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Versaries of the Dale s leaves her confused She thinks Henry is the same man et can not be sure and the family feud leaves her even indecisive Henry for his part can not fathom falling in love with a Dale et he also can not deny the attraction between himself and Daphne and he too uestions if she is his mysterious Miss Spooner A house party a rainstorm and a lot of determination during an attempt to run away add up to a fun romanceWhile I really enjoyed this Regency take on You ve Got Mail I didn t love it and I really can not pinpoint why I wish we had seen a bit of Daphne and Henry s relationship grow through the letters instead of just a chapter or two about it but at the same time they had to meet face to face to have that connection I loved the instant attraction that they both tried so hard to deny especially after they Found Out Who They Were In Relation To The Family out who they were in relation to the family As to the family feud the reason behind it was a bit silly and I do wish it had been something a bit dramatic so it added a bit to the storyline Daphne and Henry make a cute fun dramatic so it added a bit to the storyline Daphne and Henry make a cute fun and are ones ou just can t help but cheer on I really enjoyed the ending and how Daphne took matters into her own hands finally and thought it was very well done Overall a fun light hearted witty romance that will leave a smile on The Devil of Nanking your face 3 12 stars eARC provided by Avon Books via edelweiss This is a bit of a Romeo and Juliet tale as well with two factions hating each other for all of the wrong reasons and a pair of star crossed lovers caught in the middleI really enjoyed this book I laughed out loud many times A good light hearted romance Worth the time I giggled I laughed I snickered almost continuously The comedy was subtle at times and predictable at other times but was always enjoyable Sometimes I didn t realize I was laughing until I felt wetness at the edge of my eyesDaphne and Henry have just the right amount of stubbornness and pride I never felt uncomfortable with them I give this book 2 stars because I finished it but it was really closer to a one for me My criticisms start with the title what were they thinking and continue from there Henry and Daphne are 2 supposedly intelligent and sensible people who fall in love through letters using nom de plumes After making plans to meet at a ball we know that their love has a long road to HEA because the Seldons and Dales do NOT mix Ever Here was my biggest source of disgruntlement with the tale Where Boyle could have allowed the characters to recognize the truth of who they were at the ball and have the tale concentrate on the Shakespearean feud of the families and finding a way to be together she spends the entirety of the book having Henry and Daphne insist that there is no way the other could possibly be their love And these are supposedly intelligent sensible people who are unable to see the clues staring them in the face There were WAY to many coincidences and to brush them off without even asking testingour suspicions Ridiculous Dragging that mystery on stunted the relationship growth and made them both seem shallow and oblivious The second issue really stems from the terrible title In addition to being unusually long it refers to a mere blimp in the action of the tale that was rushed at best and undeveloped at worst Deeply disappointed. Forgettable scandal Daphne Dale caused at the duke’s engagement ball she wouldn’t dare show her face at the duke’s wedding But here she is poking her nose where she shouldn’t and driving Henry mad with an unforgettable passion that will turn enemies into lovers. .

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Rtisement she s delighted Sensible gentleman of means seeks sensible lady of good breeding for correspondence and in due consideration matrimony It s just the sort of thing she s been looking for Posing as Miss Spooner she replies to the ad and begins an engaging correspondence with Mr Dishforth a gentleman entirely suited to to the ad and begins an engaging correspondence with Mr Dishforth a gentleman entirely suited To Mr Dishforth Is Mr Dishforth is like the womanizing charming Lord Henry Seldon The Seldons and Dales have detested each other for some time and it is little wonder why Henry Seldon is a rake of the first water Even touching him briefly sets Daphne s senses all aflutter and the rogue is not above using his considerable charms to undermine Daphne s firm resolveThankfully Mr Dishforth vows to come to her aid and Daphne is delighted when he proposes to run away with her to Gretna Green Still who is Mr Dishforth anyway Selecting the mysterious man from among the handsome Gunnin' For Love young men of the ton seems an almost impossible task and the loathsome Lord Seldon keeps getting in Daphne s way too Surely Mr Dishforth and Lord Seldon cannot be one and the same man That prospect would simply be too horrible to contemplateGood period piece It s a bit of a Romeo and Juliet tale as well with two factions hating each other for all of the wrong reasons and a pair of star crossed lovers caught in the middle And Miss Ran Away With the Rake by Elizabeth Boyle is an April 2013 Avon publication Henry Seldon and Daphne Dale have become pen pals nothing extraordinary about that really except perhaps for the fact that the Seldon s and the Dale s have been feuding for centuries When Daphne arrives at her best friend s engagement party she is in enemy territory But she will endure for Tabitha s sake Besides the main thing on her mind is that she is finally going to meet her pen pal face to face Instead she finds herself dancing with her sworn enemy Henry SeldonHenry and Daphne agree to keep their distance from one another but keep finding themselves thrown together somehow and trying to fight off their increasing and forbidden attraction to one another In the meantime each of them continues to attempt a face to face meeting their elusive pen palWhat a delightful story Screwball comedy mistaken identity feuding families passion romance and true loveThe first half of the story is laugh out loud out loud funny The middle of the story did lag just a bit but rights itself as the pace becomes almost frantic as Henry and Daphne become desperate to find their pen palsWhen a book can takeou away from Timoe your immediate day to day troubles and giveou a few laughs and a wonderful love story what can Convaincre en moins de 2 minutes you ask forI chuckled all the way through this book and found it delightfully entertaining from beginning to end Highly recommend especially to fans of this author but also to anyone who loves a romantic comedy or historical romance with a lighter tone 45 stars I love when a title fits a book perfectly and that is just the case with the newest from Elizabeth Boyle Daphne Dale answered an advertisement in a newspaper on a whim and it has grown into so much and she is determined to meet the mysterious Mr Dishforth When they agree through their corresponding to meet at her friends betrothal ball she is elated to meet the man she has fallen foret one look at Lord Henry Seldon sworn ad. Enemies Everyone knows the Seldons are terrible rakes and bounders but Daphne will risk anything to gain the happiness she is certain is right around the cornerLord Henry Seldon is aghast at the latest addition to the house party guest list one would think after the un. ,
My first Elizabeth Boyle book and WHILE IT WAS AND ANGSTY it was fun and angsty of a misunderstanding involving secret pen pals a romeo and juliet lover storyline and two people who just don t communicate properly I was left kind of frustrated because it seemed to drag on a bit at times I really wanted to like this book I ve heard wonderful things about Elizabeth Boyle and many of my friends recommend her highly However I found And the Miss Ran Away With The Rake to be almost a chore to get throughThe writing felt slightly off to me right from the start stilted halting a little watery and weak But that can easily be overcome with compelling characters and original or if not original exciting plot choices What really sunk this book for me was the fact that I found the characters uninspired and uninteresting They are part of feuding families and they meet at a ball after exchanging many letters that I m sure were meant to be witty and cute and endearing but struck me as insipid instead and fall in love or something like it I was unable to connect with the characters and that was absolutely fatal to my enjoyment of the book I tried very hard to like them and kept at it in hopes I would but I just didn t care about either one of them which is rare for meI m hoping I m the anomaly here and that Ms Boyle s fans new and old will love this book as much as her others Daphne Dale would never never consider marrying a Seldon They re rascals and they hump things Lord Henry Seldon would never never consider marrying a Dale They re flirts and they beguile things Except Daphne responds to a advertisement looking for a wife and ends up starting a correspondence with the sensible Mr Dishforth who is YOU GUESSED IT LORD SELDON OH SNAP Soon their boners are OUT OF CONTROLLLL 1 Not enough correspondence I wanted flirting and sassiness and a burgeoning sense of wonder Not awkward recollections of the month of letters they d shared It didn t really create any sense of true romance between the two of them by the near end when Seldon is frantically trying to convince Daphne to admit she s not into Mr Dishforth I uestioned the entire find a wife by writing plot WHY If the whole point of it Is That She Doesn T that she doesn t in love because of it why is it the frame for the book 2 The feud between the two families was ridiculous 3 The ending was ridiculous THE ELOPEMENT IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE4 I did however buy into the attraction between Henry and Daphne that first dance was engaging and interesting and I really looked forward to watching them split their attraction between their pen pal and their arch nemesis Except that never really happened The arch nemesis plot was pretty much it the pen pal was used only to goad along the former I gave this a B at AAR so 35 starsThis is the second in Elizabeth Boyle s Rhymes with Love series in which the titles are riffs on well known nursery rhymes As with the previous book in the series Along Came a Duke the heroine is a resident in the village of Kempton in which the unmarried ladies labor under a terrible curse that they are doomed to spinsterhoodDaphne Dale is the best friend of Tabitha Timmons heroine of book one and soon to be Duchess of Preston As the best friend of the bride Daphne has been invited to at When Daphne Dale reads the adve. Daphne Dale never could have imagined that when she answered an advertisement in the newspaper that she would find true love Now she has the opportunity to meet her unknown suitor but it means traveling to Tabitha’s wedding and into the heart of her family’s sworn.

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