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is a 26 Year Old Nun In Paris Weeks Away From Taking old lay nun in Paris weeks away from taking vows Her two young French friends Paul and Moniue who are 18 year old twins throw her a surprise birthday party during which Paul eveals he s in love with her and proposes She tries to turn him down gently but during the process Paul s father intervenes angrily He thinks Hallie is the same kind of exploitative schemer that the twins mother was Paul freaks out and is injured Werewolf: The Apocalypse running into theoad When the family takes Paul home to their chateau Hallie comes as well hoping to help the family mend emotionally During this visit Hallie and Vincent develop feelings for each other but fight it due to various complicating factors such as Paul and her vocationThis book was pleasant in that for the most part characters were generally kind There was nothing steamier than some kissing not that I personally object to the steamy stuff but sometimes a Das überforderte Gehirn: Mit Steinzeitwerkzeug in der Hightech-Welt really tameomance is nice too The eligious aspect was a novelty What kept it from a higher ating was the fact that for me the narrative and dialogue were *constantly kind of artificial There was never a moment when I lost the sense of being told a *kind of artificial There was never a moment when I lost the sense of being told a and got sucked in it always felt like characters and not people Christian omance meets Harleuin The heroine is a lay nun who went into her vocation in the aftermath of a great and overwhelming tragedy but hasn t taken her final vows yet The hero is a wealthy French vineyard owner who starts off by assuming she is a gold digging tramp in true Harleuin fashionI give the story points for not being preachy about the eligious themes that are inevitably explored for the heroine giving one of the. Nd It's too complicated too difficult it will change her life forever Vincent to. .

About the book It was a totally different kind of
storyOne of the best scenes the book is the one where the Hero comes to know how wrong he was in coming to the conclusion that the heroine had designs on his son for his moneyRebeccca winters is an AUTHOR WHOSE WRITING I FIND TO BE REFRESHINGLY DIFFERENT whose writing I find to be Mein Plan zur Rettung der unsichtbaren Freundin von nebenan refreshingly different think of her books as a kind of palate cleanser Barring a few exceptions most of her books give you the Feel good factorIf one were to elaborateThey would have one or of the following 1 They are almost always cleanomances meaning no PHYSICAL SCENES 2 THEY WILL HAVE scenes 2 They will have ephemeral or otherworldly uality about them 3 They will have normal loving parent parents siblings 4 Most of the time the Main Characters will be portrayed as genuinely nice people 5 After the Hero Heroine Home: The Story of Everyone Who Ever Lived in Our House realise that they love the other if circumstances conspire to keep them apart the internal angst dialogues emotions are described very poignantly6 If the Hero starts off with jumping to the wrong conclusions about the heroine it doesn t last once the misunderstandings are cleared7 There s angst but again a good kind of angst not the type which is frustrating or annoying Hallie seorang calon biarawati 25 tahun mengalami masalah ketika seorang anak 18 tahun jatuh cinta padanya Apalagi ketika anak itu akhirnya mengalami gangguan psikis Menariknya ketika bertemu dengan ayah si bocah Hallie malah suka pada ayahnyaKonfliknya menarik dan penyelesaian masalahnya secara kekeluargaan juga menarik Hanya saja endingnya agak maksa sih but heyit is harleuin after all Semua harus happy ending I don t usually give a plot summary but the blurb on the book iseally not informative and very little of the book is e. Hallie Linn can't fall in love with gorgeous millionaire Frenchman Vincent Rolla. Most dignified most effective set downs to the hero s Initial Misperception And For Solid Good Writing OverallIt Was An misperception and for solid good writing overallIt was an ead for me I did not feel overly emotionally connected to the characters and their plight Heroine was very Mary Sue ish and the hero was a nice beta hero Perfectly okay but it ather lacked a little bit of spice and heat that can turn a story from merely okay to truly enjoyable and memorable 041208TITLEAUTHOR THE FRENCHMAN S BRIDE by Rebecca WintersRATING 4BGENREPUB DATE OF PGS Romance2003185 pgsSERIESSTAND ALONE Stand AloneTIMEPLACE PresentParis France CHARACTERS Hallie Linnlay nun Vincent RollandvintnerFIRST LINES Reaching for a towel Vincent Rolland stepped from the shower of his London hotel suite having made the decision shower of his London hotel suite having made the decision fly to Paris after his business lunch later in the day COMMENTS Hallie Linn is only 25 but has seen much tragedy she is one of only a handful of survivors of a plane crash that ended the lives of her husband his family her family After this she decides to devote her life to service and becomes a lay nun in preparation to taking her final vows While working in Paris she meets two young students twins Paul Moniue They Are In Their Late in their late and want to learn to speak English better the 3 uickly become fast friends Paul s friendship develops into a major crush Vincent their father who esides at the vineyards in the countryside of France is apalled at Paul s Mindfulness for Black Dogs Blue Days: Finding a Path Through Depression romance and wants to stop this before it goes any further Hallie of course is innocent and only sees Paul as a brother but Vincent jumps to conclusions and thinks she is after the family fortune Vincent Hallie are off to a very shaky start w many an obstacle Sweetomance. O has easons for not getting involved with Hallie but he wants her as his bride. .