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Interesting read Contemporary Romance Sacramento Mountains New Mexico Regan Adler has to return to her family s cabin in the Sacramento Mountains though she is determined to keep her visit very brief Her mother was driven crazy by the voices she heard there Now those same voices are threatening to do the same to Regan She can t ignore them either Then she meets Kai FaulkersKai Faulkers is a lone lynx shape shifter He knows danger is coming and he must protect his home no matter what coming and he must protect his home no matter what cost When he hears Regan s sultry voice he is thrown into a new world of passion and desire Now the stakes are higher than ever Kai and Regan must fight for what they hold dear if they want a chance t It took me most of the book to realize who Kai reminds me of Jamie of Lori Foster fame He s a loner who nobody really understands but everyone is protective they warned the h off or tried to He always seems to show up when he s needed and well YeahThe h hears voices Well actually she hears the land As the H says her mother is why the Sentinels try their darnedest not to leave fruit behind ust enough power to mess with her head not enough to really understand why The h s mother was thought nuts and sent away She eventually died I got the feeling that she didn t necessarily consider herself to be nuts but others convinced her or was that convictedOf course there is the Core messing with things In some ways it pushes the Hh together In other ways it causes the h to plan to leave Funny thing the Core is perfectly ok with using things on people but they kinda freak out when the land reacts badly to their toys First Reads Review Sentinels Lynx Destiny by Doranna DurginWhen I won this through the Goodreads First Reads program I pretty much knew what to expect Not that it s a bad thing But Rather That That rather that that a Harleuin series there are certain things that are ust kind of givens It s fun sexy and with some interesting paranormal elements that while not really setting it worlds apart from other paranormal romances at least distinguishes it enough to be enjoyable The characters are compelling Reg Arc was provided by NetGalley for an honest reviewNow there is nothing i like better than a hot were anything Yes even the uiet ones like Kai goodness gracious even the name gets nibblets a nibbling In this story there is an ongoing war between the Sentinalsshifters with special giftsand the Corehumans who feel the need to destroy shifterswith Kai and Regan getting caught slap in the middle of it Kai Faulkes is a lone lynx who was left behind by his family to protect the Sacramento Mountains Growing up he discovered he had the gift detect the Core a gift Sentinals would happily exploit In Order to protect Him His Family Leaves Him his family leaves him He is basically a mountain mangrrrr Regan Adler was determined never to return back to the mountains that took her mother s sanity Just like her mother she hears the whispers of the land so she felt staying away would keep her from her mothers fate Then she met Kai and it all seems to come together She soon learns that what she once thought was a curse could be her saving grace The beginning of the book did drag a bit but it doesn t take long for the story to get interesting I ust wish that even though Kai was suppose to be a man of few words but i wished there was of him More of what was going on in that super sexy lynx self Have i mentioned what a hot big ole piece of ass i think he is I read this book while huddled under the covers during an unexpected snow storm while in a not well insulated motor home Between the heat of the written words plus a few dogs snuggling close I managed to stay very warmDurgin has given us another story of the Sentinels with a different twist Kai is essentially a stealth Sentinel with an affinity for his mo. A lone shifter and a stranger must embrace their deepest fears to defeat a deadly enemy in Doranna Durgin's newest Sentinels romance Forced to return to her family cabin deep in the Sacramento Mountains Regan Adler is determined to keep. .
Untain but is not known by Brevis Southwest Regan has her own connection to the land which at first she fears until she learns about the legacy inherited from her MOTHER EACH SENTINEL BOOK HAS ITS Each Sentinel book has its voice this one is a bit softer and mystical in keeping with both main characters relationship with the natural world As the story became involved I began to wonder if and when Brevis would become aware of Kai and which members would show up There is nothing to disappoint in this story from the HOT lynx natural man to the very special town he protected Wouldn t we all like to live in such a place The latest Sentinels story shows how several belonging to the Atrum Core will do anything to get the power they want from the land regardless of who or what is harmed A shape shifting recluse and an unsuspecting woman find they must work together or much will be lost and it uickly becomes apparent they are not they only ones with something to lose Doranna Durgin continues her exceedingly original Sentinels miniseries with a story packed with danger passion and intense emotion LYNX DESTINY is an intriguing paranormal novel featuring spirited characters and the chilling risks they must face Although Regan Adler never wanted to come back to the New Mexico cabin where she once lived she felt it was her duty to take care of the place when her father went into the hospital She believes her mother greatly suffered from voices that whispered to her when she lived there and Regan is already hearing them speak to her right after she arrives While riding on the family property she comes in contact with a man who seems to know her father but acts a little different from most people Living a solitary life makes Kai Faulkes happy especially since he wants his ability to shape shift into a lynx kept secret He can also sense the needs of the land and he knows those who belong to the Core would harm it ust to receive power Unfortunately he realizes they are coming into the area where he lives When Kai meets Regan they both feel a strange connection to each other because of the land Soon they are entangled in the war between the Sentinels and the Core where dangerous threats could destroy what they have come to love most Any story by Doranna Durgin is always innovative with one of a kind scenarios and distinctive individuals The Sentinels miniseries is especially creative when it comes to the ongoing plot and its uniue characters The danger to the main couple in LYNX DESTINY begins shortly after their paths cross as Kai and Regan become caught up in the never ending feud between the Sentinels and the Core The origin for this hostility is very creative and the conseuences resulting from their continuing disputes are shown through vividly detailed situations Ms Durgin certainly takes the reader into vividly detailed situations Ms Durgin certainly takes the reader into heart of each moment whether it is a death defying incident or only circumstances filled with strong emotions All the graphically described scenes bring realism to every second of LYNX DESTINY and my own feelings were profoundly affected on a number of occasions The setting is particularly colorful and the Sacramento Mountains in New Mexico came alive because of Ms Durgin s skilled writingAs for being a great hero Kai definitely has the ualifications He put others before himself and he proved his deep love for the environment in many ways The care he takes to keep his lynx under control when around Regan made him a special man and the lusty sex between them shows he is exceptionally passionate Though she is rather confused when they first met because of so many unanswered uestions I liked how Regan is later ready to take charge of any arising situation since trust is building Another compelling story is added to the Sentinels miniseries and Doranna Durgin makes each scene. Her visit brief Voices that drove her mother crazy are now threatening to do the same to her and she can't ignore them Then she meets Kai Kai Faulkes is a lone shape shifter who takes the form of a lynx He's aware of the danger approac.

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Sentinels Lynx DestinyBelievable LYNX DESTINY is magically enchanting CataRomance Review 45 Stars 35 stars I liked it I have been reading Durgin s shapeshifting Sentinel series from the start and it s always been one of my favorite Nocturnes This time around the formula is twisted a bit the hero of my favorite Nocturnes This time around the formula is twisted a bit the hero who takes the form of a Lynx has been hiding from both the Sentinels and their enemies the Core because he can sense any Core magic even the new silent artifacts which would mean his death should the Core Discover Him And discover him and freedom if the Sentinels do His leading lady Regan is also special but doesn t know that Regan ust knows that she back at the childhood home she fled because there Regan hears the voices of the land that cost Regan s mother her sanity and her life Regan and Kai are drawn to each other though it appears that their secrets will keep them apart until the Core appears on the scene and threatens the land with their evil workingsLynx Destiny is pretty slow to roll Regan doesn t plan on staying and Kai s survival has meant that he s had to stay apart from everyone Regan ends up being a good heroine once she finally accept her power but I loved Kai from the start He s ust a little off and almost feral he can sort of fit in but not easily and he doesn t often bother living alone in the forest and only occasionally going into the small town nearby My favorite parts of the story come near the end after the pair finally come together and after the Core makes their big play I liked that Regan is strong enough to make a difference and I really liked how the people of the town accept Kai Once They Finally once they finally the real him From an over all series perspective the story ends before Kai and Regan make any kind of dent in the battle between the Sentinels and the Core maybe they ll be side characters in another book But there is a brief appearance by Joe and Lyn from Lion Heart which is actually my favorite of the Sentinels books I got an ARC of this from NetGalley but the formatting was hindering my enjoyment so purchased the Kindle version and read that instead Another different perspective on the Sentinels a lone outsider sIt s interesting how Doranna Durgin set the Sentinels up as the good guys but keeps showing us it s not that simple for every shifter Kai has avoided them his whole woods dwelling life lest they give him no choice about being taken away so his rare talent can be used content with ust occasional brief visits into the small town where a few people care about him despite not knowing his secrets As for Regan she knows nothing about true paranormal abilities considering her late mother mad for listening to the voice of the wilderness and fearing she herself is facing the same tragic end now that she s returned When the Core insinuates itself into their lives and land what follows surprises them all Regan must find the strength and trust to become and Kai must face the fate his parents left him to avoid In the end two familiar Sentinels locate them and must decide what their own true mandate is I liked this The hero is a hunting guide besides being a shapeshifting lynx living in isolation from everyone not ust his own kind The heroine is an artist specializing in nature animal illustration who can connect with the mountain where she grew up She s afraid of it though because hearing the voice of the mountain made her mother go crazy and killed her There are bad guys trying to buy her dad s land and the hero opposes them and helps her and they are attracted to each other but she doesn t understand what s going on and Well it s a good well done story I thought the heroine s confusion and resistance went on a little long as did the hero s reluctance to tell her anything about anything A little motivation would have helped But overall I liked it a lo. Hing and must protect his home at all costs When Regan's soft and sultry voice reaches him he is thrown into a whole new world of passion and desire Suddenly the stakes are higher and Kai and Regan must fight for everything they hold de. .