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Tory false and facileyou have all revealed yourselves In My Eyes As Either my yes as Edicts of Asoka either or weak or foolish tiny souls a shiver in a tinsel splendour And that is Bufalino s point Cirillo rants against thexistential injustice of neither you nor I nor any one of us having a solid imperturbably responsible I of his own For my own life no less than yours my brethren and antagonists has been naught but a steady flow of multiple perceptions within a multiple selfMy fate has been the selfsame fate as yours for I have been listening to you some some less falling in the same shiftings and shadow to you some some less falling in the same shiftings and shadow and xchanges of personality and blindman s bluff which has been the warp and the weft of my own life We resemble all of us Together The Rotting Shreds Of Dismembered Cartulary the rotting shreds of dismembered cartulary part actors you and I are in an ndless sham Mummers in a weird and an odious misunderstandingGiven these themes the twist is not a totally unexpected surprise but the intriguing after twist makes the reader think again about ambiguous details here and there which seemed out of place on a first readingBufalino is not well known now although Night s Lies won the Strega Prize in 1988 other winners include Pavese Moravia Morante di Lampedusa Landolfi Levi and Eco and a library is named for him in his home town of Cosimo Sicily Bufalino s prose via Patrick Creagh s xcellent translation is picaresue rollicking rich and amusing although the stories do lag at times Read this while working up to Moravagaine But a warning Neither is a work for the prudish or faint of heart In prison sea surrounded are four prisoners who tell how they got there plotting for scape Unreliable narrators Elizabeth I: Translations, 1544-1589 exciting and surprising to see how novelnds Never heard of author before and was pleasant discovery In some way short story collection Edited and pictures added 772020In this work translated from the Italian four men face Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist execution by guillotine in the morning They are rebels anti monarchists anarchis beautifully constructed and written teaser of a book that retains a sting in the tail tale Very good history with at inesperatednding An xistencialist discuss abou what o who we are and why the human an not the animal can feel guilty Honor nobility masks lies and subtle truths slipping through the bars of a prison in the arly light of the sentence Not my thing The night before their xecution a band of Italian criminalsrebels recount the defining moments of their life stories Kinda Arabian Nightsish kinda Decameron this novel is set in the days of kings and princes Largely lyrical slightly lurid likely intelligent not witty not intriguing not instructive not fast moving. D set up they search through their past to find some pattern that will give meaning to their fate. ,
Le menzogne della notte

O Labirinto de Osíris

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Whimsical and intriguing at first this one ventually became a drag sorry Elisa Some fun turns and passages but a lot of it had me wondering about translation artifacts I am not ven sure how I came to pick up this book probably a recommendation from someone or other I am also not sure how to describe the book a group of political prisoners willing away their final night on Earth By Telling The Stories Of How They Became Embroiled by telling the stories of how they became mbroiled the political struggle having unbeknowing to them a traitor in their midst and thus unwittingly give up their biggest secret
*and the revolution *
the revolution biggest asset the identity of their leader Then again it could also be that they did know of the prisoner planted in their midst to spy on them that the stories they Told Were Scraps Of False Information Sparsed were scraps of false information sparsed in order to divert suspicion from the real leader to someone From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 else Maybe it was all a big ploy to get rid of a political rival Or maybe they were fooled after all Difficult to say Maybe it is the reader that was fooled halfway through I was getting impatient with the characters if I had figured out that the rebel leader sharing their cellncouraging them to tell stories was too good to be true why couldn t they Then again they might have Oh confusing But for whatever reason the book did not thrill me More than a bit obscure Though apparently highly rated this book left me a bit cold Gesualdo Bufalino was Sicilian like other favorites of mine Leonardo Sciascia and Giovanni Verga Night s Lies takes Boccaccio s Decameron as a model But instead of young aristocrats Fresh Water escaping the Black Death in the convenient uarantine of a countrystate outside Florence the narrators are four liberals friends men inspired by the French Revolution who now await the guillotine in prison for sedition They are the baron the soldier the student and the poet They are given a choice by the prison warden Should just one among them give up the name of their leader known only by the code name God the Father they may all go free if no one does off with their heads The prose when not admirably flat as in the French Daguerreotypes early going can turn bombastic It s in these moments swelling like some heroic tale that I disliked it the most But it s compulsively readable There s something here of the Aeneid perhaps not surprisingly and something of the old chivalric tales which Cervantes so ably parodied Thending is truly a clinic of a jigsaw A literary thriller At 157 pp you can read it in one sitting The place of confinement is an island fortress It is known as an island but ought to be called a rock For it is nothing than a stack of volcanic tufa heaped up into the form. In an island fortress prison four political prisoners sentenced to death for plotting against the. ,
Of an normous snout wearisomely steep in some places but for the most part bare sheer crag The strip of sea between it and the mainland is no wider than a keen ye can traverse None the less to cross it be it through the malice keen ye can traverse None the less to cross it be it through the malice the winds or of the currents is a hazardous business for vessels and totally beyond the power of any swimmer No one is ver known to have Doris Salcedo escaped but their remains have been recovered glaired with seaweed and mauled by fish on the rocks of the Black ForelandThe Governor is Consalvo De Ritis nicknamed Sparafucile after the great bass opera role for his fondness for gunfire who rages against the weakness brought on by his illness depicted as a rat which has crawled in through the Governor sar and taken up residence in his brainThe four condemned prisoners are Ingafu a baron hardened malefactor and assassin Saglimbeni self styled poet an IMPOSING ADVENTURER IF EVER THERE WAS ONE AGESILAOS SOLDIEROF adventurer if Twelve Days of Pleasure ever there was one Agesilaos soldierof circuitous cast of mind delighting invery kind of cavilling argument and Narcissus student seething with mutinous feelings towards any authority whatever These are the Four Evangelists to the Cabal members of the Republican Directory or the Holy Office which acts as an intermediary between their obscure leader known as God the Father and his lowly disciples Apprehended after xploding a bomb in an attempt to kill the King the four are lodged together with another doomed criminal Brother Cirillo A God fearing sanguinary brigandof vast intelligenceand by no means ignoble birth The five are sentenced to die at dawn by guillotine However the revolutionaries are offered a chance to save their lives will they betray God the Father Brother Cirillo suggests that the four spend the hours before dawn while they are deciding by telling instructive moral stories from their lives in the time honoured fashionIn his story Narcissus saved from the waves the student recalls cross dressers and disguises the second guessing baron takes on the identity of his dead brother the soldierpriest corrupts his fellow orphans and kills his creator while the poet sees the reflection of a bearded cannibal bandit next to his sees the reflection of a bearded cannibal bandit next to his in a pond Each is a tale of deception double dealing and masksThe literary and philosophical allusions are all apposite the Decameron Byron Pascal George Sand are called upon The tales themselves are reminiscent of Calvino s The Cloven Viscount and The Baron in the Trees but ven so of the illusory and ghastly and remarkable MoravagaineAt the conclusion Cirillo Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye expresses his disgust rather than a confession or philosophical truthach man has paraded his weaknesses in a petty self serving Bourbon monarchy spend their last night before they go to the guillotine As they see the scaffol. .