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The Nightmare Garden iThe Latins Research Director the American Federation of Astrologers A respected astrological scholar HAS TRANSLATED THAN TWENTY ASTROLOGY has translated than twenty astrology that were written between the 2nd and 17th centuries He s also the author of A History of Horoscopic Astrolo. ,


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This book contains a translation
"Of The Eight Books Of "
the Eight Books of Mathesis By The 4th Century the 4th century Julius Firmicus Maternus along with some useful Indexes of Occupations the Causes of Death and Personal Characteristics The Eight Books are Book I An essay on what astr. Ology s Book II The twelve signs Book III Aspects and house placement of planets Book IV Chart Interpretation Book V The angles and the terms Book VI The aspects Book VII Life and death VIII The Degrees The degrees of the James H Holden who translated the text from. ,
Philosophy and Mystification: A Reflection on Nonsense and Clarity Die Bergers. Beispiel Einer Erfolgreichen Familientherapie

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