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He seems to revel in The Attention Given To Him attention given to him bask in the limelight of his success The type who thinks you should kiss the ground he walks onLottie knows all of this and and yet there is that little voice in her head saying go getcha some of that sweet hotness Yeh those voices in the head they can be pretty noisy in the temptation department and fairly uiet when it comes to giving good advice Acting on lust instinct instead of gut instinct might just take Lottie down a path she will regretOr will she Acting on lust instinct instead of gut instinct might just take Lottie down a path she will regretOr will she seems as if the Rob she knew wasn t really ver the real Rob at all "Or Is The New Rob "is the new Rob an act to seduce Lottie out the kitchen and into his bedThis story connects to the characters Sean and Dee from Trouble On Her Doorstep They both make an appearance in this tasty tale of romanceI received a copy of this book courtesy of Harleuin UK and Mills Boon Okay so I m in a bit of a Harleuin mood No 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) easier way to get some books read though I burn through them and definitelynjoy them D This one was a bit rocky in the beginning but he proved himself uickly nough Loved Lottie 35 starsit was cute. Ble2 Keep your cool Rob is not a safe bet so don't let him see that he gets you hot under your apron3 If 1 and 2 fail indulge in a wild fling with said inappropriate man Because remember wild nigh. ,

Review Posted on HarleuinJunkiecom 45 StarsLottie knew somewhere in the back of her mind that she d see Rob Beresford again someday Dee was her very best friend and she d most likely be marrying Rob s stepbrother someday However she wasn t prepared to see him now At an art gallery where she was contracted to make all the food Of course he didn t remember her from Eve not ven if he d almost ruined her career Read More Hero and heroine are both chefs He s one of those angry chef types She s not going to put up with that but she s helped him out with his bipolar mother so "he owes her She runs a tea room with his sister in law "owes her She runs a tea room with his sister in law does the tea The heroine does the cakes and other goodies Nice the tea The heroine does the cakes and other goodies Nice 37 They say verything happens for a reason The good the bad and the ugly thingsExcept Lottie doesn t really buy into all that fandangled New Agey paths we take gobbledygook as far as she is concerned Rob is the reason she isn t where she should have been in her career despite the fact she has done really well for herselfNot that Rob remembers being the obstacle in her cosmic path or her for that matter. Lottie's top tips for dating1 Ignore all
from inappropriate men Celebrity chef notorious heartbreaker Rob Beresford can certainly flirt but that doesn't mean his intentions are honora. I njoyed Rob in the last book and was happy to see he got his own story And who better to put this cocky chef up against than the feisty Lottie who he fired years ago We get to learn some secrets about both characters and they keep us well Why Photography Matters entertained on the journey Though they do have a sexual relationship we don t have to read the details and that makes a book muchnjoyable for me It was fun to reconnect with Dee and Sean from last book also A weak 3 stars I Liked It Well liked it well for a lazy Sunny Sunday morning reading It s not innovative nor is it bad It s just that the plot is concentrated over a few days and I find it difficult to believe that two grown Up Adult With Demanding Careers Would Act adult with demanding careers would act way Letty aka Charlie aka Charlotte and Rob do I did like that Harrington didn t shy away from the impact mental illness has on the immediate family It s rare to find a well Doreen Valiente Witch enough balanced view of depressionbipolarity It was a good read for a lazy Sunday morning in the sun 355 C The hero though flawed hasnough redeeming features to make a spunky Lottie his perfect match RT Book Reviews 4 stars. Ts with no strings "Attached Are This Man's "are this man's Lottie is about to discover that Rob has a few secret ingredients to add to the mix which could make her throw her tips out the window forev.

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The Secret Ingredient

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