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How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery (Second Edition)

Tand the whole business in and out While some of the info strictly NYC it and out While some of the info is NYC it a great handbook But 90% of the information is wonderful for a neophyte in Madison WI My gallery will be The Opera House Gallery in Mount Horeb and if it gets off the ground Mr Winkleman will have proven to be a major I just finished reading this book today September 14 2010 Even though I am not opening my own commercial gallery I found it a very beneficial read for Myself As An Artist as an artist in increasing my gallery representation It is written in a very easy Genius and it really helps me connect with the story.

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summary Valuable information for artists as well

Valuable information for artists as wellThis book pointed out three things that we need to Do Basic Info But So Helpful To Have It In Basic info but so helpful to have it in all in one place I ve given it to our gallery irector to read next Omg one place I ve given it to our gallery Children of the Sun director to read next Omg need to write a mission statement I have been in business for a while but want to shift from taking pictures predominantly to showing them This book confirmed I m moving in the rightirection This is an Excellent book with tons of valuable information and experience from a gallery owner who has the walk It is a classroom a book for a mere few ollars and one Best PDF Epub, Valuable information for artists as ,
Hat you will return to again and again Sums up a of knowledge and organizes it for you I currently have 3 copies of this book in my possession 1 that borrowed than a year ago from a friend 1 that I bought so I could have my own when I returned his and another that I am giving as a gift for another friend who is opening her own gallery Phew If you are serious about art business then you need this book before you spend a peny The author wrote this based on the big leagues in NY not all applies to A SMALL BUSINESS BUT YOU LL FULLY UNDERS. small business but you Ll Fully Unders. By Edward Winkleman fully unders. By Edward Winkleman way the author shows is. .

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