The Ranch She Left Behind E–book/E–pub

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The Ranch She Left Behind

Kathleen OBrien Ä 9 SUMMARY

Er love or photography changes #All Of That But It #of that but it Penny Still Life with Chickens for Max to be honest with his daughter This entertaining story contains nicely developed characters Max s daughter Ellen is uniue and Penny s nephew Alec is uirky andun RT Book Reviews rated 4 starsMiniseries The Sisters of Bell River Ranch Very good book Penny is the youngest of the Wright sisters and the Last To Return To Colorado She Was Eleven When Her to return to Colorado She was eleven when her killed her mother and she was sent to live with an aunt in California Now that aunt has passed and Penny is Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea free to live her life But she doesn t want to go to theamily ranch and get mothered by her sisters so she buys a duplex and rents out the other half to Max and his daughter Her introduction to Max came when she impulsi This third book in the Bell River Ranch series didn t have the drama of a wacko ex like in the second or the gritty mystery of the Paradox Bound first but didn t lack charm Penny is the sister who set aside her life to careor her aged aunt then returned home with a zealous determination to sueeze a lifetime of activity in a short per Received 4 stars at RT Book ReviewsMiniseries The Sisters of Bell River Ranch. Her new tenant Luckily they both agree to be just riends But with the sizzling attraction between them just riends is hard Maybe it's time STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare for Penny to add a new item to her list—aamily with is hard Maybe it's time or Penny to add a new item to her list—a amily with Interact Rating 35 starsPenny is the youngest Wright sister and after what happened with her parents and after what happened with her parents was raised by an aunt who had distinct ideas of what was right and wrong and Penny became shy but now her aunt is dead and Penny wants to take chances she is 27 and live her life and push her limits So she sells the house and moves to the town where her two sisters live and buys her own house Max Thorpe is *An Architect Who Is *architect who is with the loss of his wife who he was planning to divorce and a daughter he doesn t know or understand but loves so he takes a job outside rom the city to connect to his daughter and runs into Penny who seeing his kindness to his daughter gives him a kissWell then as it turns out Max is her new tenant Both of them aren t in a space to start anything Penny has her risk list and making her sisters see that she is all grown up and Max has his daughter to connect with so both are dedicated to ignoring the chemistry between themWell we get The POV Of Max S POV of Max s too who is hurting a lot because she lost her mom who she was close too and plus some messed up expectations but the company of Alec Rowena s stepson and Surprise she's braver than she thinks because when she spies a hot newcomer doing something sweet or his daughter Penny can't resist kissing him on the spot Unfortunately he turns out to be Max Thorpe. ,
Books have to keep me #Up At Night Reading Reading #at night reading reading to gain a 5 star and this one did it I simply couldn t not continue until I d reached the endSince it s Thanksgiving here s the mix here Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All for a great read take one young woman who decides to start living instead of hiding and makes a Risk It list Stir in a delightful 11 yr old girl hurtingrom her mom s death and what she d said so nastily about the girl s What a Lass Wants father Generously add a good looking architect desperate to reconnect with his daughter who moves them out of Chicago to get Ellen awayrom the bad influence of her previous riends For additional hilarity and spice toss in 10 yr old Alec his middle name should be Troublewho becomes good riends with Ellen Mix well bake and enjoyPenny s and Max s demons need to be exorcised but each needs the other to be successful Ellen too needs help and both Penny and Alec assist her each in their own way The ending is too good to give away Just start on page 1 I dare you to put this one down than once before you get to the end You gotta love kidsI absolutely love the way s O Brien writes the support characters I love Alex and Ellen and the way they. Who knows where a kiss will lead For support characters I love Alex and Ellen and the way they. Who knows where a kiss will lead For year Penny Wright is doing whatever she wants She's returned to her knows where a kiss will lead For year Penny Wright is doing whatever she wants She's returned to her in Colorado—but not the Mexican Hooker family ranch—to cross items off her risk it list To her.