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A Boy in Winter fOf it is written with such zest learning humour and joy though that any deviance is acceptable The Syllabus of Errors is a collection of very intelligently written short stories The details in the stories were so intricate and thought provoking that I oftenound myself revisiting past pages just to re digest interesting parts of the storyThis collection dramatically Frost at Midnight flings an optimist like myself straight back down to earth and lives up to the title of a Syllabus of Errors Without ruining any parts of the stories Iound it to Be Series Of a of tales in which I Princess Baby, Night-Night found myself captivated by the complex characters and intricate details of the story Iound myself pondering the characters long after I had put the book down and yearning The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post for an extra chapter just so I canind out a little bit Two stories to look out Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution for in particular are Marmara which actually made me shout out loud in despair and the Post leading Man which has an interesting twist I am conscious of spoiling the stories so I am deliberately being vague but this is a book that demands yourull attention Make the time to sit and immerse yourself in this collection to get the On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock full benefit of the beauty of these tales The story plots aren t overly dramatic and draw you in ever so subtly that you don t even know you have been hooked until you reach the endOverall a very good collection of addictive cleverly written stories which I was unable to put down the plots are interesting and the characters are likable andor this very reason Ashley Stokes and his Syllabus of Errors owe me one night of lost sleep Andre van Loon A common narrative in the stories is that of the young man waiting to meet the girl he is interested in man waiting to meet the girl he is interested in or her not to turn up or to reject him when they do meet The wait makes up the narrative the way in which the young man moves through a world in which the young woman will not want him The people that impinge on his consciousness Mar Berlin a aceless soldier wanders through a war torn city looking or his lost love an artist high on modernism gets caught up in a political assassination in Fascist Italy Personally they dream of capturing that unfulfilled promise that missed perfect kiss that unresolved moment that thing that should have lived. The leading lady s betrayal another centres on a buffed up or a part leading man s existential angst as he deserts his girlfriend and gets beaten by a street gang Violence or rage is everywhere actual implied Troops or mobs The stories are also unny in their ranting and sharp enough to cut The Syllabus of Errors may well be Roth Joseph meets Bolano as the introduction claims I haven t read either although have always intended to it s certainly a ine set of stories which twists and thumps at you warning with its rage and elouence of a drift to I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) fascism or at least to stupidity I am so glad I read this book of stories Stunningly stylish writing Memorable characters and settings Brilliant wit and a kind ofearlessness The title story was one of the Flight, Vol. 7 funniest I ve ever read The opening story was utterly gripping in its intensity it left me breathless Each story has its delights and its surprises They linger with you and like dreams they become part of your experienceAs you move through the book you know that you can trust the voice It won t let you down It doesn t And when youinish the last tale you get a sense of the whole and it leaves you inspired by what tale you get a sense of the whole and it leaves you inspired by what be done in the short orm but than that it leaves you hungry or life and or historySome really smart linking between the stories gracefully done I cannot recommend this book and or historySome really smart linking between the stories gracefully done I cannot recommend this book enough A superb collection Do yourself a Camp Rex favour and check it out I lookorward to Ashley Stokes next collection I Will Certainly Be Reading will certainly be reading From the irst ew pages you know you re being well guided through these connected worlds Some of these are juicey peaches Others are suashed bananas The title story and I remember nothing are perfectly Touch of Enchantment formed and have stayed with me A shortilm about a short When Dads Don't Grow Up film is ailm script which is overcome by its copious Miles from Kara footnotes The Prettiest Girl in Berlin is a horrifying ramble through a war zone Some of this is confusing Some if it is not All. The void when universally accepted notions of democracy and liberal capitalism are being uestioned as nowThe restless and rootless characters dream of idealized cities or moments in the personal or historical past which theyeel could offer their escape Historically Sally Bowles and Fritz Lang's M join hands in Wei. Fascinating and impressive collection by a bloke I once

#at a party #
a party years ago and who now edits bloke I met once at a many years ago and who now edits very good Unthology series As the introduction says an introduction To a debut collection these ring with mitteleuropean references they are set in Rome Paris Berlin as well as present day UK they reference the Weimar Republic German art George Grosz etc they happen now in the near Pee Wee Scouts treasury (Pee Wee Scouts, future or in the 30s when soldiers are uelling riots and dead bodies litter the streets Fascism is discussed studied one protagonist studying Hitler Studies has to hide his books in an organichippy restaurant or imminent In a bookull of mordant humour the writeror maybe narrators saves his most withering sarcasm or the assorted lefties he meets and their political correctness or general appearance He had a bushy white beard and hair like a dandelion clock The mother s skirt reminded Ludo of a picnic blanket There s a eeling that pc attitudes tend to distort history and thus leave us unprepared or the uture eg in the excellent I Remember Nothing where a boy hears an alternative history of the rise of Hitler by a WW2 refugee and possible Nazi he meets to the one taught by his teacher Priskin who High Heat followed rigidly the school textbook interpretation of Hitler as the pawn of big business and the military There s a similar disdainor the consumerist and often violent young evident in the brilliant names the various protagonists use or those around them Shoutybollocks Buzz uarterpounder SpecialneedsbiNot that the heroes of these books are much effective the stories often revolve around the single bloke just been rejected by or trying to connect with his love object a woman that usually turns out to be not worth it They are drunks or ailures in various ways trumped by the atuous Besides ascism and inanity there s also much emphasis on screenfilm one story is a screenplay where the majority of the story is in Nabokovian ootnotes about. The Syllabus of Errors is a story seuence a mixture of contemporary and historical episodes A cast of loners and romantics explore how our anxious present is mirrored in the uncertainties of the inter war period with its crashes and crises Ultimately it conveys a coded warning rom history about what can come to ill. ,

The Syllabus of Errors