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D other reat minds but I was unsatisfied with any of the attemptsThe book has a very strong focus on language and disparages animal communication in contrast TO HUMAN LANGUAGE WHICH HE CALLS human language which he calls device of cognitive bootstrapping with which the brain can uide itself page 30On the topic of free will the author claims that we are aware of our options but unaware of decisions made by the brainstem that we are essentially observers of the inputs and outputs to an unconscious decision making #process the mind euipped brain s impression that #The mind euipped brain s impression that initiates wills and decides is therefore the traceable misconstruction of the thinking machine that has only half the data to o on the action alternatives it itself is BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. generating The other half the brain stem s decision making is inaccessible and therefore unknown to it Aware of the options it isenerating and that one of these is always implemented the mind concludes that it is all its own doing Without evidence to the contrary and insight into the brainstem s decision role the misconstruction remains unchallenged and the mind presumes that it has entelechy type of freedom pages 112 113 So many things in this book brought up issues and in the end I never felt in openly and honestly addressed the true origin of conscious development in the human speciesStating that we Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor gained or acuired certain capabilities in the mind without any theory or information to back it up left me with a very empty feeling and once again the belief that science or what passes for it will always be lacking in search for an explanation to the development of self conscious awareness it s function and usesTo that end I have been investigating and coming up with better answers on my own which I will publish in due time under the title Illuminating the Disconnect It may just be a uestion in need of little in the way of answer but in the way of how to only understand enough to know and accept what it is and how it works within us at being integrated into our being in a way that enables us to experience a joyful life within the context of all life around usThere were someood basic points made in this book by Zoltan about the simple mechanism of the levels of consciousness and how they relate to living but nothing new from what I rea. Uage how a brain subsystem for the emergent mind was built and why these developments are opaue to introspection We experience the brain's functional autonomy he argues as free will Torey proposes that once life began consciousness had to emerge because consciousness is the informational source of the brain's behavioral response Consciousness he argues is not a newly acuired uality cosmic principle circuitry arrangement or epiphenomenon as others have argued but an indispensable working component of the living system's manner of functioni. The Conscious MindClaims #in this book As Torey himself acknowledges the science is controversial and the science behind each #this book As Torey himself acknowledges the science is controversial and the science behind each deserves at least a acknowledges the science is controversial and the science behind each chapter deserves at least a by itself But the takeaway is not contingent on Torey Mr. Jelly's Business getting all the details right While we still don t have the exact details of every brain function there is no reason to believe there is anything mysterious about the mind There is a simple model that explains and integrates all the main findings of neurology psychology linguistics and introspection Consciousness language and freedom of choice are not something that transcend the physical brain they are are the output of functional subsystems of that brain These evolved in humans and enabled us to access imagine and evaluate different preenerated possible actionsTorey explains how this system works how it evolved and how it differs in humans compared to other animals He clears up the confusion between what should properly be called consciousness and other forms of awareness He explains how consciousness depends on the development of language and syntax and thus argues that consciousness is a purely human phenomena And he show how this model accounts for our functional autonomy the freedom we seem to haveHe also shows how this model predicts exactly the mental illusions we observe in ourselves and others Such a creature would have the impression of an observer alongside what is observed would notice thoughts popping into consciousness fully formed and would see these thoughts as the cause of the subseuent actions It would see itself as an uncaused causal agent an immortal and transcendent soul in charge of a physical bodyWe are physical animals that have evolved the abilities to use language monitor the senses imagine sense impressions that are not present evaluate and choose between different actions form mental models and theories of the world and think abo This is not one of the better books I ve read on the topic of consciousness for three reasons 1 Unlike Free Will Mark Balaguer s book in the same MIT series The Conscious Mind is written in a style that doesn t show much respect for others ideas 2 is riddled with assumptions and poor logic and 3 makes bold claims that the pages contain answers to many very difficult problems that have elude. Escribes the augmented functioning that underpins the emergent mind a new off line internal response system with which the brain accesses itself and then forms a selection mechanism for mentally enerated behavior options This functional breakthrough Torey argues explains how the animal brain's awareness became self accessible and reflective that is how the human brain acuired a conscious mind Consciousness unlike animal awareness is not a unitary phenomenon but a composite process Torey's account shows how protolanguage evolved into lang.


A really brilliant and that s not just my opinion short book detailing a theory of how the brain became aware of itself and developed into theory of how the brain became aware of itself and developed into self reflective mind with the capacity to monitor and thus withhold response ie the development of limited free will And it s beautifully and mostly fully comprehensibly written to boot Maybe it is a ood book but for me it was a difficult one I didn t understand much Excellent and accessible story of how consciousness and mind emerged from animal awareness I find that this study along with the book Incomplete Nature which I finished a few months earlier are the best yet conceptualizations of this process of developmentemergence Highly recommended I want to eventually attempt his The Crucible of Consciousness An Integrated Theory of Mind and Brain although it sounds rather dense and academic #AS OTHER REVIEWERS STATED THE BOOK IS INDEED DRY #other reviewers stated the book is indeed dry loaded with jargon It does not make it overly complicated to read however Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı given the size of the volume While the model by which the emergence of the conscious mind is uite well explained and interesting certain subjects seem to be simply dismissed as self evident or not worthetting even curious about For instance the possibility of computer based consciousness is refuted in an unsatisfying manner involving ualia ualia then lead to the uestion whether one may experience the colour red as someone else experience the colour blue Again rather uickly dismissive of philosophy this age old paradox is uickly solved By Some Logic Involving some logic involving and sunshinessunsets This was again very unsatisfactory and written in such a cut and dry manner that I was doubting myself a lot for not comprehending the irrefutable logic that was supposedly presented before me This being said the model proposed is worth reading about and seems to be rigorous than the AIualia segments It is an interesting read and deserves attention However the tone used made me very defensive and sceptical iven that it was written as a set of absolute facts proved by logic and with a level of certainty that is not so common in science Everything seemed as if they were true by definition This is the one book to read on consciousness I m not a neuroscientist so I can t evaluate all the detailed. How did the human mind emerge from the collection of neurons that makes up the brain How did the brain acuire self awareness functional autonomy language and the ability to think to understand itself and the world In this volume in the Essential Knowledge series Zoltan Torey offers an accessible and concise description of the evolutionary breakthrough that created the human mind Drawing on insights from evolutionary biology neuroscience and linguistics Torey reconstructs the seuence of events by which Homo erectus became Homo sapiens He ,

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