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Ungle again I hadn t done it for years and I recollected my memories of FNM concerts in Hungary again So long story short Thank you I am much interested in the subject matter or this rating would have probably been lower Prato has an annoying knack of referring to parts of the body with cutsey names like a head is a noggin a chin referring to parts of the body with cutsey names like a head is a noggin a chin a chinny chin chinThe writing as sort of juvenile and I am big fans of both bands so there was

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any new information glean But I love Faith No More and "Mr Bungle so much it s hard to give to bad a rating "Bungle so much it s hard to give to bad a rating the subject matter I must first mention that I may be biased as I love both of these bands and consider them integral to my sense of what music is and can be That being said I really think that the author did a great job There is a lot to take away from this book The facts and interviews are presented objectively are organized chronologically and flow well I felt as though I was walking through my past albeit with some great new information as I read I really liked the Bungle sections as the band has often been very lusive It Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival even had me listening along at many points to the album featured in the chapter I was reading In short I reallynjoyed this from start to finish If you are into ither of the bands or Mike Patton you really should get this. Of Painsolo artist Mike Fleischmann Vision of Disorder John Garcia Vista Chinoex Kyuss Mitts Madball Angelo Moore Fishbone Jason Newsted Newstedex Metallica Travis Stever Coheed and Cambria Kim Thayil Soundgarden Devin Townsend Devin Townsend Projectex Strapping Young Lad Ville Valo HIM and Jeff Walker Carcass Finally a complete and thorough overview of Faith No More and Mr Bungle's careersstrap yourself in andor hold on tigh. ,

Decent book but I can t figure out why our humble as he states a few times author ven decided to include Mr Bungle in his companion It seems he dismisses a lot of their work casually and barely covers the band members or their work at all compared to the space he gives FNM Probably Bungle could ve been covered in a chapter in a Faith No More Companion Rather Than Including Mr Bungle In No More companion rather than including Mr Bungle in titlePlus a lot of space "is given to members of unassociated bands giving their impressions of FNM and Bungle Who cares a lot what they think "given to members of unassociated bands giving their impressions of FNM and Bungle Who cares a lot what they think parts of this book that actually focused on the histories and "Legacies Of These Two Great Bands Were "of these two great bands were Unfortunately the author inexplicably felt compelled to insert the thoughts of rock star wannabes such as Wes Borland Mitts and Everlast Who the hell cares what they think of FNM or Mr Bungle The biographical content in the book was so minimal that it was depressing Read this based on a review because I am a huge Mike Patton fan Didn t xpect much but found out a number of things about the bands that I had not previously read Easy to tell the author is a rockmetal guy any of the music that strayed away from those genres did not receive unbiased treatment For hardcore fans only ANON Cobbled together from various articles printed about the band over the ye. Place any musical style in front of Faith No More and seemingly a timeless song of their own would soon be created Between 1985 1997 Faith No More issued six full length recordings including such classic titles as 'The Real Thing' and 'Angel Dust' and in the process influenced countless musicians throughout the world But that's not to say it was smooth sailing members coming and going inter band bickering never being the toas. ,

Ars Unimaginative and poorly written I have mixed "feelings toward this As a FNM fan I was really really happy when I heard about this "toward this book As a FNM I was really really happy when I heard about this therefore I couldn t wait to read itWhat I liked the structure of this book and how Prato let the musicians speak He collected the materials from different interviews not only his but by many othersand put into one coherent text I also liked that he uoted by not always FNM fan well known musicians as well members of Kyuss Soundgarden Sepultura HIM Korn Ozzy and many many othersWhat I didn t like I started to count the word of aforementioned together 21 5 times on the first 17 pages since not once I
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it twice on same page I remember that the very first and only one synonymus phrase was on the page of 130 previously mentioned Despite I am not an English xpert but I am good at linguistics I found it a little bit annoyingI also missed a chapter about Peeping Tom and Mondo Cane I know that the title says FNM and Mr Bungle but there were chapters about other side projects so I believe those aforementioned ones could have been mentioned too If Patton shitting habits got one whole chapter why those can t get anyOn the whole I really like the book and I appreciate Greg Prato s fforts very much to write this book Along with the book I listened to Mr T of the critics tc And much of the same could be said about the zanier Mr Bungle which also featured FNM singer Mike Patton Now for the first time ver there is a book that xplores and analyzes both bands' histories 'The Faith No More Mr Bungle Companion' Interviews include Wes Borland Black Light BurnsLimp Bizkit Max Cavalera Soulflyex Sepultura Johnny Christ Avenged Sevenfold Gilby Clarke x Guns N' Roses Everlast House. The Faith No More Mr Bungle Companion

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