart long agoCould this beautiful young doctor be the woman to show him how to live again even love agai. .
Can only be friends to A Marriage Proposal I Did marriage proposal I did the book but would have enjoyed it a lot if that part had been explored This was a clean read with a fade to black bedroom scene If you are a reader who reuires a lot of sexual chemistry or full sex scenes in a romance this is not your book There was good intimate connection and attraction shown in the character s thoughts Of course this was as bad as the title makes it sound with two unnecessary disasters thrown in for good measureOn the plus side our plucky heroine is actually a doctor not a nurse. T up a specialist children's unit at St Piran hospitalEmily Livingston is in awe of her New Boss But She's Noticed The Pain Behind His Hard boss but she's noticed the pain behind his hard eyes Her instinct to reach out to him is. ,

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