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I can t adeuately sum up how much this book has effected me It is such a thorough and eye opening account of the complexity and magnitude of the climate change problem It eads like a documentary film and it has terrified me into changing a lot of things about my life I feel like everyone should have to ead this book This book made me scared and apathetic pretty much all at once Global warming is happening and we e pretty much screwed ight now unless we make very large at once Global warming is happening and we e pretty much screwed right now unless we make very large deep changes to the way we now unless we make very large deep changes to the way we and consume but there s no way that s going to happen with our current economic and political set up so I guess all I can do is apologize to my children and grandchildren for the shitty world my generation is leaving them with 45 very informative with a funny elatable journey thread the interviews together A very meta book with a great ending Highly ecommend to anyone with any level of knowledge or none at all about climate change This is one of those books in which the person writing the book is writing about writing the book Suarzoni s process stands center stage his process of writing and also his orientation shift once he begins to Darkness Light really understand the mechanism of climate change Once this happens he wants to put what he learns into action and tries lowering of his carbon footprint So for example he chooses not to partake in airplane travel as it uses up a lot of fuel One might think how is one person s decision to stop taking airplane trips going toeduce our carbon footprint Well it s not But it s a symbolic act one that could be meaningful if it turned into a collective act And we all have to live with our own decisions I suppose I emember I went through a period of time about eight years ago where every time I bought anything encased in plastic ie everything I felt a profound existential sickness and horror and so for several years I tried eally eally hard to avoid buying things living in plastic containers One problem was in order to buy the milk I wanted and that was stored in eusable glass jars I had to drive anywhere from a half hour to an hour EACH WAY AND I WONDERED WHAT way And I wondered what worse for the environment driving or buying something in a plastic container Eventually I gave up trying to not use plastic because it made daily life unmanageable I still try to keep my engagement with plastic to a minimum but you know we ve gone batty with plastic and are happy to self destruct for the convenience of it What choices to have to make What a world to live in Where every day we are taking part in activities that we know will likely destroy us and much if not all of what we love about this planet for a good long era or two And yet we can t seem to change our ways Suarzoni s book is informative and compelling and also pretty self indulgent I ead it a few years ago so don t emember too much but emember appreciating a lot of it but also being pretty annoyed Perhaps I will ead it again in the next year or so so I can write a better eview Or. What are the causes and conseuences of climate change When the scale is so big can an individual make any difference Documentary diary and masterwork graphic novel this up to date look at our planet and how we live on it explains what global warming is all about With the most complicated conc. Maybe now that Trump and the Cabinet "of Doom are trying to make the world as unhabitable as they can as fast as they "Doom are trying to make the world as unhabitable as they can as fast as they it would just be too depressing to go back and ead this a second timeHere s a uote of some of the text in the later part of the book How can a society structured politically and economically to produce and consume whose development is dependent on fanning the desire to possess econcile itself to a culture of sobriety and collective esponsibility How can a system dedicated to letting individuals freely maximize their personal advantages be compatible with any sort of self estraint and material moderation In the end the Freedom Touted By A Free touted by a free model has become a symbol of ugged individualism It is the freedom not to be held accountable The Beer Law: What Brewers Need to Know rejection of all constraint Of any limits Theejection of a collective GIS and Fr�uleins: The German-American Encounter in 1950s West Germany responsibility This book is super educational and made me think of my current choices in life and how I want to change them I think this might be a good book to makeeuired The Confederate Privateers reading in school it might change people and in conseuence how we treat the worldclimateI so wanna change the way everyone lives aftereading this book It was super eye opening for me and I d definitely Big Bad Detective Agency recommend anyone toead it It being a graphic novel only added to this book as it didn t get boring when specialists had the microphone Plus the writer told us about his own experiences and thoughts while he was The Placer researching global warming Which made the book all the better to me45 stars Iead this book for a sustainability studio class and I m thankful my professor assigned it It was definitely an eye opener egarding the different aspects of climate change The mix of data interviews personal thoughts and compelling imagery makes this a well ounded informative and often depressing account of the dire situation currently happening on our planet I ve come away with new thoughts and emotions about climate change and am already thinking about how I can help make a change This book was interesting The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, revealing factual personal emotional educational and creative if you want to know about climate change in many different facets definitelyead this book This is a terrific graphic novel It is also the first book on climate change I ve been able to finish And while it feels odd to say I found a subject so depressing exciting to ead about I did Not only does this book explain the science in a way that I understand but the author interjects his personal conflict with learning about climate change while continuing to use his car fly use electricity etc in a way that felt like it articulated a lot of my own thoughts and feelings The art is amazing and adds a lot to
The Thought Provoking Nature Of 
thought provoking nature of book I efuse to call the genre graphic novel because most of the graphic books I ead are nonfictionIt was the title the past tense of the book that drew my attention to it in the display I checked it out and only th This book AMAZING The graphic novel format for. Epts made clear in a feat of investigative journalism by artist Philippe Suarzoni Climate Changed weaves together scientific esearch extensive interviews with experts and a call for action Weighing the potential of some solutions and the false promises of others this groundbreaking work prov. .
Irony and Idyll: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park on Screen Our Yanks
This nonfiction book I ead some Der Bilderwächter reviews where people said there was no plot where was the noveleally I can t even DUH is incredibly effective for illustrating the dire situation our world is in The memoir part interested me in terms of the author finding his place in all this and in showing how it is affecting everyone but eally the book was effective for me in the est of it In some places it felt like watching a documentary and watching interviews loved this format in some places it ead like a nonfiction book With Diagrams And Charts diagrams and charts facts and analogies so well done while still making it all eal human and Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris readableelatable to the average eader This book is just so well done well told well illustrated well laid out well planned out and includes so much information in this one book that one can t possibly play ignorant after this One indeed may not know any answers there aren t any in here but there are tons of things to think about and tons of ways of seeing our impact our footprint on this world and just lots of different perspectives and all the arenas climate change is affecting because it isn t just the land or just the weather or just the people or just the animals it s also politics and infrastructure and social classes and our way of life and it s just ALL connected And on and on I keep talking about this book and its incredible super effective ALL connected And on and on I keep talking about this book and its incredible super effective to everyone around me who will listen That s a sign this book is working Very good ead Everyone should Britain, Europe And The Third World read this Per FTCules I Scotland Yard received this book as a GoodReads First Reads giveawayBrilliant This book couldeally use 6 stars I had decided somewhat prematurely I suppose that graphic novels were not my bag However this one has changed my mind completely Well esearched impeccably drawn brilliantly written M Suarzoni has created a multi layered tale of his conception of the book and a devastating look at the problems associated with climate change and how to deal with it This book should be a must ead for all current and future climatologists political scientists economistsanyone Unverified: A Novel really with a vested interest in how this world is cared for or destroyed by the humanace If you Grand Teton Explorers Guide re unsure about climate change and how it affects you and what to do about it this book will certainly prepare you to answer those uestionsbut it will also leave you with uestions ones you didn t imagine And unfortunately it doesn t provide all the answers or even the answers you expected But such is the world we have created In the interest of full disclosure I m an ardent proponent of doing whatever is necessary toeverse the climatic trends we currently see in our world I don t think enough is being done Even so this book left me concerned and confused at times because even I have far to go in terms of UFO Crash at Roswell: The Genesis of a Modern Myth reducing my energy consumption which is the ultimate bottom line Anywayegardless of which side of the fence you Peig: The Autobiography of Peig Sayers of the Great Blasket Island re on we all live on the same planet and I highlyecommend this book to begin your own journey. Ides a Löwen wecken realistic balanced view of the magnitude of the crisis that An Inconvenient Truth only touched on Climate Changed is printed on FSC certified paper fromesponsibly managed environmentally sound sources Find teaching guides for Climate Changed and other titles at abramsbookscomresource.

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