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Seductive Surrender eThis novel broke my heart It broke my heart so badly that I had to stop reading it for a few days to recoverThis is the second book of Elena Ferrante s Neapolitan series and it follows Elena and Lila from their teenage years and into theirarly 20s Their neighborhood in Naples is still rough and violent in the 1960s but Lila s marriage to the wealthy grocer Stefano allows her to climb out of the poverty The two friends were often competitive Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, especially about school but in book two they are also competitive about menWhich brings me to why this novel broke my heart It s hard to talk about this book without spoilers so I shall hide it for those who don t want to know yet view spoilerElena who is our narrator has been in love with Nino Sarratore since they were children Nino is smart and driven but also uiet andlusive While on vacation the beautiful Lila steals Nino away and the two begin an affair Lila insists she s fallen in love with Nino and wants to leave her husband Meanwhile Elena is so depressed over losing her chance with Nino that she nds up in a situation where she s seduced you could also say raped by Nino s creepy father hide spoiler What s your ugly placeWe all have one We all have a place we uite deliberately do not go to That we are aware is there but have developed systems and defensive walls and jokes and denials in order to keep it out of the light of day It s the place you can t help but nd up sometimes when something particularly mbarrassing happens to you something tragic an piphany about yourself that you didn t particularly want occurs to you It s the place where you were the person you never ver wanted to be lives and the memories of when that person came out that one time that you never want to think about againThat deep down dark pit of your stomach feeling that s welling up and over as that image comes to your brain That s it That s the visceral level of vulnerability insecurity ugliness and pain that I saw there And there is where you need to be to understand verything I m about to tell youBecause that place is where this novel goes This thing hit me where I live Which means as you can probably tell already that reading Story of a New Name is not something I would recommend for anyone in a fragile The Deepest Sin emotional state It isn t for anyone who is still too close to being an insecure bookish not uite teenager any with major selfsteem issues Even a few years ago I think reading this might have sent me into a depressive melodramatic spiral like when I saw Melancholia which had to have been the literal worst thing I could have chosen to see while writing my thesis in a foreign country at a school full of people smarter than me I saw it three times and lost a weekend before I could see straight againWhich is what may happen with Elena Ferrante Which is totally insane when you read these books objectively Or at least I think it would be I have no way of really telling right now Her style is for the most part this totally bare bald faced thing that just tells you xactly what is happening to her characters in their mundane perfectly ordinary 1960s poor Italian lives The ngine driving the drama that the things that keep happening keep right on damn happening to them and the second volume is no better Ferrante is as merciless as time marching on without a thought for her characters and their development who really could use some time in this stage of their personal development or other Ferrante like the harsh Naples neighborhood she raises her characters in doesn t allow herself to give a damn I can absolutely guarantee you whatever you sign up for you should sign up for some shit happens and very little mercy granted because that s how it goes with Ferrante Sometimes I think that the main narrator s school and career arc is the mercy bone she threw us just to keep us from looking awayThe second volume of this series focuses on the girls late adolescence and post adolescence the years that for most of us would be covered by late high school college and your first post college job As with the first novel the pages of the novel are covered over with a powerful atmosphere that burns right through the pages until you re sitting right with Lila and Elena with sand in your outdated bathing suit on the beach at Ischia standing on a street corner watching a too flashy sports car go by catching a glimpse of a movie star that looks like your friend with Elena in a cramped corner of a bedroom like a modern Italian Fanny Price angrily swatting at mosuitoes and trying to keep still in the suffocating heat The courtyards of broken glass wailing from the windows and women uncommented upon wearing bruises to work the next day is as sickeningly voked as ver One of the fascinating atmospheric lements that Ferrante added demonstrated the stage of development where you become aware that you are not the center of the universe in a variety of ways in this case for characters living in poverty and powerlessness most of them borne in forcibly upon you whether you like it or not Ferrante starts to introduce the gradual intrusion of politics and political identity tellingly it mostly shows in one tribal identity one way for the kids to divide themselves mostly in increased accusations of Fascist pig and Red communist thrown around in place of remarks on one s face and person and one kid going to one meeting around in place remarks on one s face and person and one kid going to one meeting one going to another Elena also ncounters this world but again not in itself but as a piece of currency in the game of the class system another piece of another kind of tribal mask that she s trying hard to don Professor Airota and his daughter had for xample affectionate skirmishes on political subjects that I had heard about from Pasuale from Nino but whose substance I knew almost nothing about Arguments like you ve been trapped by inter class collaboration you call it a trap I call it mediation mediation in which the Christian Democrats always and only win you re not reforming a thing in our place what would you do revolution revolution and revolution revolution is taking Italy out of the middle ages Like that

a swift back 
swift back forth a polemical xercise that they both obviously njoyed What I had never had and I now knew would always lack What was it I wasn t able to say precisely the training perhaps to feel that the uestions of the world were deeply connected to me the capacity to feel them as crucial and not purely as information to display at an xam in view of a good grade a mental conformation that didn t reduce verything to my own individual battle to the ffort to be successful That one hit me hard This is is a really tough book on the class system and the unseen building damage that it does to the psyche The sort of psychology on display here is the sort of thing I learned in my urban teacher training program or learned first hand when faced with some of my students Elena spends a great deal of the back half of this book anxiously trying to decode and adopt the unwritten rules of being middle class the words the clothes what I was trained to call the cultural knapsack that middle class kids often get seemingly by osmosis Ferrante shows the utter human waste that happens as a result invisible waste as far as we re concerned the brilliant minds that never get a chance to take over the world the fruit seller who is unexpectedly good at math the ntrepreneurial ideas crushed by self confidence issues and family suabbles It s much harder to look at than any of the wasted landscapes or shabby apartments that she describesAnd watching Elena sew her middle class mask onto her face tighter and tighter laboring at it for years and watching the ugly ugly road that it takes to get there of which Ferrante only tells you the barest part but it isn t hard to guess it well did anyone lse watch Battlestar Galatica Do you remember that time that Baltar was in jail after fucking up yet again and he talks to Lee I think finally opening up to him a little bit about where he s from Fuck I wish I could find it But while he s talking to him hanging his head in the darkness with his hair covering his face he slowly lets his cultured British accent morph into a thick gravelly hick voice that is clearly his natural tone He makes it as scary as possible throwing it at aristocratic Lee like a weapon moving to the bars with red Snowflakes on the Sea eyes like he s morphing himself into the monster he believes himself to be It s like that but manneredxpressed in ladylike spare lines like this I was so glad that no one in that nice little family had asked me as happened freuently where I came from what my father did and my mother I was I I I It makes sense why later in the novel there s a passage about how so many characters are confused when Lila wants to go take a job in the center of the city She s a veritable ueen in the old neighborhood and can lord it over anyone there lend them money show them up in clothes people are now afraid to cross her Why would she want to go to the nicer part of town where her illusions will be shattered Why would she want to take that away that illusion from herselfThis class angle had a lot to do with the ugly place I was telling you about before which is the deep seeded insecurity that runs throughout this ntire book But while class and place and atmosphere are the bedrock reasons the insecurity I m talking about here has to do with friendship This series is after all about a friendship No matter what other powerful stuff buttresses it under the surface that provided it with its foundation we re far nough along into the lives of these girls that the friendship has now taken on a life of its own We ve reached the point as happens in a lot of long running friendships where the thing has become overripe it s become something rotten and possibly poisonous something that probably should have been dumped overboard a long time ago But you re still at the place where you can t uite let it goEspecially For your whole life you love people and you never really know who they are Nunzia to Len p215This one s a heartbreak. In 2012 Elena Ferrante's My Brilliant Friend introduced readers to the unforgettable Elena and Lila whose lifelong friendship provides the backbone for the Neapolitan Novels The Story of a New Name is the second book in this series With these books which the New Yorker's James Wood described as large captivating amiably peopled a beautiful and delicate tale of confluence and reversal Ferrante proves herself to be one of Italy's most accomplished storytellers She writes vividly about a specific neighborhood of Naples from the. Er So xuisitely rendered that you ll recognize your own hideous pain rising up to assail you again dear Reader your losses your miseries in the cause of love Ferrante makes universal the disparate pain all loving creatures suffer Toward the nd when reality becomes too much for some of the characters they descend into scarily dissociative states that surprise and rattleThe novel s narrative pleasure is dizzying Every action naturally folds into the next the continuity is superb The clarity is xtraordinary it never relents I found myself slowing down to take in the richness as I would when reading a poem That s the paradox Ferrante incites in readers between wanting to gallop through the stunning tale to just gobble it up like cake and slowing down to take in the beauty of its structure and languageIt s the arly 1960s in Naples and Lina Carracci n Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival e Cerullo is newly and miserably married and living in virtual purdah with her husband Stefano whom she has uickly learned to hate because he is a tool of the Solaras who are Cammora Mr and Mrs Carracci live uite well in a new apartment with modern decor and lots of money because of their connection to these local criminals Lina we will recall from volume one My Brilliant Friend was unable to go on with herducation at age ten or so and was made to work in her father s shoe shop Her chance of a higher Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, education goneven though she was the smartest girl in the school she then had to resort to other means of self advancement namely marriage In the The Fix early going here it s not going so well She feels not without justification that Stefano tricked her into marriage So she refuses him the great gift and he beats her to a pulp regularly inffect raping his wifeIn her friend Len our narrator Lina sees her own lost dream of ducation still alive Yet Len s having her man problems too Her lover Antonio a car mechanic suspects her of interest in another fellow Nino who is intellectually Len s match in a way Antonio can never be Len stays with the blue collar Antonio though because she doesn t feel worthy of Nino having come from a background much like Antonio s Len disparages her intellect and achievements lusting over the distant Nino She is trying to make that leap but can t see how she might do it This is all a little silly when you consider that Nino is actually from her own neighborhood She s known him since she was a child But his father moved out of the neighborhood many years ago and became a college professor And now Len feels Nino s somehow out of her leagueThere was no scape No neither Lina nor I would ver become like the sophisticated girl who had waited for Nino after school We both lacked something intangible but fundamental which was obvious in her ven if you simply saw her from a distance and which one possessed or did not because to have that thing it was not Desire in Seven Voices enough to learn Latin or Greek or philosophy nor was the money from groceries or shoes of any use p 84Suffice it to say Nino is available then Len suspects That s the problem I say no ReadThe long interlude on the beach at Ischia reminds me very much of Cesare Pavese s novellas particularly The Beach as found in The Selected Works One of Nino s sisters isven named Clelia Another work which harrowingly vokes the terrors of youthful sexual awakening is brought to mind by The Story Of A New Name and that s Knut Hamsun s Pan From Lieutenant Thomas Glahn s Papers See my reviews of both booksOn to Volume 3 45 starsYes it s Lila who makes writing difficult My life forced me to imagine what hers would have been if what happened to me had happened to her what use she would have made of my luck And her life continuously appears in mine in the words that I ve uttered in which there s often an cho of hers in my less which is such because of her in my which is the yielding to the force of her lessThis second book in Elena Ferrante s Neapolitan series continues the story of two childhood friends now young adults Lila and Elena Just as riveting as My Brilliant Friend The Story of a New Name captured my attention from page one It s uite dramatic really and I found that at times my head was spinning from the depth of the penetrating look at the lives behaviors motivations and innermost thoughts of this pair Now a book that sets my head spinning can be a good thing and it was here An accomplished writer like Ferrante can draw you in like you are watching the drama play out right in front of you It did reuire however a step back from time to time to relax and catch my breath A bit of re The Casa Mono Cookbook energizing is necessary to take it all in Imagine yourself a teenager still with all the complexities ofmotions the uncertainties the jealousies and the sometimes rash behaviors attributed to you and your friends and acuaintances But now add in a degree of poverty that most of us are fortunately not accustomed to violence that I pray most are not subjected to and the xpectations and obstacles faced by women in the late 1950s and arly 1960s This is precisely what Lila and Elena deal with and what we as readers are privy to through the lens provided to us Now if you haven t read the first book in the series you may want to stop reading this review at this point I m not revealing any spoilers but I personally didn t want any details before reading and you may feel the same I just want to talk about Lila and Elena a little bit Throughout the novel I found myself reflecting on the two and who was better off who the stronger of the two characters tc I think the opening uote to my review really sums up the relationship between the two and I came to my own conclusion whether right or wrong that ach completes the other Elena may have had ducational opportunities but without the ncouragement of Lila as well as a sense of competition she may not have had the drive to take advantage of those opportunities Lila finds herself in a marriage that does not suit her from the beginning but she will fight for something She has material possessions and after all wasn t that the dream these two had as little girls Wasn t that the goal of going to school and receiving an Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) education They wanted to become rich But happiness islusive Perhaps riches are not nough Is it too late to re make oneself and achieve something I think Lila can sustain riches are not nough Is it too late to re make oneself and achieve something I think Lila can sustain knowing that Elena has been successful with her studies Maybe there are ways to rise above the poverty and the violence of the neighborhood other than money The narrative is written from Elena s point of view but we also get occasional glimpses from Lila s point of view through a series of notebooks she ntrusted to Elena Notebooks that Elena was not given permission to read but that is neither here nor there If your best friend gave you her diary for safekeeping what would you do Maybe your friend gave you the diary because she couldn t xpress the deepest feelings in her heart and she knew that you would not be able to resist In this way you can share your thoughts in a less confrontational manner perhaps I don t really know but it was certainly a clever means for us to glean than just Elena s point of view here I don t know that I can say much about this book or this series it s one that I could contemplate for an indefinite amount of time So much happens in these pages but none of it is confusing There are a lot of names and variations of names for the same person A guide at the front of the book helps with this Otherwise it flows seamlessly and is written skillfully There is drama but I don t mean to say it s melodramatic Not in the least I will admit that it is addicting Oh and that nding I will read the next in the series albeit with a bit of a break in between From L amie prodigieuse Choice of roleYou can be ither a bad girl or a good girl When you have played a bit you can Conflict in Blood even try combining these two roles See Advanced options belowBad girlIf you are a bad girl you will be able to speak your mind andxpress your sexuality freely but you will be beaten raped and called a whore and a witch You may also be subjected to other punishments such as being disowned by your family or forced into a dangerous and poorly remunerated job Good girlIf you are a good girl you will be grudgingly accepted by society but you will have to work twenty four hours a day to learn the complex rules you need to follow you will constantly feel that you are a fraud and an imposter and you will need to sleep with people who do not attract you while pretending that they do Goal of the gameYour goal is to have children and live long nough to see them grow up only mildly damaged You will find that this is harder than it sounds but that s all part of the funAdvanced optionsWhen you have played the game a few times you may want to try combining the bad girl and good girl roles You may for xample be a bad girl who gets married and tries to stay faithful to her husband or a good girl who writes a daring and truthful novel about her life Note however that none of these strategies will actually let you winUseful tipsIf you decide to get serious about WOMAN there are several The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant excellent books which will help you improve your skills Elena Ferrante s series is particularly good Go out and buy a copy tomorrow you won t regret it WARNING Spending too much time playing WOMAN can be very depressing Make sure you take freuent breaks and remember that it s only a gameEnjoy To Celle ui fuitt celle ui reste I finished
elena ferrante s 
Ferrante s volume a few hours ago and I m overwhelmed by her power She writes with her fingers stuck inside a Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) electric plug She drills and drills all the way through the tiniest sensation till she reaches raw matter The story of the New Name isven Logic, Labels, And Flesh entrancing than My brilliant friend the first volume of the trilogy which I devoured Lila and Lena the two protagonists of volume one are now two women Their love hate relationship grows intricate so does their intellectual competition What a wonderful deep contradictory at times morbid violent yet luminous yet brilliant world does Ferrante s voicevoke I urge you to ge. Late 1950s through to the current day and about two remarkable young women who are very much the products of that place and time Yet in doing so she has created a world in which readers will recognize themselves and has drawn a marvelously nuanced portrait of friendshipIn The Story of a New Name Lila has recently married and made her ntrée into the family business; Elena meanwhile continues her studies and her xploration of the world beyond the neighborhood that she so often finds stifling Love jealousy family freedom comm. Storia del nuovo cognome

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