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Unravel Me

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Admittedly most of them will be Warner moments but then again that boy is AWESOMENESS on two legs No doubt you know exactly what I mean wriggles eyebrowsAnyway you wanted a review and I promise I ll try my very best to give it to you So yeah we better get this started rightThe plot The storyline begins with Juliette s life at Omega Point and her constant struggle to become a part of the community Knowing our young heroine it s not all too hard to guess that she s doing a rather awful job at adapting to her new circumstances and even though Adam tries his best to keep her grounded things nfortunately aren t as easy as they seem to be If I would have to sum it Can Poetry Save the Earth? up I d say that plot wise there actually doesn t happen a lot Mostly because the rebels are just hiding at Omega Point and try to prepare for war Considering the love story there happens so much that you barely get a chance to breathe though So yeah if you re a sucker for love stories this book will tear you apart and scatter your remains in all four cardinal directions If you re not into YA love stories teen angst and heart palpitations I d not only advise you to give this book a wide berth but also would suggest to read another book of your no doubt long to be read list PThe characters WARNING will contain spoilers and manyotes XD Juliette I loved how much she has grown in this book At the beginning of Shatter me she was so insecure and frail already scratching her sentences before she even got a proper chance to think them to an end Now she has so many different thoughts that she can barely contain them constantly thinking about everything that s happening second guessing her own decisions second guessing other people s decisions second guessing her relationships with Adam and Warner It was refreshing to see that she s finally beginning to think about the things she wants and that she actually realised that not everything is black and white Especially not Warner lol I took what I wanted I knew better and I took it anyway Adam couldn t have known he could never have known what it would be like to really suffer at my hands He was innocent of the depth of it of the cruel reality of it He d only felt bursts of my power according to Castle He d only felt small stabs of it and was able and aware enough to let go without feeling the full effectsBut I knew betterI knew what I was capable of I think about glasses half full and glasses to see the world clearly I think about sacrifice And compromise I think about what will happen if no one fights back I think about a world where no one stands Earth Awakens (The First Formic War, up to injustice And I wonder if maybe everyone here is rightIf maybe it s time to fight Maybe it s because he s broken and I m foolish enough to think I can fix him Maybe it s because I see myself I see 3 4 5 6 17 year old Juliette abandoned neglected mistreated abused for something out side of her control and I think of Warner as someone who s just like me someone who was never given a chance in life All I know is that it ll never be safe for me to rely on someone else again to need constant reassurance of who I am and who I might someday be I can love him but I can t depend on him to be my backbone I can t be my own person if I constantly reuire someone else to hold me together Adam Meh I don t know While I really liked him in the first book and even kind of shipped him with Juliette my sympathy for him now seems to have vanished Inderstand that he hates Warner and that he desperately wants to be with Juliette His actions and the way he deals with things definitely don t get my approval though I mean he could have easily saved them a lot of heartbreak if he just would have been honest to his girl and he s so blinded by his love for Juliette and his hatred for Warner that he doesn t even try to See How She Runs understand their point of view I m not saying that he should be all like we re one big happy family but I really would have wished that he would have paused for a moment and would havesed his brain lol There are damn good reasons why Juliette decided to steer clear of him and I m sure that if he would have given her some space and time she probably might have I m sure that if he would have given her some space and time she probably might have reconsidered her decision I mean it s obvious she loves him but with his actions he s just pushing her away How is it possible he says that I m this close to you and it s killing me that you re still so far away Because it takes a lot than blood to be family he says And I want nothing to do with him I d like to be able to watch him die and feel no sympathy no remorse He s the textbook definition of a monster Adam says to me Just like my dad And I ll drop dead before I recognize him as my brother Warner He s a vision of emerald and onyx silhouetted in the sunlight in the most deceiving way He could be glowing That could be a halo around his head This could be the world s way of making an example out of irony Because Warner is beautiful in ways even Adam isn t All good things come in threes right XD I already said it and I say it again Warner is just amazing I still love this boy and he s easily become one of my all time favourite book boyfriends I probably could gush forever and still wouldn t be able to put everything into words so I ll just try my best to form coherent sentences that might be interrupted by high pitched girl suees LOL Just to let you know and warn you in advance P Okay here we go Warner is probably one of the most complex characters I ever had the pleasure to encounter and believe me I read so many YA books that this actually means something XD Over the course of the book he s actually a prisoner at Omega Point but since Juliette and Warner seem to have a special connection Castle just decided to assign her to interrogate him There were so many scenes I loved and even though I can t seem to be able to choose Chapter 45 and Chapter 62 literally I mean LITERALLY caused me to whimper I had to read those two chapters twice because I was so overwhelmed I couldn t even Jeez I still can t process itview spoiler I told you I hated you Yes he says He nods Well You d be surprised how many people say that to me I don t think I would His surprised how many people say that to me I don t think I would His twitch You tried to kill me That amuses you Oh yes he says his grin growing I find it fascinating A pause Would you like to know why I stare at him Because all you ever said to me he explains was that you didn t want to hurt anyone You didn t want to murder people I don t Except for me I m all out of letters Fresh out of words Someone has robbed me of my entire vocabulary That decision was so easy for you to make he says So simple You had a gun You wanted to run away You pulled the trigger That was it In case you wondered why this is a spoiler Because for me it s exactly the moment in which everything changes hide spoiler Stop hating on Warner guys Some of s actually find crazy psychotic boys attractive I am so excited for this book to come out but there is one thing I am seriously worrying aboutThe Dreaded Love Triangle of Doomwith WarnerIts no secret that I completely despise Warner with every fiber of my being a little over dramatic but still I am so surprised and shocked that so many people like him I mean I didn t know crazed psychotic war maniac was in this year but thank god I didn t get the memo Here are the things I am praying will happen Adam and Juliette stay together Adam and Juliette get it on Adam s body is described in full detail for an entire chapteror two Warner tries to hit Adam s body is described in full detail for an entire chapteror two Warner tries to hit Juliette but she still doesn t fall for him Warner gets eaten by bears Juliette doesn t spend half the book like almost every other ya character thinking but what if I got with the other guy In the first book Juliette said she had. Hes and join p with a group of rebels many of whom have powers of their own Juliette will finally be able to actively fight against The Reestablishment and try to fix her broken world And perhaps these new allies can help her shed light on the secret behind Adam’s and Warner’s immunity to her killer skinJuliette’s world is packed with high stakes action and tantalizing rom. ,
Me looking at this book after reading Destroy MeHey I just saw youAnd this is craazyyy but heres my addressSO SEND ME THE BOOK ALREADY 3 UPDATE Tahereh Mafi you have officially killed me This is like the PERFECT Warner OO 33SWOON OH MY GOD THIS WAS SO GOOD ITS OFFICIAL I AM TEAM WARNER HOLY SHIT This book in one gifWHAT WAS THAT What did I just read I still can t OH MY GOD I can t even express myself any Look at what this book did to meI liked Shatter Me but THIS book was Dont Ask, Dont Tell unbelievable It blew me away 3This was me when view spoiler they found out that A and W are brothers hide spoiler 55 starsThis book this book SHATTERED meI couldn t write a review for the first two days because I was speechless This book this world so abandoned so fuckedp And still people continue to live in it I m amazed at people s survival Even if they are rebels even if they are soldiers even if they are just plain poor citizens who still manage to live through terror It amazes meI know a lot of people don t like Juliette I read a lot of reviews that said Juliette was weak That she thinks only of herself and the chaos called her life That she always whining about herself and her troubles so much so that she forgets that others have issues too But I can Alexander Hamilton understand herIt happens to most ofs to be honest When we live this Starting Today useless life A cruel life where we find it hard to find ourselves difficult to cope with and therefore difficult to deal with ourselvesJuliette is strongShe went through a brutal life All her life she was treated like a monster So how can she see herself as someone who isn t a monster So what if she found a way out So what if she got to a point in her life where others actually see her as a human being She forgot about it She forgot how to live with people she forgot how to be human She didn t know what touch was or love The turnaround in her life from a monster who went through hell bullying and isolation to a regular person was fast These were only a few weeks Weeks versus 16 years It s nothingShe found a person who loved her who could touch her And even that was taken from her And fastShe knew what touch was for a very short time and she held on to that knowledge It made her realize that she might be an ordinary person But once she discovered that this touch that made her feel human is hurting the person she love she took a step backThere s aote that says If you really love someone let him go And you know what It rips you from the insideShe isn t selfish she is not a monster and she is not weakShe s a human being Completely humanAnd that s the hardest thing letting a person you love go Sure enough when he s the only one who ever made you feel truly lovedIn addition you can see how she cares about others how she cares about humanityAdam said You are one of the bravest strongest people I ve ever met You have the best heart the best intentions You re the best person I ve ever known You ve been through the worst possible experiences and you survived with your humanity still intact And I think he s rightNow let s talk about the relationships between Juliette and the boysIn my review for the first book I wrote that the love between Juliette and Adam isn t real I wrote that Juliette fell in love with him because he was the only person who could touch her and the only one who loved her Touch and love are things she never received Once she found out that a person could do both things she fell in love with himIn the first book I noticed that Juliette liked his touch than him specifically I thought maybe MAYBE in the second book it would go forward but noYou know there are a lot of books where the main characters fall in love right away and become couples Oxygen uicklyIt makes no sense to meYou can t fall in love with someone soickly because you don t really know him You can be attracted to him sure but not to love his personality completely It takes timeRare are the books where the main characters take time to fall in love which is a shameIn these rare books you can notice how the Characters Get Know get to other Signs of War and Peace understand each other and then they fall in loveIt didn t happen with AdamIn the second book too Adam and Juliette s relationship was focused on the touch Where is the acuaintance Where are those conversations you get to know each other All the conversations between them were pleas of I can t do without you let s stay together and Juliette please don t leave meIt s pretty pathetic I really wish you wouldn t waste your affection on someone who has to beg for your love Said Warner to Juliette At least I still have my dignity He said to AdamAnd he couldn t be right than thatThat s the difference between Adam and Warner Between these two relationshipsJuliette hated Warner in the first book I cannderstand that he s a psycho but a cute one shall we agree Without conscience Without emotionsBut I was from the minority who really liked Warner from the very first book I The Pipe Organ (Tales from Grace Chapel Inn, understood it from the beginning Inderstood where his insensitivity came from I realized that this was all a mask and walls he had built for himself because of the shit he had been throughJuliette nderstood that too Why Because although her caring for people remained she also went through a difficult past I think the reason she didn t build walls was because she didn t have a chance to do so she spent her life in isolation Warner on the other hand has always been in the company of people He was educated to be a ruler he has learned to be cruel So he built walls to hide his feelings and become a good warrior and commanderIn this book you can learn about Warner s life And why so Because nlike Adam Juliette did speak to Warner The conversations between them taught her who he is she got to know him And that THAT S how we sually get to know a person This is how we learn to LOVE a person I even find Warner and Juliette s conventions much intimate than Adam and Juliette s kisses and touchesAnd of course I have to put the legendary Kenji into this review Is there anyone who doesn t like him I don t think so it s just not possibleYou know I have my own KenjiMy best friend also learned to laugh at everything bringing joy to blur the brutal world we live in This is amazingKenji isn t only funny He s also caring smart and loyal Kenji and Juliette have the healthiest relationship in my opinion He can be honest with her tell her the painful truth in her face and open her eyes Juliette tends to listen to him take a step back and try to see if what he says is true We as people find it hard to accept truth that is npleasant and if we tend to listen to a person in such a way it s because we love him because we care about his opinion and trust him I m sure if Kenji wasn t in Juliette s life she wouldn t be who she was designed to be in this bookAnd that s it I think I really enjoyed this book and I can t wait to go on to the next books That last sentence was everything I can t I just can t deal with all those feelsI finished reading this book about two days ago yet my feelings are still too muddled and my mind is spinning and I just can t seem to be able to think straight XDI swear that book killed me and if Mafi s third book Ignite Me is going to be as good as this one I seriously don t even dare to think that it might be even better it actually might be the death of me lolAll I can do is to try to write a halfway coherent review of Unravel Me and considering all the feelings and the emotional rollercoaster I went through to try actually seems to be the right choice of words I loved that book I loved it so much I decided to buy the entire Shatter Me series in paperback just so I can mark all my favourite moments lol Okay. The thrilling second installment in New York Times bestselling author Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me seriesIt should have taken Juliette a single touch to kill Warner But his mysterious immunity to her deadly power has left her shaken wondering why her ltimate defense mechanism failed against the person she most needs protection fromShe and Adam were able to escape Warner’s clutc.
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No feelings for Warner so I m seriously hoping that Tahereh Mafi takes the high road and starts something new in ya the non love triangle It would be really cool if Juliette didn t fall for Warner not only cause I hate him but because this would show readersauthors that a book doesn t need a love triangle to be amazing Can t wait for the next book Update Why is there all of a sudden Team Kenji Where did he come from Can t a ya heroine have one guy friend that she isn t attracted to and not just because he s gay Kenji alright but if he joins this love whatever I might just dieCover Alert Look at that cover XDDD Juliette and Adam are still hanging out in the nderground facility working on the resistance Juliette tries to learn to control her power while Adam Understanding the Mass undergoes testing to figure out why he can touch Juliette Answers are not good and the two have some problems to work through This was very frustrating Inderstood Juliette s reasoning but I really hate the back and forth Plus Adam just breaks my heart He is so sweet and wants to make things work with Juliette But they are also dealing with an Their Reluctant Submissive (Knights in Black Leather, unruly hostage who will only speak to JulietteOh Warner How psycho I truly thought you were Oh how hard I tried to hate you to stay on Team Adam But I really can t resist you any longer We get down deep with Warner and what you find out is that he is not psycho his father is Supreme Commander Anderson laughs that Warner has feelings laughs that Warner tried to kill him as a boy but couldn t laughs at how weak Warner is for wanting to be near his mother Warner took his mom s last name Awww I love me a mammas boy Not to mention how elouently and swoontasticly Warner speaks to Juliette Kenji is such a hilarious scene stealer I am Team Kenji along with everyone else but don t worry he is so not a love interest Just a fun andnderstanding friend with great comic relief I once again just LOVE the super descriptive writing style It does take a few pages to get back into the swing of it but it makes me feel like I am Juliette I feel completely inside her head and I see and feel everything as her perfectly I feel her frustrations her bravery and her courage I love how strong she is becoming It ends similar to the first book no huge cliffhanger but it just kind of ends with you still needing and wanting 5 Stars just for Warner s very swoon worthy performance Adam Warner Adam Warner Adam Warner What do I do After Chapter 62 fans self I think WarnerYou destroy meJuliette he says and he mouths the name barely speaking at all and he s pouring molten lava into my limbs and I never even knew I could melt straight to deathI want you he says He says I want all of you I want you inside and out and catching your breath and aching for me like I ache for you He says it like it s a lit cigarette lodged in his throat like he wants to dip me in warm honey and he says It s never been a secret I ve never tried to hide that from you I ve never pretended I wanted anything lessYou you said you wanted f friendship Yes he says he swallows I did I do I do want to be your friend He nods and I register the slight movement in the air between Ethics Playbook us I want to be the friend you fall hopelessly in love with The one you take into your arms and into your bed and into the private world you keep trapped in your head I want to be that kind of friend he says The one who will memorize the things you say as well as the shape of your lips when you say them I want to know every curve every freckle every shiver of your body Juliette No I gasp Don t don t s say that I want to know where to touch you he says I want to know how to touch you I want to know how to convince you to design a smile just for me I feel his chest rising fallingp and down and How to become a Kingdom Millionaire up and down and Yes he says I do want to be your friend He says I want to be your best friend in the entire worldI want so many things he whispers I want your mind Your strength I want to be worth your time His fingers graze the hem of my top and he says I want thisp He tugs on the waist of my pants and says I want these down He touches the tips of his fingers to the sides of my body and
says i want 
I want feel your skin on fire I want to feel your heart racing next to mine and I want to know it s racing because of me because you want me Because you never he says he breathes never want me to stop I want every second Every inch of you I want all of itAnd I drop dead all over the floorJulietteI can t The Duchess of Vidal understand why I can still hear him speaking because I m dead I m already dead I ve died over and over and over againHe swallows hard his chest heaving his words a breathless shaky whisper when he says I m so I m so desperately in love with you He actually begged me not to kill you Laughs again It was just as pathetic as it was surprising Of course then I knew I had to meet you he says smiling staring at me like he might be enchanted I must meet the girl who s managed to bewitch my boy I said to myself This girl who s managed to make him lose sight of his pride his dignity long enough to beg me for a favor A pause Do you know he says to me when my son has ever asked me for a favor He cocks his head Waits for me to answer I shake my headNever He takes a breath Never not once in nineteen years has he ever asked me for anything Hard to believe isn t itYeah bro Kenji puts histensils down You are moody It s always Shut p Kenji Go to sleep Kenji No one want to see you naked Kenji When I know for a fact that there are thousands of people who would love to see me naked Reread Feb 2018WHAT CAN I SAY I LOVE IT And I can t believe this is like the 5th time I ve read this and I still noticed new thingsThis reread I was really focused on the dynamics between Juliette and Warner and Juliette and Adam There s so much new stuff I noticed about how Adam drags her down versus how Warner exalts her and builds her confidence Ugh I love it Also chapter 62 is still the best chapter of all time and my favorite scene from the whole series is chapter 50 in this book so I was thoroughly clutching my heart the entire timeReread April 2017I have always said that this is my favorite book in the series Accordingly I have read it only sparingly because it gives me so many emotions that it basically inhibits my functionality after I finish it So why did I pick this p in the middle of the semester No idea But returning to this was such a Grand Ol Time Especially Because ol time especially because s been nearly 3 years since I ve reread it and I was reacuainted with some scenes that I had forgotten even existedOne thing I will say though that is sort of breaking my heart is that I did not have such a reaction to this book that I Du fährst zu oft nach Heidelberg und andere Erzählungen used to have I don t know if it s because i m in college now if i m in some weird reading mood if i needed to have read the series chronologically but I really felt numb to this entire thing I remember the last time I read Unravel Me I had to actually put it down because I was sobbing and it was affecting me so hard that I had to take freuent breaks This time I barely batted an eyelash rereading some of my favorite scenes No butterflies No breaks I don t know if this means I m somehow moving on but this book will always hold a special place in my heart and I love it so much even if my teenage fangirling tendencies are apparently wearing off I anticipate I ll read Ignite Me when I m home on Easter breakreread july 2014giggling at this old reviewFebruary 2013WHATI NEED THE SEUELOH MY GOSH THIS HAD A TWIST ON LIKE EVERY PAGE AND I CANNOT WAAAAAAIT TO SEE HOW SHE RESOLVES EVERYTHING AND WRAPS IT UP AND OH MY FREAKING POOPERSNICKLE GOODNESS TAHEREH MAFI YOU HAVE AMIED YOUR CAREER TO RUIN MY LIFEi need to go lay down. Ance perfect for fans of the Redeen series by Victoria Aveyard and the Darkest Minds trilogy by Alexandra BrackenRansom Riggs #1 New York Times bestselling author of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children raved A thrilling high stakes saga of self discovery and forbidden love the Shatter Me series is a must read for fans of dystopian young adult literature or any literatur. .