The Way You Aren't (EPUB)

The Way You Aren't

Karen White-Owens Å 8 Read

Ything she went through past and present The jokes the pranks and the harassment that she had to endure Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays from her co workers were just APPALLING Definitely not the type of behavior you would expectrom adults working or a major "corporation especially in this day and age when harassment is not tolerated in the workforceBrennan s character "especially in this day and age when harassment is not tolerated in the workforceBrennan s character likable enough I enjoyed the way he rescued Krista rom many of her mishaps which I must admit were sometimes uite comical and the way he stood up What a Lass Wants for her with their co workers But I was very disappointed when he decided to accept the bet I really hated the whole bet situation Brennan should have just walked away In my opinion he could have done the same thingor Krista witho. Alk awayin the game of love krista hamilton is The Game Of Love Krista Hamilton is She hides her insecurities behind dowdy clothes and a brilliant mind Always the butt of office jokes the last thing she expects is the attention of handsome and sexy Brennan Thomas But against her instincts she opens her heart only to discover that she is the object. ,
I learned that when you "do bets on people you end up liking the person then you exspected Just trying "bets on people you end up liking the person then you exspected Just trying picture Krista s hair and clothes had me cracking up I loved Brennan s character His intentions were really good rom the beginning and it was great how Liz helped Krista to come out of her shell this was a wonderful story Very good My Fair LadyThis is the irst novel I ve read by Mrs Karen White Owens and it was an okay read I must admit it WAS SLOW AT TIMES YET IT STILL HAD AN slow at times yet it still had an plot which kept me turning the pages I just had to know what would happen to KristaI thought the characters were well developed and some uite memorable I especially enjoyed Krista s character I TOTALLY empathized with ever. The Stakes Are High or successful advertising exec Brennan Thomas But when he's offered the chance to make partner he goes all out to win the new account Then his colleagues throw down another challenge transform geeky co worker Krista Hamilton rom a dud to a diva And when the money's on the table Brennan isn't one to Ut making a deal with Flynn Brennan saw SOMETHING in Krista her transformation it still elt like he didn t really become interested in her until she had her extreme makeover The changes that Liz encouraged Krista to make in her appearance really went a long way in building her confidence and giving her a bit of a backboneThe intimate encounters between Krista and Brennan were very sweet and sensual but the romance was definitely not as HOT STEAMY as it s portrayed on the "Cover And I Expected "And I expected little out of the ending All in all it was still a charming story I saw some of myself in the main character and it was nice to see her transition but not lose her sense of self Good read with a happy ending. Of an office dareAll Bets Are Off Unless Brennan can convince Krista that his eelings are sincere and that she is important to him than a partnership and all the money in the world Winning Krista's love is the biggest test he's ever Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery faced and he plans to succeed before it's too late But Krista has some demands of her own.

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