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Presence submissive to the demands of others p 284 In this way both Naples and Ischia are also characters in the story in how they orm the personality of the protagonists The real problem or Elena is her own lack of self identity self love Their passion invaded me disturbed me I loved them both and so I couldn t love myself eel myself affirm myself with a need Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?: And Other Notorious Nursery Tale Mysteries for life of my own one that had the same blind muteorce as theirs So it seemed to me p 284 There is a gorgeous passage on page 289 of soul searching on the beach where we Seal Team Seven 11: Flashpoint: Flashpoint feel her pain her alienationrom herself that was literally painful to read Lila is right the beauty of things is a trick the sky is the throne of An Innocent in Cuba fear Powerful words Water and the sea are a consistent metaphoror the narrator s self loathing And if on the surface my condition might seem solid compact here instead beside Lila I elt sodden earth too soaked with water p 294 Yet it is at this point after the ateful night away rom Nunzio that Elena starts to change once again and ind herself This passage was brilliant And her life continuously appears in mine in the words that I ve uttered in which there s often an echo of hers in a particular gesture that is an adaptation of a gesture of hers in my less which is such because of her in my which is the yielding to the Matka alkaa (Etsijät force of her less Not to mention what she never said but let me guess what I didn t know and read later in her notebooks Thus the story of theacts has to reckon with Strange Star filters deferments partial truths half liesrom it comes an arduous measurement of time passed that is based completely on the unreliable measuring device of words p 337 And yet those words are where Elena will Too Big for Diapers (Sesame Street) find vindication and meaning as she isinally able to put them on paper and write her Seven Nights to Forever first book This comes of course after tribulation in Pisa where Elenaeels the social distance between her and the academic society Gone was the pleasure of re educating my voice my gestures my way of dressing and walking as if I were competing or the prize of the best disguise the mask worn so well that is was almost a ace p 400 This passage reminded me a lot of the Bal des Masues in Le Temps Retrouv And it is precisely at this moment of reflection that she writes her book I can t wait to read the third volume of this series and can t emphasize enough how engaging a read these books are I hope my review will incite you to read or reread this magnificent book C mon library hurry up 45 starsYes it s Lila who makes writing difficult My life orced me to imagine what hers would have been if what happened to me had happened to her what use she would have made of my luck And her life continuously appears in mine in the words that I ve uttered in which there s often an echo of hers in my less which is such because of her in my which is the yielding to the orce of her lessThis second book in Elena Ferrante s Neapolitan series continues the story of two childhood Carvalho und die Meere des Südens friends now young adults Lila and Elena Just as riveting as My Brilliant Friend The Story of a New Name captured my attentionrom page one It s uite dramatic really and I The Science of Single: One Woman's Grand Experiment in Modern Dating, Creating Chemistry, and Finding L ove found that at times my head was spinningrom the depth of the penetrating look at the lives behaviors motivations and innermost thoughts of this pair Now a book that sets my head spinning can be a good thing and it was here An accomplished writer like Ferrante can draw you in like you are watching the drama play out right in Sarah Conley front of you It did reuire however a step backrom time to time to relax and catch my breath A bit of re energizing is necessary to take it all in Imagine yourself a teenager still with all the complexities of emotions the uncertainties the jealousies and the sometimes rash behaviors attributed to you and your Ninja Slice friends and acuaintances But now add in a degree of poverty that most of us areortunately not accustomed to violence that I pray most are not subjected to and the expectations and obstacles Inbox faced by women in the late 1950s and early 1960s This is precisely what Lila and Elena deal with and what we as readers are privy to through the lens provided to us Now if you haven t read theirst book in the series you may want to stop reading this review at this point I m not revealing any spoilers but I personally didn t want any details before reading and you may eel the same I just want to talk about Lila and Elena a little bit Throughout the novel I ound myself reflecting on the two and who was better off who the stronger of the two characters etc I think the opening uote to my review really sums up the relationship between the two and I came to my own conclusion whether right or wrong that each completes the other Elena conclusion whether right or wrong that each completes the other Elena have had educational opportunities but without The Encouragement Of Lila As encouragement of Lila as as a sense of competition she may not have had the drive to take advantage of those opportunities Lila A Touch of Gold finds herself in a marriage that does not suit herrom the beginning but she will ight or something She has material possessions and after all wasn t that the dream these two had as little girls Wasn t that the goal of going to school and receiving an education They wanted to become rich But happiness is elusive Perhaps riches are not enough Is it too late to re make oneself and achieve something I think Lila can sustain herself knowing that Elena has been successful with her studies Maybe there are ways to rise above the poverty and the violence of the neighborhood other than money The narrative is written Hunch: Turn Your Everyday Insights Into the Next Big Thing from Elena s point of view but we also get occasional glimpsesrom Lila s point of view through a series of notebooks she entrusted to Elena Notebooks that Elena was not given permission to read but that is neither here nor there If your best riend gave you her diary or safekeeping what would you do Maybe your Cancer Has Its Privileges: Stories of Hope and Laughter friend gave you the diary because she couldn t express the deepesteelings in her heart and she knew that you would not be able to resist In this way you can share your thoughts in a less confrontational manner perhaps I don t really know but it was certainly a clever means Az éltető étkek arany szutrája for us to glean than just Elena s point of view here I don t know that I can say much about this book or this series it s one that I could contemplateor an indefinite amount of time So much happens in these pages but none of it is confusing There are a lot of names and variations of names A Grid for Murder for the same person A guide at theront of the book helps with this Otherwise it Painted Desert flows seamlessly and is written skillfully There is drama but I don t mean to say it s melodramatic Not in the least I will admit that it is addicting Oh and that ending I will read the next in the series albeit with a bit of a break in between Iinished Elena Ferrante s second volume a Appetite few hours ago and I m overwhelmed by her power She writes with heringers stuck inside a electric plug She drills and drills all the way through the tiniest sensation till she reaches raw matter The story of the New Name is even entrancing than My brilliant riend the irst volume of the trilogy which I devoured Lila and Lena the two protagonists of volume one are now two women Their love hate relationship grows intricate so does their intellectual competition What a wonderful deep contradictory at times morbid violent yet luminous yet brilliant world does Ferrante s voice evoke I urge you to get your hands on this magnificent saga What s your ugly placeWe all have one We all have a place we uite deliberately do not go to That we are aware is there but have developed systems and defensive walls and jokes and denials in order to keep it out of the light of day It s the place you can t help but end up sometimes when something particularly embarrassing happens to you something tragic an epiphany about yourself that you didn t particularly want occurs to you It s the place where you were the person you never ever wanted to be lives and the memories of when that person came out that one time that you never want to think about againThat deep down dark pit of your stomach eeling that s welling up and over as that image comes to your brain That s it That s the visceral level of vulnerability insecurity ugliness and pain that I saw there And there is where you need to be to understand everything I m about to tell youBecause that place is where this novel goes This thing hit me where I live Which means as you can probably tell already that reading Story of a New Name is not something I would recommend or anyone in a Pure Grit fragile emotional state It isn tor anyone who is still too close to being an insecure bookish not uite teenager any with major self esteem issues Even a Apple-Picking Day! few years ago I think reading this might have sent me into a depressive melodramatic spiral like when I saw Melancholia which had to have been the literal worst thing I could have chosen to see while writing my thesis in aoreign country at a school ull of people smarter than me I saw it three times and lost a weekend before I could see straight againWhich is what may happen with Elena Ferrante Which is totally insane when you read these books objectively Or at least I think it would be I have no way of really telling right now Her style is or the most part this totally bare bald Ajax is All About Attack faced thing that just tells you exactly what is happening to her characters in their mundane perfectly ordinary 1960s poor Italian lives The engine driving the drama that the things that keep happening keep right on damn happening to them and the second volume is no better Ferrante is as merciless as time marching on without a thoughtor her characters and their development who really could use some time in this stage of their personal development or other Ferrante like the harsh Naples neighborhood she raises her characters in doesn t allow herself to give a damn I can absolutely guarantee you whatever you sign up America the Philosophical for you should sign upor some shit happens and very little mercy granted because that s how it goes with Ferrante Sometimes I think that the main narrator s school and career arc is the mercy bone she threw us just to keep us The Northmans Bride (Sons of the North from looking awayThe second volume of this seriesocuses on the girls late adolescence and post adolescence the years that or most of us would be covered by late high school college and your irst post college job As with the The Northman's Bride first novel the pages of the novel are covered over with a powerful atmosphere that burns right through the pages until you re sitting right with Lila and Elena with sand in your outdated bathing suit on the beach at Ischia standing on a street corner watching a toolashy sports car go by catching a glimpse of a movie star that looks like your Blood Trails: The Combat Diary of a Foot Soldier in Vietnam friend with Elena in a cramped corner of a bedroom like a modern Italian Fanny Price angrily swatting at mosuitoes and trying to keep still in the suffocating heat The courtyards of broken glass wailingrom the windows and women uncommented upon wearing bruises to work the next day is as sickeningly evoked as ever One of the Cherry Bomb fascinating atmospheric elements that Ferrante added demonstrated the stage of development where you become aware that you are not the center of the universe in a variety of ways in this caseor characters living in poverty and powerlessness most of them borne in orcibly upon you whether you like it or not Ferrante starts to introduce the gradual intrusion of politics it or not Ferrante starts to introduce the gradual intrusion of politics political identity tellingly it mostly shows in one tribal identity one way or the kids to divide themselves mostly in increased accusations of Fascist pig and Red communist thrown around in place of remarks on one s ace and person and one kid going to one meeting and one going to another Elena also encounters this world but again not in itself but as a piece of currency in the game of the class system another piece of another kind of tribal mask that she s trying hard to don Professor Airota and his daughter had or example affectionate skirmishes on political subjects that I had heard about The Single Girl's Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, and His Ex-Wife: Becoming a Stepmother with Humor and Grace from Pasualerom Nino but whose substance I knew almost nothing about Arguments like you ve been trapped by inter class collaboration you call it a trap I call it mediation mediation in which the Christian Democrats always and only win you re not reforming a thing in our place what would you do revolution revolution and revolution revolution is taking Italy out of the middle ages Like that a swift back and When Red Cried Wolf forth a polemical exercise that they both obviously enjoyed What I had never had and I now knew would always lack What was it I wasn t able to say precisely the training perhaps toeel that th. S dieciséis años acaba de casarse con un hombre al ue desprecia La otra ue escucha la sigue y sin uerer la imita es Nanú una alumna brillante empeñada en aprender de los libros todo auello ue Lila aprende de la vida a secasAsí en este rebote de sensaciones se desarrolla una amistad muy peculiar una relación donde la complicidad es ley Basta una mirada de Lila para ue Nanú entienda ué pasa realmente en el dormitorio de su amiga Bas. Storia del nuovo cognomeElena Ferrante is an absolute marvel This was utterly ravishing How does she do it Structurally her novels could hardly be conservative her subject matter the raught The World in the Curl: An Unconventional History of Surfing friendship of two women has been done to death And yet you re constantly left with theeeling that no one has ever done what she does before Or at least no one has done it with such searing insight and Song of the Forest freshness Only a handful of writers can undress and get to the heart of women as lucidly and thrillingly as Ferrante Theirst hundred pages especially were uite simply a dazzling display of a writer removing all the paint and powder rom a woman s ace mask and showing us the naked truths beneath Ferrante is like a kind of dream psychoanalysis She dispels all the A Constellation of Vital Phenomena fog unravels all the knots of a woman s deepesteeling and elucidates in simple language the ount the hidden motive She always knows the secret as to why her women are doing what they do She once said in an interview that her ambition was to make the acts of ordinary life gripping She achieves this by elucidating the emotionalmotivational source of many of these Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights facts She also has this extraordinary talentor easing into her narrative and explaining difficult subjects without sacrificing a single beat of the Still Life with Chickens fabulous driving momentum of her story There are no divergences in this novel every line is intrinsic to understanding Elena and Lila s struggles to achieve identity and autonomy For example the domestic violence in this novel is all the powerfully disturbingor the lack of emphasis she gives it as if it s no extraordinary than a trip to the shops It makes the domestic violence in Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea for example A Girl Is a Halformed Thing seem written up and theatrical In Paradox Bound fact the ease with which sheeeds hugely complex and pivotal experience into her narrative makes most other contemporary novelists seem a bit written up and theatrical There s a leet ooted breeziness to Ferrante s storytelling which is uite simply bewitching in its ease of assurance I put off reading this STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare for ages becauseor some reason I thought it might be a disappointment after My Brilliant Friend On the contrary it s even better For your whole life you love people and you never really know who they are Nunzia to Len p215This one s a heartbreaker So exuisitely rendered that you ll recognize your own hideous pain rising up to assail you again dear Reader your losses your miseries in the cause of love Ferrante makes universal the disparate pain all loving creatures suffer Toward the end when reality becomes too much or some of the characters they descend into scarily dissociative states that surprise and rattleThe novel s narrative pleasure is dizzying Every action naturally olds into the next the continuity is superb The clarity is extraordinary it never relents I Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays found myself slowing down to take in the richness as I would when reading a poem That s the paradox Ferrante incites in readers between wanting to gallop through the stunning tale to just gobble it up like cake and slowing down to take in the beauty of its structure and languageIt s the early 1960s in Naples and Lina Carracci n e Cerullo is newly and miserably married and living in virtual purdah with her husband Stefano whom she has uickly learned to hate because he is a tool of the Solaras who are Cammora Mr and Mrs Carracci live uite well in a new apartment with modern decor and lots of money because of their connection to these local criminals Lina we will recallrom volume one My Brilliant Friend was unable to go on with her education at age ten or so and was made to work in her Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All father s shoe shop Her chance of a higher education gone even though she was the smartest girl in the school she then had to resort to other means of self advancement namely marriage In the early going here it s not going so well Sheeels not without justification that Stefano tricked her into marriage So she refuses him the great gift and he beats her to a I m still a bit puzzled about the phenomen that Ferrante s cycle is I don t What a Lass Wants find writing particuralry brilliant I think I didn t mark any single uote here and yet enjoyed the story I thought it was very predictible at times I could see what was coming and mostly hadn t been suprised by the course of events and still kept reading I can t say it was innovative or imaginative yet Ferrante managed to draw me in her world entirely Maybe I m mistaken but as I mentioned in the review of MBF I still haven t spotted in the second volume anything to not maintain that Ferrante is excorcising her past Her writing hereeels too intimate too personal to think about this one only as a ictional story Perhaps her case is similar to other writers including Edward St Aubyn and his Patrick Melrose or My struggle by Karl Ove Knausg rd that I m reading now and this is her way to deal with the demons of the past a necessary step on the way to move on to inally let goI ve returned to Lila and Elena story after over two years and I Mexican Hooker find myself still engaged in their story and difficultriendship the relationship that actually The League for the Suppression of Celery feels like challenging than supporting each others I was suprised how easily I entered their lives again and how much I rememberdrom the previous tome Of course some names eluded me but the main protagonists didn t The Thirteen-Gun Salute fade in my memory Like in theirst installment this one bases on choices girls had made already and its aftermaths It s useless to describing the plot Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery for you either buy this story or not either you re involved and concerned theirates or are bored and somewhat dismissive like you know such things still happen so what s the point to write hundreds pages about it I or my part was really engaged rom the The Day Fidel Died first page and thought that strength of the novel lies just in this meticulous description this detailed dissection this ugly at times mundanity and sheer ordinariness of their lives The Story of a New Name is about losing old self and identity and by adopting a new name the husband s nameorging the new one It s about struggling to remain oneself in mostly man s world where masculine point of view is sanctity and it s highly unreasonable to defy established order It s about violence womens were still subjected to and time honoured agreement to it It s about humilitian that not only athers or husbands deliver but also women to themselves It s about attempting to break the vicious circle of poverty and misery by abandoning not only amily home not even a uarter and neighbourhood but also a city if it needsLila s igure is complicated one and she is ar reckless rebellious and untamed than in the Gulp!: The Seven-Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge first volume she hurts and degradates Elena because she herself is a victim Their relationship once again isull of mutual resentments and envy and admiration and their sense of closeness and precarious Ferrante doesn t shy away The Outlaw and the Upstart King from speaking of violence and abuse and rape and wife beaters she bluntly describes the uglyace of Lila s marriage and where and why it ailed She lets us know the moment when the girls young women actually had to acknowledge the truth that no matter what they would do no matter how much money Lila has now or how educated Elena is they still would have no chance with thoroughbred that true class and natural grace is not to buy or imitateI think I m enjoying the story because it has an air of something tangible it s like hearing about people you know in real life people you re supporting in their struggling I don t expect anything spectacular or lamboyant or bigger than life And I think I ll stop here This novel broke my heart It broke my heart so badly that I had to stop reading it Standing By: The Making of an American Military Family in a Time of War for aew days to recoverThis is the second book of Elena FERRANTE S NEAPOLITAN SERIES AND IT s Neapolitan series and it Elena and Lila rom their teenage years and into their early 20s Their neighborhood in Naples is still rough and violent in the 1960s but Lila s marriage to the wealthy grocer Stefano allows her to climb out of the poverty The two riends were often competitive especially about school but in book two they are also competitive about menWhich brings me to why this novel broke my heart It s hard to talk about this book without spoilers so I shall hide it Stories for a Kindred Heart: Over 100 Treasures to Touch Your Soul for those who don t want to know yet view spoilerElena who is our narrator has been in love with Nino Sarratore since they were children Nino is smart and driven but also uiet and elusive While on vacation the beautiful Lila steals Nino away and the two begin an affair Lila insists she sallen in love with Nino and wants to leave her husband Meanwhile Elena is so depressed over losing her chance with Nino that she ends up in a situation where she s seduced you could also say raped by Nino s creepy Concrete And Wild Carrot father hide spoiler This is a marvelous novel with heart and soul Neapolitan heart and soul that is The second installment in theamous Elena Ferrante tetralogy Speak Through the Wind for me anyway exceeded theirst book in originality and plot line I Stories for a Teen's Heart found it moving and a very uick read despite its nearly 500 page lengthFor this review I wanted toocus on the title and the importance of names in Ferrante s work First off there is it seems to me a Proustian reference here to Le nom du pays Le nom which is the somewhat ambiguous subtitle of one of the early sections of La Recherche du Temps Perdu There are some similarities between Proust s style of describing Marcel s youth to how Ms Ferrante describes Elena s youth There is also a second subtle Proustian techniue we learn in this book that the narrator writes her irst book and publishes it under her name Elena and we know the author s name is given as Elena so as the same ambiguity exists between Marcel and Elena the narrators Marcel and Elena the characters and Marcel and Elena the authors of the book Underneath this in the narrative itself names play a huge role in the story The and I apologize or the overwrought term ambiguity once again ambiguous rontier between ElenaLinaLenucchia and LilaLen is apparent in their names and their nicknames As an aside is it me or does the Italian language have an incredible plethora of nicknames Elena s search or identity is complex and goes through ups and downs a reason or this is precisely how hard it is or her to distinguish herself rom Lila in her own head complex because their trajectories their looks their amilies are both so incredibly different and yet Elena has this magnetic inevitable attraction to her The Best Canadian Animal Stories: Classic Tales by Master Storytellers friend and this impedes her searchor selfWe pick up the lives of Lila and Elena in the 60s after Lila s mariage to Stefano and during Elena s studies in high school and at university in Pisa The themes that were present in My Brilliant Friend resonate here once again especially those of the subjugation of women and the problems of class Elena s sexual initiation and the battering of Lila by Stefano serve as examples of the The Vagabonds former whereas both characters struggles to escape the Neopolitan slums permeate both of their stories Whatascinates me as a reader is the raw realistic descriptions of Elena s success in gaining some recognition in good society and her complex The Gilgul of Park Avenue feelings of shame and pride that envelope her Asor Lila her attempts to escape her disastrous mariage lead her to mistreat Elena time and time again and despite her heart stopping beauty and sensuality she seems inescapably tied to the neighborhood the Camorra as represented by the Solari brothers and her dialect which binds her to her The Last of the Renshai fate as well What also strikes me is the lucid interpretation of the characters actions When Nino kisses Elena on the cheek and thenatefully Lila In his view it meant Let s get rid of all the Even Eagles Need a Push: Learning to Soar in a Changing World filters that prevent usrom ully savoring our being here and now real p 223 This is actually another theme of the book how do we live authentically despite the constraints of our culture and our upbringing The dialogs are rapid ire and ull of irony and meaning I regret that I cannot read in Italian because I imagine that the passages between Italian and dialect and the intertextual inferences must be even better in the original The perception of our own self deception on a daily basis also pervades the text There are "moments when we resort to senseless ormulations and advance absurd claims to hide straightforward eelings p 271 is a "when we resort to senseless ormulations and advance absurd claims to hide straightforward The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole feelings p 271 is a truth that is observed by the narrator again and again Time and time again Elena is led down corridors of moral ambivalence I was there on the island the air stirred by the cab s movement assailed me with the intense odors of the vegetationrom which the night was evaporating But it was a mortified. Ella me demostró ue yo no había ganado nada simplemente porue en este mundo nuestro no había nada ue ganary lo ue de verdad valía la pena era verse de vez en cuando para ue el sonido enlouecido de nuestras mentes uera rebotando de la una a la otra sin pararElla es una mujer hermosa alocada y su nombre es Lila Es la misma niña ue conocimos en La amiga estupenda el primer tomo de esta espléndida trilogía y ahora recién cumplidos lo. ,