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Ryan Kealey is having a Michael Corleone moment and not one of the good ones "He S Trying To Work "s trying to work out of the field in the intelligence game not trusting a generation of officials and agents *who rely on data mining electronics and seemingly everything else but the udgment and expertise of trained *rely on data mining electronics and seemingly everything else but the udgment and expertise of trained knowledgeable men and women in the field But once he thinks he s out he gets a call and he gets pulled back inIn The Courier the Iranian military has managed to get its hands on a nuclear weapon and that could mean disaster for an American city if Western agents can t recover it Kealey will team up with Iranian born nuclear physicist Rayhan Jafari whose knowledge of the Farsi language could be crucial to finding the nuke and wresting it from enemy hands But she is an amateur in the intelligence field and Kealey will have to make some dangerous alliances to be certain the nuclear weapon and its fanatical courier are kept from destroying its target Courier is the fifth Kealey thriller from Andrew Britton but doesn t rely so much on a known cast of characters and back story it loses a new reader Britton has an excellent sense of pacing and maintains the tension at a high level especially once Kealey and Jafari enter the field and begin their pursuit of the bomb and its carrier The ending though fizzles when it takes most of the resolution of the chase and the plot out of the hands of the lead characters we ve been following and hands it off to a relatively minor player It s a misstep that leaves The Courier much much weaker than it should have beenOriginal available here UNC Not the genre I tend to read *but this book caught me up as the two protagonists an ex CIA agent Ryan * this book caught me up as the two protagonists an ex CIA agent Ryan and nuclear physicist Rayhan Jafari an Iranian American are asked to hunt down a suitcase sized nuclear bomb left over from the German war machine of WWII Also becoming involved is Ryan Kealey s aged uncle who watched as said bomb was off loaded from the French shoreline and into a U boat that is sunk because said uncle alerts the Allied CommandAs the story proceeds the reader is transported with Ryan and Rayhan overseas and into a series of near disasters tha. Ryan Kealey now knows he'll never really put the game behind him He's seen too much and the instinct is too deeply hardwired But the game itself has changed Between tense interagency cooperation that gums the works and an overreliance on data crunching and wiz kid tech today's US intell.

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The Courier Ryan Kealey #6Of story you would expect because the main character wasn t himself Plus the main character wasn t really in the book i received this book from good reads and received this book from good reads and it It was off to a slow start but *It Finally Picked Up After A Few *finally picked up after a few This is a good read I have finally found another mysterysuspense author I can enjoy This was a very good suspense about the discovery of an old nuclear device by sailors on an Iranian ship in the Arctic On the way back to Iran where the device will be added to Iran s nuclear weapons it is stolen by a member of the Islamic Jihad who plans a suicide mission to the US to detonate it That s where our hero Kealey comes in and uses his amazing intelligence and skill to try to prevent the disaster There is an unusual friendship between him and an Iranian who wants to find the bomb every bit as bad as Kealey does When an mole in Washington disables the entire modern system of computers communications satellites etc Kealey s Uncle Largo a retired spy uses his skill to come to the rescue No or it may spoil the ending It reminds me of a Vince Flynn Baldacci or Ludlum Relatively free of foul language and sex Not even a whole lot of violence The story is not kept going by flashy car chases or violent encounters but by the intellectual and physical skills of the characters I ll be reading Britton The sixth book in the series sees former CIA operative Ryan Kealey accompanied by a nuclear physicist named Rayhan Jafari on the trail of a very dangerous item An old but by all indications functional nuclear bomb prototype developed by the Germans during World War II which was recovered by an Iranian vessel in the Arctic from the remains of the submarine once carrying it and has since been stolen by a would be terroristA bit of a letdown too longwinded and with a disappointing conclusion While Uncle Largo was an interesting character Kealey himself was all in all rather useless in this book and having him sidelined during what should have been an pun not entirely unintended explosive climax allowed what suspense remained after all the endless trekking across half the planet to fizzle out in a fairly unspectacular manne. Kely partnership with the young Farsi speaking nuclear physicist Rayhan Jafari But once on the ground with technology and their by the numbers command failing them they're on their own trusting only their guts and each other to conduct the dirty business of combating horrific destructio. T place them at risk of both capture and being killed before they learn where that bomb is always one step ahead and importantly where it is headedBut it s Ryan s uncle who becomes an unlikely hero in this riveting tale If you like political thrillers that read like it s come right out of current CIA secret files this is the book for you I very much enjoyed this book The writing was excellent and the story was interesting and fast paced A wonderful book I received this book free from first reads This is my honest reviewWith all the wars around the world past and *present what happens to all the lost weapons from past wars With technology *what happens to all the lost weapons from past wars With technology so sophisticated what is most helpful In The Espionage Field Computers Or Experienced Intuition And Profiling the espionage field computers or experienced intuition and profiling can you determine which of the others are truly enemies and which ones would choose to risk their own lives to help the Americans Must every American look and act the same Do good warriors put their lives on the line to keep people safe or to kill the enemy Many of these uestions are dealt with very interestingly and with non stop action in this modern day spy thriller where the lives of many many Americans are on the line During WW2 the Germans began developing a very powerful suitcases sized highly radioactive weapon As it was being transported through oceans it ended up being sunk in the Arctic seas In present day it was found by an Iranian boat commander What happens next is the subject of this fast passed suspense novel that could come from real life todayThis is the sixth Ryan Kealey novel with the last few being published since Britton s death in 2008 Kealey s Uncle shows up in an extremely important way in this novel as Kealey debates how long he himself will continue these espionage missions Anyone who enjoys Tom Clancy W E B Griffin and Robert Ludlum will find this book a must read along with his previous five books Author ok but it was a long two days of explosions spies car crashes entities galore identified by initials This book was way off track I read the Ryan Kealey series because he s a badass However in this book he was not The storyline did not flow with the type. Igence service has lost a step to its ever bolder viciously adaptable global enemies And thanks to an incredible discovery in the Arctic those enemies now have a nuke capable of unleashing unthinkable terror To hunt down the devastating package before it can be used Kealey forms an unli. .