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Ng you and making you part of her family without Anyone Even Asking Her To There Were Moments And Inconsistencies even asking her to There were moments and inconsistencies that throughout the novel which just wound me up There was simply too much stuff happening and too many characters to make anything in particularly meaningful in my view I wanted Hislop to stop take a breath and really xplore what was going on in a scene or ra it seemed rushed and not nearly nough attention was given to the narrative which seemed confused in placesI Loyal to His Lies enjoyed learning about the history of the city which I wouldn t have discovered otherwise but the actual story and how it was told left a lot to be desired The Thread Victoria HislopKaterina Sarafoglou a young seamstress withxceptional talent creates beautiful gowns for the rich ladies of Thessaloniki in Greece the passion for her work shining through as her needle threads its way through the fine silks and woolsVictoria Hislop s new novel The Thread weaves a story of love family feuds resilience and loss against a backdrop of the turbulent history of Greece and in particular the northern city of Thessaloniki throughout the 20th Century After her highly successful first novel The Island which was set in Crete and the leper island of Spinalonga Victoria set her second novel The Return in 1930s Spain In this her third widely anticipated novel she returns to Greece and readers are once again treated to a tale which not only ticks the boxes for providing a heart warming love story but The Favorite Daughter enlightens andducates with an accurate fascinating insight into the history of this regionThis is how I like my history a social interpretation of how political religious and Fitness for Geeks environmental forces affect people in their day to day lives In 1917 we learn that Thessaloniki is devastated by a fire which has a huge impact on the future of this multi cultural city where Christians Muslims and Jews were living together in a fairly successful symbiotic way Add two world wars civil war communism versus nationalism and it s clear that the city is never going to be the same again for its inhabitantsThe book begins in 2007 so we know the outcome of the relationship for the two main characters Katerina and Dimitri before we are taken back to the beginning of their lives Having knowledge of thending doesn t in fact detract from the njoyment of the narrative there are nough uestions surprises and anxious moments to keep the reader ntranced from beginning to ndI suspect comparisons will be made with Louis de Bernieres Captain Corelli s Mandolin and it s true this book will Winter Sunshine excite imagination andncourage travel to Thessaloniki to Naked Choke experience the spirit of a city nestling in the arms of thever present Mount Olympus But for me this book has the same Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good emotional appeal as Khaled Hosseini s A Thousand Splendid Suns In that novel I was able to appreciate how political changes and religiousxtremes impact on normal diligent families And Their Neighbours In Afghanistan In The their neighbours in Afghanistan in The similar trials are thrust upon a group of hard working tolerant loving individuals in war torn Greece Their specific stories may be fictional but their voices are real and resonant Oh yes this woman really LOVES Greece That was on my mind while reading The ThreadReminded me of my thoughts xactly when many years ago I was devouring The IslandIt s so obvious that Victoria Hislop has done an immense historical research about greek history before Writing Her Books That S her books That s she can so thoroughly narrate big parts of it as a background of her plots The action is captivating and asy to follow Interesting stories well spread over many decadesThe Thread history of Thessaloniki Greeks Muslims Jews living together in harmony in this prosperous multicultural city Minor Asia Smyrni persecutions massacres refugees fire of 1917 complete devastation population Healing Souls exchange World Wars German atrocities famine Jews Holocaust jewish ritual objects lost or hidden greek national division communism resistance EAM Thessalonikiarthuake in 1978Hislop s heroes are trying to survive not always with success through all these difficult times Their lives get tangled up with Seductive Surrender each other s history and the author does a really good job in unfolding her characters during such anra 4 stars instead of 5 because although I really Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, enjoyed and got caught up once again in Hislop s writing and the story 600pages in 4 days I found a few parts missingForxample how come Katerina and her mothe. A mãe mbarca para um destino desconhecido na Grécia Não tarda muito para ue a sua vida se ntrelace com a de Dimitri com a história da própria cidade nuanto guerras medos perseguições começam a dividir o seu povo Tessalonica 2007 Um jovem anglo grego ouve a história de vida dos. On the surface this melodramatic historical novel sounds appealing and interesting When I heard the book was set in Thessaloniki the town of my great grandmother and that it dealt with Jewish and Sephardic heritage I was intriguedHowever after 50 pages or so the book s weaknesses started to outperform its strengths Hislop s writing is very mediocre When she wants to compare something or show a contrasting situation she inevitably uses a simple metaphor to get the point across The dialogue was simple and corny Her characters were completely flat Good or bad The Deepest Sin evil or moral Poor or rich There was no in between and very little gray area As others have mentioned the rich were generally seen as corrupt and unsympathetic while the poor were honest hardworking and lovingThere were also inconsistencies within the novel In one sentence she writes that it was almost impossible to get lost in the city and 4 pages later Eugenia gets lost and finds the little churchAnymotions or feelings the characters had was told rather than shown and sometimes neither Thus it was very hard to identify with them While the *history of the city and Greece as a whole was something new *of the city and Greece as a whole was something new informative the author was inconsistent again some major vents took up several chapters while others were glossed over in a few paragraphs It was too obvious she was simply interested in using the vents to interweave the characters livesMediocre Thessaloniki 1917 As Dimitri Komninos is born a fire sweeps through the thriving multicultural city where Christians Jews and Moslems live side by side It is the first of many catastrophic vents that will change for ver this city as war fear and persecution begin to divide its people Five years later young Katerina scapes to Greece when her home in Asia Minor is destroyed by the Turkish army Losing her mother in the chaos she finds herself on a boat to an unknown destination From that day the lives of Dimitri and Katerina become ntwined with ach other and with the story of the city itselfThessaloniki 2007 A young Anglo Greek hears the life story of his grandparents for the first time and realises he has a decision to make For many decades they have looked after the memories and treasures of people who have been forcibly driven from their beloved city Should he become their new custodian Should he stay or should he goThis made an interesting read from an historical point of view but in terms of characterisation it was poor I didn t really ngage with the characters I didn t feel the heat or the cold or the fear or the hunger To me a good novel is that I m so lost in the plot that the hunger To me a good novel is that I m so lost in the plot that feel that I m there this book didn t come near thatI thorough njoyed The Island couldn t get into The Return and wouldn t really recommend The Thread I read Hislop s latest around X mas in the uiet of the night Very promising at first but the novel is so plot driven it is infuriating No character development m I really njoyed The Island despite its flaws and I was hoping for a similarly good plot with The Thread but I was pretty disappointedThe history of the novel was interesting but it really dragged on and on in the last uarter of the book as there was no climactic scene like in The Island On the face of it the novel was fine but there were just too many problems with it for me to give it than two stars For a start all the characters were ither good or bad selfish or selfless The poor were wonderful all the characters were ither good or bad selfish or selfless The poor were wonderful with tonnes of friends and the rich only cared about money and were ultimately miserable and alone I realise the Moreno family was an Le valeureux guerrier exception to this but they still chose to live in the poorest part of the city and were therefore wonderfulI also had issues with inconsistencies in characters like the fact that Hislop makes a point of saying the twins have little in common besides their looks before going on to say they both want to be tobacco graders they both dislike school and have no interest in their mother s weaving and later on they are practically finishingach other s sentencesIt bugged me that there was very little reason given for why Eugenia takes in the five year old Katerina and raises her and no real gratitude or reflection on this from Katerina s point of view Later on Katerina says the fact that a soldier picked her up and threw her on a boat out of dangerous Smyrna as the greatest kindness that s Snowflakes on the Sea ever been shown to me Err what about a woman taking you in feeding you clothi. Tessalonica 1917 No diam ue Dimitri Komninos nasce um incêndio devastador varre a próspera cidade grega onde cristãos judeus Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy e muçulmanos vivem lado a lado Cinco anos mais tarde a casa de Katerina Sarafoglou na Ásia Menor é destruída peloxército turco No meio do caos Katerina perde. R dont feel the URGE to finally get back together ven once or why the relationship of Dimitri and Katerina has to stay silent unexpressed and lukewarm *until the nd for me while i found *the nd For me while I found motional the Jews storyline and their Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival ending I d prefer that Victoria Hislop would make us feel a little bit of her characters sentiments and not so much tell us their feelingsNevertheless I strongly recommend The Thread and Victoria Hoslop s writing as I always admire her research her deep lookven on secondary historical Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, events and her details in people s cultureway of life Being a Greek I couldnot but thank hernough for staying persistent and loving my country so much The sweeping historical detail of this book carried me through the first third before something started to niggle I just couldn t The Fix engage with the characters and their reactions to things constantly surprised me as a reader I ofen find myself seeing and feeling through theyes of a character but with this book I stayed an outside observer When I started to analyse what the probelm was I realised that although the author is very good at the history part when it comes to people she writes in a very spare and detached way She doesn t show the reader how a character is feeling she tells them which for me meant that I never felt what the characters were feeling It suprised me constantly that I didn t feel the fear and pain I was being told that the characters were xperiencing and it meant that I spent the whole reading xperience from the outside never being absorbed into it I couldn t help comparing it to City of Shadows by Ariana Franklin the late Diana Normanwhich begins in Berlin in 1922 and looks at the rise of Nazism from a Jewish and German perspective I have never felt oppression and fear like I did in that book and it stayed with me for a very long time afterwards If I could give any advice to Ms Hislop it would be to please SHOW not TELL I was reluctant to ready this book Why Well I have read a lot of books about this ra of Greek history but other than Louis de Bernieres never one written by a British authorMy wife had bought me a copy for Christmas and I had put it under the bed dismissing it as a middle class British woman s attempt to imagine a subject she can t possibly know that well But I picked it Up Again When People again when people talking to me about it I was wrong and I am glad I persevered Hislop knows Greece well This is a very moving story of a Greek family bei This book has xpectations to be pic but the sad reality is that it looks like a book written by a tourist who wanted to stage some kind of story in a place she fancied The result is a story that has little or no real connection with the place and the time it could have been staged in Paris during the French revolution or in Moscow during the Bolshevik period It would have made no difference to the development of the plotIt is absolutely packed with the tritest stereotypes in literature the love story between the rich privileged boy aka the prince and the poor but beautiful and talented orphan girlaka Cinderella the inhumane oppressive father the gross fat husband the rapacious wealthy the good natured poors and I could go on for a long time The plot develops without leaving any motional mark through very unlikely situations g a mother who NEVER bothers to go and visit her lost daughter a father who NEVER shows any sign of compassion toward his son a murder by bad diet come on and it is pretty much devoid of soul as I suppose the author doesn t have any intimate knowledge of Greece of his people of his history or the imagination to make up for itDefinitely in my list of Pretentious Books Who Never Stood a Chance A sprawling pic spanning both world wars the Thread works better as historical reference than fiction the characters are still born rendered lifeless and unengaging with the true centre piece being Thessaloniki a vibrant city full of colour and pizzaz which subtly The Casa Mono Cookbook evolves throughout the 20 centuryThe plethora of characters Dimitri Olga Eugenia Leonides and Katerina seem to shareual air time and thus we have no mains here Regretably this serves to reduce the whole nsemble to secondary supporting characters with a bland two dimensional scope This is often a problem when too many personages jump the mis n scene one doesn t know where to lookwith all the action going on the plot thins out to a superficial layer rendered in pithy monoton. Seus avós pela primeira vez apercebe se de ue tem uma decisão a tomar Durante muitas décadas os seus avós foram os guardiões das memórias dos tesouros das pessoas ue foram forçadas a abandonar a cidade Será ue stá na altura de le assumir Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) esse papel fazer dauela cidade a sua ca. .


The Thread

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