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When he moves next door to widowed mom Janie Corbett and her three kids But Janie's been burned before and won't say yes unless Luke reconciles with his troubled past With the help of unless Luke reconciles with his troubled past With the help of stubborn woman three smart kids and a Cherished Labrador Retriever There Labrador retriever there be a family for Luke after


Finally a Family A Family for LukeTwo heartwarming novels by bestselling author Carolyne Aarsen FINALLY A FAMILY Hannah wants nothing to "DO WITH THE LANDS SHE INHERITED THEY ONLY "with the lands she inherited They only serve a reminder of her past heartbreak Yet she has to STAY SIX MONTHS AT RIVERBEND RANCH six months at Riverbend Ranch forfeit the rest of her inheritance That Eans six months of butting HEADS WITH HANDSOME CO OWNER ETHAN WESTERVELD MAKE with handsome co owner Ethan WESTERVELD SHE'LL MAKE SACRIFICE IF MEANS A UICK She'll make sacrifice if it means a uick But Hannah doesn't count on Ethan feeling like familyor that she'd want to stay forever A FAMILY FOR LUKE Luke Harris grew up without family Now it's all he wants Especially.