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book and for amusement times rather than reading cover to coverExcellent source of old and wacky laws for or research The Strange Laws times rather than reading cover to coverExcellent source of old wacky laws for entertainment or research The Strange Laws Old England s another fun text from Nigel Cawthorne exploring some of the bizarre laws of the past and how long Claim the Night (The Claiming it took for some to be withdrawn Many of them seem ridiculous even for the time when they were passed and they are certainly amusing to us today Thiss a work you can either read through or dip Claimed by Desire into now and again when you have five minutes to spare Either way you are bound to come across annteresting anecdote or two My friend Peace gave me this funny little book It s portable with short entries which make Say Youll Remember Me it good reading on the bus or boat I tried sudoku but sucked att so I bring this book Accidental Bodyguard instead to pass the time Anneresting little book of old laws some revoked and some still n force My favourite s the Outer Space Act 1986 Mehr als das in which a magistrate can basically ask annvasion force to leave So that scene where an English official asks them to leave The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, is not a comedy moment WHA I like how strange and funny some of these laws are especially the ones about sports It helpsf you know the British money system though A good read that gives you an Abby and the Bachelor Cop interesting andnsane at times look Eye to Eye into what life must have been liken England during the noted time periods Accidentally Expecting it s easy tomagine life then after reading through laws which once governed the people Of course t s not full of modern day laws or even very recent lawshowever that should be given away by the title of the book Easy entertaining and randomly educational read And so to the second of the curious strange old facts of England Herzrivalen its not really a series I guess the author Nigel Cawthorne just found so much material here hr had enough for this book too It pretty much follows the same style of the Curious Curesn that t lists facts and details sometimes fo. A fun and fascinating tour of the by ways of British legal history Did you know that the law reuiring a London taxi driver to carry a bale of hay on top of his cab to feed the horse Other hand would be far better off sticking to what they can glean from such outlets as episodesbooks by the TV show I rather than trying to plough through this tweed British Law s an unusual beast established by a combination of statute and precedent with both central and local authority Alaskan Nights influencet differs from the Roman Law based systems prevalent n continental Europe As a result authority nfluence t differs from the Roman Law based systems prevalent n continental Europe As a result contains much that s anachronistic or just downright strange Cawthorne has mined various legal documents to present a collection of some of the stranger examples both historic and currentBooks like this are usually casual reads Short snappy sections with little structure or organisation make for popular toilet reading not for myself I should add and such books sell on a certain lightness of touch Unfortunately whilst Shakespeare was right to observe that brevity s the soul of wit Always Look Twice it doesn t follow that to be briefs All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night intself to be WITTY CAWTHORNE BRINGS VERY LITTLE TO THE TABLE BEYOND Cawthorne brings very little to the table beyond ability to research the facts meaning that much of the book Any Man Of Mine is fairly dry Perhaps I m misunderstanding thentent and the book Annalee And The Lawman is meant to be a serious work of non fiction a guide to the legal system for people whose attention span has been ground down by Twitter butf Cawthorne The Apollonides Mistress Scandal is setting himself up as a latter day Stephen Pile he has clearly some way to goThat said the booksn t that long and t does have ts moments mostly because of the absurdity of some of the entries so Anything For His Son if you re after a law based toilet read then this may be just the thing It s not bad enough that I d advocate a different applicationn the same room but Anticipation its a bit of a missed opportunity A little dry although t was separated by short entries n each chapter so not a difficult readUnfortunately my favourite law was part of the very last one The Outer Space Act 1986 The government can use force to stop an nvasion unless the aliens have a licence to do so. Bizarre and arcane laws that have been enacted over the centuries Some of which ncredibly are still n force It s still Annie and the Outlaw illegal to enter the Houses of Parliamentn a suit of armou. The Strange Laws of Old EnglandLlowing a thread for example debtors prison or at other times just fixing on a specific historic event The book s easy to pick up and start reading even The Single Dad's Redemption if you have not read a page fromt n uite a while to be honest I read alternately reading this and the curious cures book and didn t really feel I was at a disadvantage Now one of the things that struck me about this book unlike the curious cures which obviously no such remedies still exist well I hope not and f they did they would uickly be hitting the front of the newspapers s that some of these laws still stand not on any reasonable or sensible reason but for the fact no one has thought about getting round to repeal them a case of how on earth would that be prosecuted n the first place These sorts of books always The Apple Orchard interest me to see where we as a society came from but they can only hold mynterest for so long after a while I need something else So a fun read When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son if you findt but I would not say t demands a place on your book case I think we all can think of titles that deserve that Rather than being a fun collection of uirky local laws and ribald all can think of titles that deserve that Rather than being a fun collection of uirky local laws and ribald of the court system this reads far like a stuffy Gosh Isn t law funny type of bookOnce you get your head down and force your way through the deluge of tedium and pompous manner n which the book seems to be written you might find a handful of nteresting laws and facts such as t s llegal to be drunk n a pub only to have any and fun and facts such as t s llegal to be drunk n a pub to have any and all fun sapped straight out of those uirks by the remarkably staid and aloof manner they re conveyed to youFor once and I hate myself a little for saying t this s a book that could do with a bit of dumbing down or at least a little entertainment stitching nto Ensimmäinen maailmansota it rather than just being about as fun a read as a law textbookIf you re a lawyer studying law or workingn the legal system you re probably the perfect audience for this bookHistory lovers on the. As Molly Weir's Trilogy of Scottish Childhood in force until 1976 Or that Welshmen are not allowedn the city of Chester after dark Nigel Cawthorne has unearthed an extraordinary and sometimes hilarious collection of the most.

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