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S loud hungry thieving large Excitable Characters Learning To Restrain characters learning to restrain noxious tendencies enough to mingle socially and academically with peers of uieter calmer smaller appetites This is called staying cool a word common and appropriate now for several hundreds of years Clark the Shark was a VERY enthusiastic pupil at Theodore Roosterfish Elementary School In fact he was the most enthusiastic pupil in Mrs Inkydink s class Unfortunately although he always meant well his #Hyperactivity And Thoughtlessness Often Resulted In The Other Pupils Avoiding #and thoughtlessness often resulted in the other pupils avoiding at lunchtime and recess His teacher knew not to give up on him however and slowly Clark learned to control himself enough that others wanted to be around himAn engaging story about learning some self control while also staying true to yourself Clark the Shark highlights the important idea that sometimes behavioral problems at school are the product of too much energy and illustrates the fact that children can learn the skills necessary to not isrupt their classrooms The artwork by Guy Francis is colorful and appealing in a cartoon like way and suits the high energy story Recommended to anyone looking for children s stories about hyperactive kids. K's teacher Mrs Inkydink helps him figure out a way to tone it ownClark the Shark celebrates boisterous enthusiasm and knowing when it's time for indoor voic. .

Clark the SharkMy class and I enjoyed Reading This Book It Is this book It is fun way to talk about and introduce classroom rules Clark is funny and many of my students can relate to his troubles adjusting to school Great for primary grade students Per my 2nd graders I loved it because it was so much fun It was awesome because Clark the Shark was crunching food in his mouth Clark the Shark was funny because he was playing too rough The book was brilliant because it was funny It was so much awesome because Clark the Shark was playing with the octopus One of the most imp lesson from this book There s a time a place for everything Sometimes you stay coolBut sometimes a shark s gotta o what a shark s gotta o Seriously everything happens on its time at its place There s no hurry We just have to have some patience Nothing s ever achieved by taking stress or showing anxiety Valuable lesson on how to slow own and enjoy the things you love Clark the Shark reminded me of a few people I know Lol Text to Teaching ConnectionI enjoyed reading this book The rhyming used by the author was fun and the illustrations helped to enhance the story As for the text to teaching connection the author oes a good job of providing a lesson on how. Clark the Shark is a great read aloud picture book with fun rhythm and rhyme from the ever popular Bruce Hale and Guy FrancisClark is a shark with zing bang .
To behave in school This will be an excellent in early elementary classes at the beginning of school year to help students understand why the class has rules and why they are important Teachers can use the rhymes that Clark used such as when the they are important Teachers can use the rhymes that Clark used such as when the is talking on t go walking and incorporate them into the classroom rules to help students remember A second activity with this book would be a writing activity in which the students make their own rhymes about things they feel are important Those rhymes could include rules family school #Or Any Number Of #any number of This is a great book to read to children It shows that you can be yourself and still follow the rules It also shows that there is someone for everyone Clark learns three lessons about mannersWhen teacher s talking Alchemic don t go walkingOnly munch your own lunchEasyoes it that s the way Then my friends will let me playWe This is an entertaining book that teaches about self controlI enjoyed listening to this book narrated aloud on the Tumblebooks websiteinteresting uote There s a time and a place for everything This is a book about inclusion and exclusion wherever outsiders are isdained TA Terrell p 231 The resolution here entail. Nd BOOM Clark zooms into school crashes through the classroom and is rowdy at recess Clark loves life but when his enthusiasm is too much for his friends Clar.

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