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Sometimes have to forgive the past to m Outstanding 5 Star BookNever lose Faith Always have Hope Love for Always 1 Corinthians 13Bradley Banks was once a player who thought love was never going to happen until he met Gabriella Gerhart who makes his world go upside downBradley is a sweet caring guy who sometimes finds a way to hurt the love of his life but he always finds a way to fix it reading forgiven ou can see how much Bradley and Gabby love each otherIn this story there is so much emotion between Bradley and Gabby so many secrets kept and overwhelming amount of love for each other I love the fact that there is not just Bradley and Gabby s point of view but Folk og røvere i Kardemomme by you also hear from Sam and a few other people the ending is beautiful but it left me wanting of Bradley and Gabby and its great to know that JB McGee is writing a new book called Trying add it to goodread to learn about the outstanding couple Bradley and Gabby JB is one outstanding writer and I take my hot of to her WELL DONE JB You have done it again keep doing whatou do I can t not wait THIS book was so flipping good After all the drama of Veronica and Ian we get some peace for awhile at least for Gabby and Bradley This starts off just after book two ends in the room after the proposal We still don t know for certain if Bradley or Ian is the father of the baby Veronica is carrying but Gabby for the moment isn t running But in Forgiven we get a look into the past when someone from Gabby s resurfaces and she has to decide if she is strong enough to forgive To say that we just have this new stranger who seeks forgiveness is an understatement Veronica and Ian have done their parts to stir up a shit storm in the lives of Gabby and Bradley but sometimes forgiveness is the only way to move on and let go Even when that decision is a difficult one to make and an even difficult one to explain I adore the various POV changes Not only do we get Bradley Gabby s but when aspects of the story reuire a shift it was done flawlessly Getting a bit of insight into Ian Gabe and Sam make me want the next in the series to be released like Pure Excitement yesterday Someone should nudge that McGee lady and let her know we are going to start riots in the streets When Gabby saw him aear ago she was certain of one thing She was going to enjoy the bit of man candy from a distance But that all changed with one dance and then his relentless pursuit of a girl that got under his skin like none before That one chance moment her saying es to that date her willing to take a leap of faith and try a relationship his ability to stay the course with her promise to her mother and their ability to see through the hard with her promise to her mother and their ability to see through the hard when it counted and love each other enough One moment changed their lives One moment turned them into an us and that into a THIS And although we don t have to end their story here we get to see this through We get to see them at that church where it all began dance to that song that she wanted to dance with someone special We get that first night And can I just say THANK YOU it was of a realistic experience than most books It could have been done with over the top results but it was fitting Even though 35 4 will be someone else s story I hope we get to see a bit of Bradley and his Gabby Girl Adore this series to pieces it s better than cake on my birthday I love this series so much Gabby

Has Grown So Much 
grown so much book 1 Bradley is AMAZING As angry as I got when he was busy with Veronica when Gabby needed him it was that very part of his heart that makes him so amazing That part of the story felt rushed and looked over but I am hoping there will be detail in their book I was not expecting Gabby s and Sam s dad to end up in the story It made me nervous that something was going to happen to Gabby It was a welcomed anxiety as his part of the story unfolded I can t wait for the next story even though I am not a fan of those characters I really want Sam s story especially after the little hints in this one I am really not ready to let Gabby and Bradley go. Ved ones and sometimes can ruin everything Gabby and Bradley must find the only way to battle the past Forgiveness becomes a light through the darkness a guide for the lost and hope for the hopeless With forgiveness comes bright new beginnin. ,

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That tells a little that happens in their future I just don t feel like with all that happened with Veronica and Ian Gabby and Bradley s story is all of the way complete view spoiler I want to see how Bradley reacts is all of the way complete view spoiler I want to see how Bradley reacts Gabby get preggers knowing this time that the baby will really be his and how everything played out with Veronica and him getting so attached to her baby only to find out it wasn t his afterall I think that is an extremely important part of this story that needs to be given before the series ends view spoiler hide spoiler Once again JB McGee has captivated my heart and entranced my mind with her writing From the first pages of Broken when we felt Gabby s pain and indecisiveness to the pages of Mending where Bradley worked to mend Gabby s heart through Conspiring where we saw Veronica and Ian conspire against our Bradley and Gabby and now into Forgiven where Bradley and Gabby muddle through and find themselves right where their hearts need to betogether THIS series has held on to a standard of morals and principles that aren t commonly found in today s mix of love them and leave them Forgiven shows us that everyone has a past and can be forgiven promises made by oung girls can be kept and true love can conuer all Bravo JB on a job well done You ve far surpassed my expectations and I can t wait to watch The Gentle Art of Tramping you grow even Excited to write some new characters but it s bittersweet to end it with Gabby and Bradley MIND BODY SOUL FOREVERI ve always wondered after reading Mending and Conspiring about the title Forgiven for book 3 What was Bradley asking forgiveness for Come to find out it wasn t about Bradley after all It mostly involved Gabby and her past What she had been through when she wasounger was horrendous and I can understand how she locked it down into her subconscious mind Now I completely understand why she was always portrayed as being vulnerable and introverted Despite her horrid past she was able to find it in her to forgive In the end she gained so much MORE happiness than she ever could have ever imagined None OF US DESERVE THE GOOD THINGS us deserve the good things come our way It s by grace love and forgiveness that any of us experience joy GG Bradley Bradley Bradley Another one of my book bf s that I ve missed It was so nice to reconnect with him again He still is the honorable patient caring and generous ever loving and passionate man who I ve come to love since the very beginning He s just perfect but not unbelievably perfect He still had his faults but his actions were somewhat justifiable in the story It was as if his main goal in life was to protect his love from experiencing unnecessary pain As their story progresses Interviewing Users you can definitely see how their relationship has grown and develop Gabbyou have my mind my body my soul and Anxiety Between Desire and the Body you are my heart Multiple POV s of almost all of characters involved are in this book Some might say that this could get confusing but the way the segments are written it wasn t I loved that we get to know what each character was thinking in each separate situation because even though Bradley and Gabby were the main focus there were multiple side stories going on as well Never lose Faith Always have hope Love for Always Corinthians 13 As the series progressesou definitely see how the author has grown into the fluidity of her writing I truly love this series not only did it open my eyes to my hometown but gave me a love story that is uniue and one that I would never forget If Payback you are looking for something leaning towards the emotional romance this series is unuestionably the one forou Wentworth Mansion Charleston SC Casting Picks My choice for Gabby was always Selena And like in my BrokenMending review I always thought of Ashton as Bradley Song Choice A Thousand Years by Christina Perri FOR MORE of my REVIEWS CLicK Here Book 1 BrokenBook 2 MendingBook 25 ConspiringNever Lose Faith Always Have Hope Love for AlwaysCorinthians 13I loved the book tremendously loved how it wasn t easy for the couple to get to where they wanted and loved how ou. King Still the strongest of relationships can be rocked by the ugliness from a previous life even if it seems to be a world away The fact remains an ugly past is never distant It taints everything it touches drives permanent rifts between lo. I had the good fortune to get a preview of this unbelievable book I started it last night at dinner and had it finished this morningThe characters and the story line continue from Broken this and Mending this Gabby Sam Bradleyyep the whole story continueswith Ian and Veronicaoh my heartfrom the first chapter to the very end this book had it allthe angst the love the secrets which Bradley has made A Vow To Himself And Eventually Gabby Must Stop The vow to himself and eventually Gabby must stop the liesall in the name ofyou guessed itLOVE I still have my book boyfriend in Bradleythat man will never fall from his book pedestal This love story follows the love story of Gabby and Bradleythere is a twist that literally had me holding my breaththere is a new character introducedand I must say I didn t see that coming Bradley always has Gabby s heart in his handshe needs to do the right thingbut is the right thing the best thing for everyoneespecially his Gabby Girl You will not be disappointedbut then again JB McGee never let s us down This was my favorite of the seriesmaybe because in the words of our beloved author I am such a hopeless romantic She was lost in so many different ways Out in the darkness with no guide Sometimes love can come and pass ou by while ou re busy making plans In all honesty I m not really sure how I feel about this book So I can only seem to want to give it 35 stars It had some fabulous parts and then some parts that just really disappointed me especially after the last two books This book picks up right at the end of the second book Mending Bradley and Gabby are finally together and they seem to be closer now than they have ever been So now begins the planning for the rest of their lives but first they have to plan their the rest of their lives but first they have to plan their However the debacle with Veronica and Ian is still lingering in the back of their minds Gabby agrees to move in with Bradley and he is over the moon but as their lives become crazy with school wedding planning buying houses and then the huge situation with Veronica and Ian it almost appears that they got to spend uality time together during their long distance relationship Gabby ou have my mind my body my soul and First Light Project Five Fifteen you are my heart I didn t even know that this was even possible for me If it s a dreamThen I don t wanna ever wake up I really liked this book but not as much as the second book There were so many twists and turns that it definitely kept me on the edge of my seat I loved seeing Bradley and Gabby growing closer together and also Gabby getting so much stronger but there was so much going on that the parts that had been building for so long felt way to rushed OMG come on Bradley and Gabby have been waiting for whataear I can t keep up at this point and then it finally happens and it was like 2 pages long and I was actually confused on the details of some of it I ll leave the details out so as not to spoil but for me it was a huge massive disappointment Veronica and Ian s book packed steam and they aren t even the main two characters or their buildup I know this is a short story series so I understand that at times these type of stories get rushed butSInce book one things were leading up to this point and then that was all I got It was just a massively huge disappointment for me Like I said I m not trying to punk this book it had some awesome parts as well There were so many twists and turns some completely unexpected Plus the multiple POV s was great I love getting to see into the different POV s especially when storylines are so complicated I have loved Bradley with each and every book even though this book didn t concentrate as much on him and Gabby he has changed so much and I just love how supportive he is of much and I just love how supportive he is of no matter what and Sam too With all of this being said I have seen that the next book is a continuation of Ian and Veronica s story and I am actually excited to read it and the next is Sam s story and even though I m excited to read it too I hope this isn t the ending of Bradley and Gabby s story I hope they at least get a short novella or something. Everyone has a pastgood or bad they are always there They lurk and linger in the shadows sometimes reappearing at the most inconvenient timesGabby and Bradley thought that their pasts would remain dormant that happiness was theirs for the ta. Forgiven This #3