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Icting messages from the Emperor Mage Orzarne He s supposed to be this vil powerful despot king yet he clearly loves animalsbut still keeps his people nslaved and keeps a zoo of loved "YET CONFINED ANIMALS AND IMMORTALS THE "confined animals and immortals The is out on him for much of the book so I wasn t sure of where he stood on the side of good or vil and I liked that characterization of himDainewow she really saves the day in this one My admiration for her grows The only complaint I have with this book are the gods My they are annoying I m glad that at least in this world I m not religious and the gods do not see fit to play around with mortals The godly beings in this series are among the lines of Anansi or the Native American fox trickster god than the likes of Buddha Last month I read Tempests and Slaughter Tamora Pierce s preuel book about the mage Numair s younger days studying magic at a Carthak university I handed that one off to my 15 year old son who read it and then promptly went to his school library and checked out the Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society entire IMMORTALS series When he brought Emperor Mage home the other day I snagged it from him when he was finished so that I could remind myself of what happened with Prince Orzorne the lovely Varice and other Carthaki characters that I met in Tempests and Slaughter and had pretty much completely forgotten because I read this book so very long ago The nice thing about it was that it was like reading this book for the very first time I remembered absolutely nothing about the plotSo here it is Fifteen year old animal mage Daine and her mentor now 29 year old Numair travel with a delegation from Tortall to Carthak to try to negotiate a peace treaty with the Emperor Mage Orzorne who s come a long way from the teenager he was in Tempests and Slaughter Daine is along because Emperor Orzorne loves animals and his menagerie ofxotic birds is sickening and dying for some unknown reason But ven though the Tortall delegation doesn t trust Orzorne in the slightest he still may have some surprises planned for them Of course he doesn t take Daine s wild Magic Into Account So into account so are likely to be some surprises all the way around This is a middle grade book and it struck me as a little simplistic at first but by the nd I was totally sucked in 4 stars Full review to come. Tall Daine puzzles over Carthak’s two faced Emperor Ozorne How can he be so caring with his birds and so cruel to his people Daine is sure he’s planning something a terrible power hungry scheme And she knows that she must fight this powerful Emperor Mage; the life of her beloved teacher is at risk. F the arth practical women she usually champions in her stories it s kind of a telling imbalance At least in this one she finally has Varice speak up in defense of those pursuits of liking pretty things and parties tc That said there s still a general vibe of the overly aestheticiseddegenerative and decadent trope in the wealth on display in the Carthaki Empire which might not have bothered me if I hadn t felt those other concerns I detailed abovespoiler alertFinally the archival buff in me was like NO NOT THE IMPERIAL RECORDS THAT HAS VALUABLE HISTORICAL DATA Like go for the treasury sure but come on Also did uh all those dinosaur bones just disappear from the museum at the Black Heart, Red Ruby end Whole apatosaurus skeletons might be pretty hard to come by in the future I feel bad for the natural historians at the Imperial University Now THAT S like it Major major redemption for the yawnfest that was book 2 In Emperor Mage Daine gets to pretend she s actually a girl sent from a royalnvoy as diplomats into a foreign land instead of a girl who wants to be an animal and surrounded by animals all the time Human interactions are awesome and I m so glad Daine isn t just talking and plotting with animals all the time now and that she s actually solving a decent mystery and dealing with major international intrigue It s verything I njoy about this series "all thrown together in one book I can find nary a fault with Emperor MageDaine Numair is it "thrown together in one book I can find nary a fault with Emperor MageDaine Numair is it of me to admit I want to burst into the Numa Numa song New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood every time I read his name Alanna and othermissaries from Tortall are sent to Carthak as a peace delegation They hope to avoid war and Daine in particular is looking forward to helping Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey emperor Orzorne save his menagerie of sick birds Daine gets mysterious messages from the badger gods a hag witch god and granted powers that can bring dead things to life and man is she bad ass with her new powersDaine meets the heir apparent to Carthak Kaddar and despite getting off on the wrong foot and their different views like Daine s inborn Northern hatred of slavery the two become friends I never really liked Kaddar though he s just one of these characters who made a bad initial impression that never really redeems himself no matter what he did for the rest of the book Daine also gets confl. Dle of a sticky political situation She doesn’t like the Carthaki practice of keeping slaves but it’s not her place to say anything she’s only there to heal themperor’s birds Her worries only xpand once she learns that her own power has grown in a dark and mysterious wayAs the peace talks ,

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The Emperor MageI still absolutely adore this "Book Wild Magic Is Dear "Wild Magic is dear me because it was my first book by Pierce but Emperor Mage makes my heart soar very time is dear me because it was my first book by Pierce but Emperor Mage makes my heart soar ЯED every time Kitten Bonedancer the hyenas the Graveyard Hag the reanimated dinosaur bones and hints of Numair s back story the sumptuous surroundings and rot underneath and finally some answers about Daine s father UGGGGH YOU GUYSSSS whine This is actually both my favourite book in this series and the one that gives me the most problematic vibes I wish I could nut out this problem Basically what I love about it is thevocation of Carthak a citycountry I wish Tamora Pierce would write about because it s a fascinating amalgam of Carthage and Rome and probably a whole bunch of other classical civs I don t know about Wasn t Pierce meant to write that book about Numair s younger years at the university studying under Lindhall Reed and having weird conflicted relationships with Varice and Ozorne Why hasn t that happened I need itAnyway yeah the whole introduce a POC culture to Tortall only to have a white woman come in and talk about all of its social ills is kind of grating Even if the criticism is justified within the logic of the text slavery is bad obvs and I kind of like that a YA fantasy novel addresses it since a lot of fantasy worlds are predicated on just accepting rigid pre modern social hierarchies and while we do get at least one sympathetic Cathakian in the form of Kaddar it still kind of bugs that Pierce decides to set up this framework with this book and this culture The thing about having Tortall as ssentially some sort of idealised progressive medieval fantasyland which is super fun don t get me wrong is that it tends to come out looking peachy keen raised up on the moral high ground in comparison to any other society you introduce into that world specially one based on a classical The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs empire I suppose Pierce does do well to put most of that on the doings of one crazedmperor rather than some intrinsic fault in the Carthaki people Also Pierce finally addresses her weird bias against women who she deems under utilise their femininity by focusing on being decorative and ye pleasing She s written a lot of bad ambitious petty women who like to paint their face and wear beautiful gowns and contrasted with all the salt Daine must confront a powerful leader in this third book of the Immortals series featuring an updated cover for longtime fans and fresh converts alike and including an all new afterword from Tamora PierceWhen Daine is sent to Carthak as part of a Tortallan peace delegation she finds herself in the mid. ,

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