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Main Street Vegan is a thoroughly accessible guide to becoming a vegan or a vegetarian or even just cutting meat out of your life With a non preachy tone and a realistic perspective on modern life with a left of norm diet Victoria Moran educates inspires and provides a supportive starting point for all readersFull disclosure I was a vegetarian from birth until age 28 For a time in college I lived with a vegan who I found insufferable because of her dietary choices Despite being a very strict lacto ovo vegetarian I never EVER considered going vegan Then when I was 28 I decided to try eating meat to see what I was missing I had no particular religious moral or ethical reasons for being vegetarian and habit didn t seem like a good enough reason I found a few meat dishes I liked okay but mainly I appreciated the utter convenience of being able to order anything off of any given menuBut it didn t stick Within two years of becoming omnivorous I was back to being mainly vegetarian because I don t now it just seems right to me And now thanks to Main Street Vegan I m considering going all the way all the way to egg free diary free leather free naturalnessWe ll see The lure of eating meat for me was the convenience turkey sandwiches were a revelation to me in terms of the ease of packing a lunch for work Making my own cheese from cashew nuts is pretty much the opposite direction of that Still I find that many vegan meals work themselves into my meal preparation and I generally like all of them Why not experiment with that a little bit The recipes in Main Street Vegan sound delicious and are an easy place to startMoran covers a lot ground than just diet she thoughtfully covers ethical situations ranging from honey to zoos to cleaning products to cosmetics to pest control within the home Her sections on travel and dining out are considerate and well reasoned In general the entire book is an exceedingly well thought out series of essays on one person s life choices laid out in such a reasonable way that it s hard not to be convinced after just a few pagesWhile this isn t a decision I m making lightly I m definitely mulling it over and I ll be turning back to Main Street Vegan freuently as I consider my choices An absolute must read and eventually own for anyone merely flirting with the idea of trying out a part time vegan diet all the way to someone wishing to adopt a complete vegan lifestyle Friendly witty and never preachy Ms Moran addresses virtually every uestion you might have or will have posed to you a cornucopia of inspiring information on health and nutrition ethics and the enviro Animal rights organizations such as Mercy for Animals and VegFund have even initiated programs that pay a dollar to students on college campuses and passerby elsewhere if they can make it through a "four minute video showing conditions on industrial farms and in slaughterhouses "minute video showing conditions on industrial farms and in slaughterhouses don t have to pay anybody to watch footage of someone harvesting a garden From Main Street Vegan This is a book that is not just another attempt to have vegans nodding along but also an effort to reach out to those on the fringes maybe you re disconcerted about your cholesterol levels or disgusted by some undercover footage you saw from a factory farm but you re not sure what to do about it Main Street Vegan is the book for youThe strength of Moran s book is that it emphasizes that anyone can be a Main Street Vegan no you don t have to change your political or religious beliefs and no one s expecting you to dress up like a chicken and hold a sign if you don t want to In fact plant based eating does line up with most people whether or not they realize it Vegans this may be the book you want to give to friends or family members who

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don t understand why choose to eat and live the way you do While it makes clear that factory farms aren t happy places it doesn t bash readers over the head with dismal facts and the vast majority of the book is positive and upbeat It also includes recipes Moran has chosen a clean standard of living that not everyone is going to wish to attempt but she isn t pushy thankfully For example I have little to no concern over BPA or phthalates in my food packaging I have zero faith in the power of positive thinking I do however wish to eat healthfully and humanely I figure I can meet Moran in the middle I was happy to see the author s many reminders to readers to not be vegan jerks those super pushy aggressive herbivores who probably turn omnivores away from vegan eating than Big Ag Her sweet and accepting tone has even won over one of veganism s most obnoxious critics filmmaker and pundit Michael Moore Savvy vegans will now that this guy has repeatedly mocked vegetarianism and concern for animals in his books at one point even organizing an anti animal rights demonstration complete with signs saying you re wasting your lives No people dressing up at sci fi conventions or seeing Twilight the 200th time or trying to build the world s largest Elvis collection they. Hollywood celebrities are doing it Corporate moguls are doing it But what about those of us living in the real world and on a real budget Author and holistic health practitioner Victoria Moran started eating only plants nearly thirty years ago raised her daughter Adair vegan from birth and maintains a sixty pound weight loss In Main Street Vegan Moran offers a complete guide to making this dietary and lifestyle shift with an emphasis on practical “baby steps” proving that you don’t have to have a personal chef or lifestyle coach on speed dial to experience the physical and spiritual benefits of.

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Ven the proper supplements I had to take a pause paws Just no I may refer to this book for my own information but when I need help with my itties I ll go to a licensed vet Wow I cannot rate this book with fewer than 5 stars even though there were some things that bothered me big time I ll get those out of the way first I don t like that for eating disorders the only advice dispensed is to participate in OA a 12 step program I m really sick of not having alternatives mentioned I loved how the first author talked about her own earlier years struggle with food and eating but her way is not the only way I also don t like the hedges on honey and veganism And then there is the whole you ll lose weight as a vegan claim though she does make clear that s if you eat the healthy stuff and don t overeat There are a few other such thingsBut overall I agree with these mother daughter authors about everything they sayI came to this book skeptical in the sense that I thought because I m an experienced and long time vegan I wouldn t take that much from it But I loved itI appreciate how this could be a life changing book for many people now the way Diet for a New America was for me in 1988 over 24 years ago I am in awe of how many issues are addressed In fact with books such as this I usually include their contents in my review Here there are 6 dense pages of contents too long to share and so much content within each section I love the messages given here the philosophy espoused I like her take on how to be vegan or how to move in that direction I admire her priorities I love how Victoria is a good mother and loved learning about Adair and enjoyed Adair s contributions to this book I love the mother daughter angle their history and now when both are adults Every time I thought of something that should be included I eventually came across it as I continued reading I love that recipes are included and think they are good ones for a vegan primer This first author is a health food primarily raw vegan but she of course is vegan for the animals and the environment and world hunger are mentioned too all reasons to be vegan are at least touched on I adore uotes so I really liked that each chapter begins with a fabulous uote The book s dedication is one of the best ever To the animals I ve nown by name and to all those who have no names So powerfulI read this book with new vegans and the vegan interested in mind to see if I would recommend it to them I do heartily and I also recommend it to experienced vegans such as myself especially activists but also just as one supportive bookThis is an entertaining read It s fun to read and at times I laughed and smiled and at times I felt sad I experienced the gamut of emotions Much to my surprise if I was in book buying mode I d purchase this book Mine is "A Library Copy It S "library copy It s wonderful book an all in one re content and very accessible very friendly I don t now a better way to describe it I liked it so much than I d anticipated Because of the 12 step content I thought I was going to give it only 4 stars but I just can t downgrade for that Many will like that and for those such as me who don t I trust that we re smart enough to ignore the few things here that don t work for us because most of what s included is exceptionally useful Throughout the book and in the back of the book there is a lot of good resource materialI had many things reinforced for me and I learned some things too The next time I get my B12 tested I ll do the MMA urine test instead of a blood testI think that this book will be most appreciated by new vegans the vegan interested Experienced Vegans Readers Who Know vegans readers who now in that order and by parents and other mentors in all those categories and definitely by vegan activists too I surely hope soGreat addition to the genre Main Street Vegan is my new handbook Kinda like the Handbook for the Recently Deceased in Beetlejuice I feel like if I leave my house without a copy I will instantly be swallowed whole by a giant sandworm Seeing that I had to return my copy to the library today I m a little worried for the trip homeSeriously though I loved this book and will be buying a copy for myself The chapters were short and to the point and I feel like the author covered all of the burning uestions that a vegan newbie like myself might ask There s also resources in the appendices than you could shake a stalk of celery at The unprocessed cherry on top of the non dairy ice cream is the recipe at the end of each chapter from either the author her daughter or a well nown veganite probably not a real word but it sounds cool really interesting informative read Well I read Main Street Vegan and the Torres Vegan Freak Version 20 back to back which was ind of weird Both books contained mainly the same information but their tone could not be any different Main Street Vegan tries to ease people into veganism encouraging them to take as much time as they need to gradually cut and animal products from their diet and all other ar. Rs it all inspiration information and out of this world recipes This book is a gem Rory Freedman co author Skinny Bitch   “Main Street Vegan is exactly the guide you need to make changing the menu effortless Victoria Moran covers every aspect of plant based eating and cruelty free living with everything you need to make healthy changes stick” Neal Barnard MD president Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and  NY Times bestselling author of 21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart   “A great book for anyone who's curious about veganism It shows that not all vegans are weirdos like me” Moby  . Main Street VeganAren t wasting their lives People who are living by their ethics and hoping to make a difference in the world they re the ones to mock Moore is not a vegan but he has cut down on his meat intake and sings the book s praises on the back cover I m thinking that age and the health conseuences of a lifetime of overeating are starting to catch up with him and making him a bit contrite Where the author tends to slip up is when she gets a bit too starry eyed when attempting to explain how easy vegan eating can be It is true plant based living is now easier than ever That doesn t mean it s always easy For example the author enthuses Every Chinese place has a vegetarian section while long term vegns will uickly realize the problem there a great many if not most omnivorous Chinese restaurants and buffets use meat broth in the sauces on their dishes yes even those marked vegetarian There s a language and cultural barrier that can prevent you from getting a vegan or even vegetarian meal at these ubiuitous eateries The author also claims In the old days refried beans were made with lard but that s almost never the case any Yes and no While I have found Mexican restaurants with vegan refried beans than not I have certainly run into the lard users as well In addition most canned refried beans excepting those marked fat free or vegetarian still use the ol pig fat Finally the author says that even if a restaurant has no vegetarian choices you can usually get a decent meal by instructing them to leave the meat out of a salad for instance which is true However the author s claim that Your vegan meal will almost always cost less than any of the meat options is only true if the meal is already vegan without any modifications I expect to pay the same price for that dinner even if the chicken or eggs are left out simply because restaurants don t now how to do it any other way That s my experience anyway I Naples! know why she made those claims and it s no reason not to go plant based but I just wanted to let readersnow in case they are in for a surprise when they eat at some restaurants The best book ever Vegans are cool and plant based dining is hotIf you re only going to read one book this year pick up Main Street Vegan It will change your life It is so much than a book about being a vegan it is a book about being a compassionate healthy person the very best you can be I actually cried reading this book I almost never do it and for a non fiction book to affect me that way I am so inspired by Victoria Moran and I will definitively pick up her back list Much of Main Street Vegan is light reading and light of heart about great food looking good and feeling fantastic but parts of it may be tough going especially if you re reading for the "first time about what the animals go thoughThis book cover everything from the animals the "time about what the animals go thoughThis book cover everything from the animals the the compassion the love the food the clothes the honey the circus the make up the wine the ids and includes a lot of delicious recipes I read this because I was curious about going vegan now I am sure that I m ready for the transition It covers everything I worry about going to restaurants travel abroad and dealing with non supportive surroundings The main message is that everything you do is great even if it is to start with meatless Monday The idea is to do this either all at once or in stages in a way that s comfortable and fun improves your health makes sense in your actual life and lasts foreverThe book is written for new vegans but "I imagine that I will go back to this wonderful book " imagine that I will go back to this wonderful book times and I am sure it is a great inspiration reminder and boost also for long time vegans There are so many amazing parts I am glad I got the indle edition so I could make a lot of highlights However I am off to buying the hardcover edition as well I must have it on my book shelves I cannot emphasize enough how much I loved this book I want to give it to everyone I Itsuka know but I will take Victoria s advice and don t push it onto people I would recommend it to everyone except maybe if you absolutely want to be able to eat you meaty junk food without thinking about it 5 stars The bottom line is This is not difficult it is just new New and wonderful uite a good book on the topic Only frustrating thing was that the author is Christian and it also got a little too esoteric as well as almost jumping off the deep end vis a vis mobile phone radiation and using plants to cleanse your homeThat said based on probabilities it seems better to go vegan This book has great advice on how to do it why to do it and what you can expect It s broken down into very digestible parts excuse the pun that are super easy to read and comprehend Will need to do further research but yes this is a good overview of the lifestyle This book was interesting and informative but there were some brief flashes of crazy I was happy to read all about how to navigate he real world with a vegan diet and lifestyle but when the author entertained the idea that cats could eat a vegan diet when gi. Being a vegan This book provides practical advice and inspiration for everyone from Main Street to Wall Street and everywhere between “Finally a book that isn't preaching to the vegan choir but to the people in the pews and the ones who can’t fit in those pews This is a book for the Main Street majority who aren’t vegans Once you read this you'llnow it's possible to get healthy and enjoy doing it even if you live in Paramus or Peoria” Michael Moore   “A great read for vegans and aspiring vegans” Russell Simmons    “Yet another divine gift from Victoria Moran Main Street Vegan cove.

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