[E–pub] Making Him Sweat BY Meg Maguire

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Trains And Lindsey Tuttle Jenna s assistance Making Him Sweat is a low angst character driven story that relies on the building sexual tension rather than manufactured roblems to drive the story It s sexy humorous sweet Well worth reading A really lovely romanceSteam 3 ARC courtesy of Harleuin via NetGalley 35 StarsIn this corner We have Jenna Wilinski and her soon to be upscale matchmaking business Sparks of Boston She s arrived to inhabit the building and business left to her by her estranged father The only drawback is the stipulation he made in his will that she keep the Academy open until The New Year It May Be An New Year It may be an but she can easily set up shop and work around the two businesses for a short amount of time And in this corner We have Mercer Rowley boxer trainer and general manager to Jenna s inheritance Wilinski s Fight Academy Jenna may not have known her father but Mercer Rowley sure did Monty Wilinski became his mentor and later his boss The Academy means much to Mercer than just a business and he s hoping Jenna will give him the time and chance needed to turn it around into a roductive establishment Talk about opposites Meg Maguire has enned a couple whose ersonalities and lifestyles are completely different and yet cupid s arrow still finds its mark in spite of it all The book started slowly for me but soon When The Light Went Out picks up as Jenna and Mercer face the challenges set before them One of the best things about this story is Mercer Rowley He s all athletic male sexy boxer intelligentatient a down to earth guy I liked him immediately and was in his corner throughout the entire book Jenna may never understand Mercer s love of fighting but it s not long before she realizes the error of her reconceived judgments This changes everything for her I liked her honesty and her openness Meg Maguire gives a sweet warm fun romance without contrived misunderstandings making this a very realistic and easy read I enjoyed the opposite attracts theme The next installment Taking Him Down features the cocky upcoming MMA fighter Rich Estrada and the lovely Lindsay Tuttle Jenna s assistant I m sure sparks will be flying between these two and I m looking forward to getting their story as well as a few uestions answeredMy Rating 355 StarsSteam 25 ARC courtesy of Harleuin via NetGalley 35Meg Maguire has won me over with her endearing real heroes and heroines and the believable dialogue within her books Making Him Sweat was no different I found myself grinning while reading the interaction between Jenna and Mercer I couldn t get enough of the fun flirty banter between them and wanted The first 50% of this book had me sucked in rooting for What happens when the world as you once knew it comes crashing down around you and sucked in rooting for What happens when the world as you once knew it comes crashing down around you and you thought was true about your life turns out to be a big fat lieJenna Wilinski is a romantic at heart She is awesome at airing up erfect love matches for everyone around her but when it comes to her own love lifenot so fantastic When her estranged father suddenly asses away she inherits the bedraggled old boxing club that he made into a home for many wayward boys and up and coming fighters immediately she knows this is her golden opportunity to fulfill her life long dream of becoming a เพชรพระอุมา (ตอน 04) อาถรรพณ์นิทรานคร professional matchmaker Without much thought she sets herlans in motion to close the gym and give the site a facelift worthy of an upscale match making business What she doesn t count on is being unched in the gut by a strong case of lust when she first lays eyes on former ro boxer turned boxing coach Mercer RowleyDetermined to make her dreams come true Jenna dons her boxing gloves and intends to rumble with any of the rugged sweaty male members of the club who attempt to sway her opinion no matter how charming or sexy they may be Well you know what they say the road to hell was aved with good intentions When Jenna finally removes the blinders for a moment she catches a glimpse of what the gym and her father was really all about and begins to see the unrefined and sometimes intimidating fighters in a totally different light MAKING HIM SWEAT is the first installment in what I anticipate being a very opular contemporary romance series The characters are fantastic Every last one of them will tug at even the most resistant heartstrings Go ahead snatch it up If you enjoy a good story with a little sport theme thrown in and great chemistry among the characters I can guarantee you will not be disappointed Copy rovided by the authorpublisher for an honest reviewReviewed on I Bookie Nookie ReviewsIf you like this type of book you might enjoy one of these groups Check us outMenage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group. Mined and feisty little opponent But man once the gloves come off his hands just want to touch her everywhereRound 3This matchup is too close to call But no matter which contender comes out on top the other is sure to enjoy every minute of it. .

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D a rather seedy boxing gym her estranged FATHER WITH IT SHE CAN REALIZE HER DREAM OF With it she can realize her dream of an upscale matchmaking businessprovided she can take on the very intimidating and wickedly hot boxer who stands in her way Round 2In the far corner is former ro boxer Mercer Rowley He s the only one who can rotect his home even if it is a little run down from his determined and feisty little opponent But man once the gloves come off his hands just want to touch her everywhere Round 3This matchup is too close to call But no matter which contender comes out on top the other is sure to enjoy every minute of itIf you ve had the Brainwashing of the German Nation pleasure of reading Meg Maguire s stories you know that she gives a lot of attention to detail the simple everyday goings on in her heroes and heroines lives It s these things that help us see them aseople rather than just characters we re reading about It draws us in has us invested and keeps us coming back for I thoroughly enjoyed Mercer Rowley He s intelligent witty Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) passionate and what I loved most about him he s grounded He s real No angst no drama no deep dark secrets to be revealed He s the kind of everyday hero I can loveI almost feel bad for the heroines in the books I read because I m not as easily invested in them as I am the heroes They have to work for my support and then work even harder for my stamp of approval on their happily ever after I m telling you this because unfortunately for the life of me I couldn t figure out what he saw in Jenna Wilinski She blew into town thinking she d just shut down the boxing gym Mercer trying to make into arofitable business Granted she had some false impressions that had her feeling less than benevolent about it all but there was something about her I can t Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt put my finger on something off I didn t fully buy into her coming around but hey Mercer loves her so who am I to complainThe bottom line If you enjoy reading about super sexy boxers who like to get down and dirty then definitely give this book a try It s an easy entertaining story and I m looking forward to reading the next installment Taking Him Down355 stars My thanks to Harleuin and Netgalley forroviding me with a copy of this book for review I love fight booksespecially where old school boxing meets the modern MMA style This cute book had so many great characters and agood old fashion romance Both Mercer and Jenna were apprehensive aboutthe other due to their redicament namely Jenna s estranged father wholeft his gym to Jenna but also left Mercer in charge of the gym andliving in his apartmentAs the two dance around each other they also learn a thing or two abouttheir lives their relationships with Jenna s father Mercer s surrogatefather and their futures I loved how Mercer was so even keeled andcalm while Jenna tended to be rash and excitable I loved how they gavein to their shared assion and didn t over analyze it but went with itAnd finally I loved how they were in each others corner when the fight is on That is what makes a relationship and bonds Social Media and Social Movements: The Transformation of Communication Patterns people acommon goalAs many fellow readers know I love Harleuin Blaze books While I hita few bummers in the fall this book is a winner EnjoyMy review is up little Blaze I will be reviewing for wwwnocturnereadscom I will refrain from rating since I didn t finish this oneI found this book to be really boring I had a hard time connecting with the characters nor did the story captivate my interest I couldn t make myself finish this short book And I really did try I could see that this story hadotential but I think ersonally this story just isn t my cuppa Jenna Wilinski has inherited her late father s building and business Wilinski s Fight Academy in Boston Jenna wants to open up her own upscale matchmaking business in the same building Mercer Rowley her father s rot g business manager and trainer isn t keen on seeing his or her father s work closed down But can these two very different businesses co existThis is my fourth novel by Meg Maguire and I really enjoyed it There s something so lovely and real about her characters and romances Her dialogue is always believable Her heroes characterisations especially are always so realistic and fleshed out Although a heroine can break a romance for me she never really makes it Her heroines do tend to fade somewhat into the background overshadowed by the hero Lucky for me I m a hero centric reader and usually too focused on the hero to care So it is once again in Making Him Sweat Mercer is just such an uncomplicated yet totally delicious hero He was without a doubt the most reasonable man she d ever metThis is the first in a series and I think Ouroboros perhaps next up will be Rich Estrada the up and coming MMA fighter who Mercer. Ed she can take on the very intimidating and wickedly hot boxer who stands in her wayRound 2In the far corner is formerro boxer Mercer Rowley He’s the only one who can rotect his “home” even if it is a little run down from his deter. Check out this review and others like it BadAssBookReviews I loved this bookI am icky about the romance novels I read and if I were which I guess I should this bookI am icky about the romance novels I read and if I were honest which I guess I should many romance novels fail to ull me in But there are some exceptions Cara McKenna here writing as Meg Maguire is forever going to be one of my favorite writers for her novella Willing Victim and now again for the novel Making Him Sweat What do I want in my romance Character depth Rational scenarios Please NO evil villains and lease never an evil villain s oint of view No virgins I hate the ideal bleh let s just get rid of it forever lease and a sexually inexperienced character does nothing for me although Cara McKenna does have a very interesting twist on the sexually inexperienced woman in her novella series Curio but that is for another ost No stalking No scary Bauern In Mexiko: Zwischen Subsistenz Und Warenproduktion possessiveness and no bossinesslease no telling the heroine when to sleep what she should eat what she should wear basically no daddy role laying No itting women against women just for fun to create a false sense of tension Okay that is my list of what I hate to read in my romance novels And Making Him Sweat has none of these rather Making Him Sweat has so much to offer Character development in Making Him Sweat is deep and well done Maguire introduces the two main characters Mercer and Jenna who are at odds with each other but also deeply connected Maguire gradually builds their background until I felt that I knew Jenna and Mercer I love when an author takes her time in telling the story and allows the story to unfold at a good Punainen metsä pace Nothing conveniently happens in Making Him Sweat there is a gradual build to everything Jenna and Mercer share some delicious sexual tension but thankfully Ms Maguire does not torture her readers Once the characters are established and the tension is created readers are rewarded no angstily waitingages and Forever Im Yours pages to get to the consummation Thank goodness But the completion of the first sex scene does not spoil the tension the novel stillrogresses at a lovely Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown pace We see the characters cooking eating living and working all normal stuff most of us can relate to I loved the setting the characters and their dialogue with each other witty sexy and flirtatious Most of all the characters have hope about their respective futures and real liferessures Despite being a romance novel the book and the world created felt so real My conclusion Making Him Sweat is a very sweet romance between two likable and sexy characters I definitely recommend this book and am looking forward to reading the seuel MAKING HIM SWEAT is the first book in a brand new series by Meg Maguire It s a series that centres around MMA You first book in a brand new series by Meg Maguire It s a series that centres around MMA You what that means right Hot sweaty half naked men I m thereAnother big reason why I decided to read this book is because of the author I m a huge fan of Maguire s authorial voice A lot of detail is spent on the everyday goings of life and how a hero and a heroine discover chemistry and Honey, I Wrecked the Kids: When Yelling, Screaming, Threats, Bribes, Timeouts, Sticker Charts and Removing Privileges All Don't Work passion within each other A Meg Maguire book also explores theast in slow detail outlining the events in their lives that have made them who they are todayJenna Wilinski is hoping to start her new matchmaking business where her father made a home for his MMA fighters Mercer Rowley is one of them and the man whom her father trusted with his ride and joy With Jenna s lans to take over there seems to be a little tension in there But that also includes the sexual kindTo be honest Jenna felt a little overshadowed by Mercer He really stole the show for me I absolutely adored him I loved the way he handled Jenna As someone who is uptight and unsure of her A Spectre Is Haunting Texas place in her father s surroundings Mercer really digs deep and finds the trueerson beneath I loved how her father seemed to Tilak Kathalu play aart in bringing them together in a wayI m very excited to get my hands on TAKING HIM DOWN which will be Rich s story I can expect only good things from MaguireARC rovided by Netgalley 35 starsSo good and dayum that was hot And Mercer ahhh such a good fine man so kind and thoughful lus he has a fine ripped body through the years of training and bouts of MMA fights he s a trainer now so sigh and also he s a great kisser and great in bed Yum the erfect ackage Making Him Sweat is a sexy story the first book in a new series and Meg Maguire s first multi book deal Harleuin Blaze is the The Why Cafe publisher and those of you who ve read this line in theast know that the stories are definitely hot This book introduces us to some very interesting characters eople whose stories romise to be exciting fun and very sexy From the coverShe s hitting below the belt Round 1In this corner is admittedly romantic Jenna Wilinski who s inherite. She's hitting below the beltRound 1In this corner is admittedly romantic Jenna Wilinski who’s inherited a rather seedy boxing gym from her estranged father With it she can realize her dream of launching an upscale matchmaking businessprovid. Making Him Sweat