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I don t think there are many people in this world that have the ability to simutaneously allure and repulse but based people in this world that have the ability to simutaneously allure and repulse but based Robb s biography I would assign Rimbaud to this categoryI read biographies because in many instances it s the only way to feel as if you re meeting someone you can never meet because of life circumstances or of course death When I hear of someone that I find interesting I make it a point to find out about himher and sometimes the only way to do that is to readwatch hisher work if that s an option or find a solid biography of that individual s life Of course much of the supposition of that individual s personality has to be drawn from acuaintances correspondence and choices So we make a lot of inferences but I think Robb does a bang up job of presenting a very human idea of what Rimbaud was like Despite the fact that he s obviously a fan of Rimbaud s work he never parks Rimbaud on a pedestal We have a tendency to romanticize individuals after death to somehow make them saint like or pure than they could have ever been in life With the posthumous success of Rimbaud s poetry I think many individuals have done just that freezing Rimbaud at the tender age of 17 Forever trapping him in the role of boy poet and Verlaine s tempestuous lover And it is precisely that typecasting that I think Rimbaud spent the remainder of his life trying to desert I think he would loathe that his legacy has less to do with those actions he was actually proud to have accomplished his explorer s spirit than his adolescent years as a troubled poetRobb definitely leaves us with the distinct impression that Rimbaud was always pushing some boundary somehow striving to achieve to expand upon limits of what society deemed worthwhile or normal It was precisely because of expand upon limits of what society deemed worthwhile or normal It was precisely because of that he always seemed a step ahead of his peers and colleagues and was misunderstood misrepresented and unable to be fully appreciated for his contributions both to literature and to exploration And I think he struggled between his disdain for man for not being able to ascend to his level of forward thinking and chose the life of a loner a life of mystery a life in which it always seemed he was looking down on everyone from a lofty heightRimbaud s terseness and unpleasantness are conflicted with stories from acuaintances regarding his verbosity and pleasantness However I do think that Rimbaud had the ability to play many different roles as it suited his needs Above all else he was adaptable and resourcefulThere is something so tough about Rimbaud which is evidenced by his correspondence his demanding nature and his forceful reuests to family and friends when he needed help Yet there is something very vulnerable at the heart of Rimbaud and that uality is what has drawn people to his work and life even over 100 years after his death This whizzes into my Top ten Best Ever Biography you don t et that in High Fidelity because Robb manages to write sublime caustic prose that corrects both the record and the myth that surrounds Rimbaud Robb knows his stuff and writes beautiful lyrical prose whilst also being alive to the obsfuscations and mistakes made by earlier writers We see Rimbaud as an enfant terrible writing poetry that both harked back to the remnants of romanticism but also looked forward to modernism and beyond We see his relationship with Verlaine and the self destructive tendencies of both his relationships with family an absent father a controlling mother His endless restless wandering and a search for meaning or an abandonment of that search as meaningless Nihilism solipsism dalliances with homosexuality and the search for an income as his reputation fizzed and fizzled The duality of his life is clearer in the final sections in Africa where Rimbaud writes home in a downbeat constantly negative voice whilst being recognized by those around him as a jolly fellow ferociously efficient at his job be it A Secret Kept gun running storage hire or the like It served Rimbaud well to present different facets to different people as we all do but he seems to have abandoned poetry whilst keeping an eye on arowing cult reputation in France Robb reignites the debate about his complicity in slavery seeing his job as being impossible with out it nothing could be done in the region he was in without using slave labour of some sort Robb sees his way to correct other unforced or lazy research some previous writers have had no knowledge at all of the eography of the areas Rimbaud worked in A sad ending to his life leg amputation and the furious last illness counterpointed by the myth that was built around him and the rowing spread of his poetry I sometimes read biography because. Unknown beyond the avant arde at the time of his death Arthur Rimbaud 1854 1891 has been one of the most destructive and liberating influences on twentieth century .
Rimbaud A Biography

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T buildsIt may well be that only persons who have been the targets of sadistic killers have been the targets of sadistic killers souls can rasp the blinding terror and rage that such circumstances evoke In any case it is terrible and leads one to desperate responses And so AR jettisons entirely whatever past his current way of life has accumulated to the point of loosing memory of it He escapes seeks the way of life has accumulated to the point of loosing memory of it He escapes seeks the a new life in unfamiliar extremes yet once to retrieve his actual nature Nicholls p 152 from circumstances that had become routine engulfing and obliterative of the self He escapes to traffic in the unknown always in the harshest physically most demanding and injuring conditions at the limits of human survival Alpine blizzards the most sualid hettos of the urban underclasses that London or Brussels possess jungles and deserts of other sorts at the very farthest possible remove from a miserly peasant s sordid sualid mucky little world and LaMother the Mouth of Darkness where she will never seek him now that he is one And the cycle returns and returns In the end AR becomes his mother in certain ways a ra Another brilliant biography from Robb re reading for a fourth time this is one of my favorite biographies from one of my favorite biographers robb s portrait cuts through the lice filth and mythos surrounding the late 19th century vagabond demigogue and symbolist poet highly recommended There will never be a single biography that does Rimbaud total justice and that s as it should be being the mystery man he was Rimbaud lived his entire life on the edge be it the edge of meaning or the edge of civilization and civilized behavior and because of this he himself didn t have the time or desire for looking back or specifying in retrospect what he was up to He was always riding the wave of the Present Tense or even ahead of it in the never attained Future as long as he lived full of contradictions only to those who wanted to figure him outRobb presents Rimbaud and his 19th c in a very earthy Tricycle (HISTOIRE) gritty smelly fecal lice infested way via a prose that is itself kind of coarse and craggy He doesn t have much patience with the angelic Rimbaud all wrapped up in metaphysical transcendence and arcane possibly occult theories His Rimbaud is a much bigger drinker drug user and buggeree than I previously thought and a vile prankster jerking off in his housemate slass of milk poisoning dogs shitting on a table during a party and running his hands through it etc But his Rimbaud is also a much better businessman with an iron core of practicality and shrewdnessHis Rimbaud even through his later miseries was a supremely detached individual someone whose youthful pronouncement I is another was a precept he carried with him throughout his life so that even while mired in his most pessimistic bitterness after losing his leg was still able to view himself with detachment and maintain an extremely cynical sense of humorThis is as complete a biography as one could want enriched by scholarship and a real feel for the times and places and free of the Rimbaud worship I ve read in other accounts but Robb s Rimbaud is not my Rimbaud which is how it should be because in many ways which is how it should be because in many ways will forever be an at least partially closed book Some of us will be puzzling over him forever A few weeks ago I picked up John Ashbery s celebrated translation of Rimbaud s Illuminations and as I was browsing through it I realized I had only the sket 3star for the subject matter than the writing Robb is an excellent writer Rimbaud is a terrible subject Raised by a horrible mother as a teenager he seemed dedicated to ruining as many lives as possible for the sake of some bizarre artistic principle Morality is the weakness of the brain I feel dirty having spent time in his company Then he stopped writing poetry went to Africa far from mommy dearest and French weather and because a respected trader and explorer Then he died from bone cancer I came to Rimbaud the opposite way to most people I suspect I I had heard his life story before knowing any of his poetry Robb had written a fascinating well researched and well written biography of a life that is full of controversy and unknowns When you read a biography you always have to realise you are only etting part of the picture but as far as is possible Robb s book at least seems balanced The Rimbaud of this book is a smart energetic enius and a fascinating if not always appealing character Given the passion Rimbaud enerates I suspect some people will hate any biography as it will not align with their image of the man Which image is correct I certainly don t know but this is an excellent biography whether you are an existing Rimbaud fan or no. Eer is even astonishing saint to symbolists and surrealists; poster child for anarchy and drug use; ay pioneer; a major influence on artists from Picasso to Bob Dyla.

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