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SAME REVIEW ON Lots of people the Facebook group I m part of were raving about it At first I balked the price but were raving about it At first I balked at the price but I peeked at the sample and saw the table of contents I knew no 25 starsIt really could have been better It s ustthe dialogue seemed silly and I couldn t see the characters talking andor behaving in the given situations without rolling my eyes There was some attempt at characterization especially where the hero Rye was concerned For instance Rye started the wooing and courtship process of Lacey early on in the story even though he and she were kinda a throbbing mass of humping sex first during and until they got it right and his point of view was romantic and clued in than Lacey s Yet it was the interaction with his dad that was especially endearing and at least the most decent character exchange throughout the whole story Sometimes you never really tame a filly Sometimes you ust hope she slows down and lets you ump on every now and again Rye smiled Hell as long as I get to ride In any case this story wasn t horrible it ust wasn t grabbing enough It needed TLC or baking before it was let out of the oven Finallythis was a well written story in the midst of not so good IR books lately this was a very good read I highly recommend this read Rye and Lacey had a beautiful story So let me tell you about a Taste of Lacey If Lacey ain t the luckiest woman in the world then I don t know who is Homegirl is her own woman Homegirl is gorgeous Homegirl finds herself in the arms of a white dude who is fine successful rich and is um packing In the past he s experimented with his package which many a female has will and wants to attest to But now good ole Rye has his sights set on Miss Lacey and homeboy is working said package "Ain t a damn thing wrong with Rye Not a thing In fact Rye s entire package both brains included are "t a damn thing wrong with Rye Not a thing In fact Rye s entire package both brains included are all kinds of right by Lacey and as their relationship unfolds and progresses rather uickly I found myself falling in love with Rye despite his man whore past Everyone s got a past right Even prissy Lacey although her past is wrought with emotion failed romances and accusations of being an iced over yawn inducing frigid bore With Rye however those ualities are balanced out and lead to a little bit of drama and Love this I never thought I d be attracted to blond haired blue eyed types either but I fell in love with Ryder What s even amazing to me is the one and two star ratings this book received One comment stated the interactions of Ryder and Lacey were unreasonable there was no build up to their relationship I disagree The author explained in detail how. Lacey never thought she’d be attracted to the blond hair and blue eyed type but Rye was sexy as hell And she wanted him BadlyScratching a sexual itch for the hell of it was virgin territory to her but surely she could give in to the pleasure he offered if only for one night It didn’t matter

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Victory in the Struggle: Victory in the Christian Walk (Victory Series Book 1)
Taste of LaceyHad to say He was confident in who he was Talk about straight alpha in and out of the bedroom lawd now
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am on the and out of the bedroom lawd now I am on the searching for my own Rye Woot WootLacey on the other hand was such an analytical thinker about everything single thing and not that its a bad thing but at what point of being a grown woman can you tell people to mind their business and that you got this She allowed the words of others to fracture her mind about who her man Rye is to her I wanted to shake some serious sense into her too LOLI don t do spoilers I believe it takes away from the reader to draw their own conclusion of the story So I will leave you with this If you care to read a story that is of excellent substance If you care to read a story where you are rooting ferociously for the hero and the heroine well then this story is for youUntil My Next Review Ciao Bellas You know me as your friend learn me as your man400 stars The above uote from this book sums it up Ryder Rye McKay has known Lacey Bishop for nearly 30 years has her neighbor and brother s BBF One night following an event that she catered and while he waited to give her a ride home she gets some good news they hug and kiss and become sexually aroused and agree to a one night stand The one nighter grows to but she has trouble accepting his love and faithfulness to her because of her knowledge of him and her brother as players Nice story Laugh out loud good I love this book It has everything Lacey a beautiful independent business owner and Rye a sexy alpha engineer They decide that a one night only hookup would be a good idea Did I mention that they grew up next door to each other and that Rye is also Lacey s brother s best friend And believe me brother man is not happy Did I also mention that Rye is tall blue eyed and blond and Lacey isnot Let the games begin This book goes on the read again pile This is Lacey and Ryder s story The book grabbed my attention from page 1 and was a page turner and very engrossing Both Lacey and Ryder are likable characters each with a stubborn will of their own Their relationship is passionate intense and romanticBecause of Ryder s playboy past Lacey has trust issues and wonders whether their relationship can go the distance or will "he play her like all the others in his past Ryder does not give Lacey any cause to doubt "play her like all the others in his past Ryder does not give Lacey any cause to doubt she has to deal with her insecurities in order for their relationship to work Lacey also allows the views of her mother and brother to influence her decision making regarding her relationship with Ryder which only brings heartache and pain to both their livesGreat read I would highly recommend this boo. Ention so he couldn’t blame his raging need for Lacey on a dry spell Beyond her being a gorgeous woman he didn’t know what fueled his urgent hunger Her father and brother would probably want to kill him but he'd had a taste of Lacey and one ust wouldn't be enough The hard part Convincing her. .
Close Ryder and Lacey s brother Kyle were They grew up together Ryder and Lacey knew each other almost as close as siblings I can see them all of a sudden looking at each other through different lenses The story line was very plausible to me and I enjoyed the give and take of Ryder and Lacey s relationship Just a good old fashioned love story Love it Contemporary HOT Romance With A Realistic AlphaTaste of Lacey is a well written spicy romance book My favourite authors are Sylvia Day historical romances Suzanne Brockmann Pamela Clare contemporary Linda Howard Lori Foster and Sara McCarty I was searching and book websites for hot romance novels I usually download the book skim through it and end up returning because it s not long enough or not my cup of tea Taste of Lacey is a keeper Both the hero and heroine have very strong characters Lacey is a good match for Rye s caveman tendencies I also liked how the reader knew the depth of Rye s feelings before Lacey The family scenes and tension were realistic and at times funny I m looking forward to from this author What fantastic story about Rye and "LaceyThe author did such an amazing ob in creating two so believable and life like that you could not "author did such an amazing ob in creating two characters so believable and life like that you could not but be invested in them Ryder Rye McKay wasn t ust your typical man he is a straight up alpha He was a playboy extraordinaire the world was his oyster and he had a ob that he lovedLacey Bishop was business owner of Thyme s Catering she was her own woman she walked to her own beat and she loved being who she wasFriends for a long time Rye is best friends with her brother Kyle so this wasn t a chance meeting for they have always known each other But a chance encounter from Lacey s excitement of a kiss with Rye because her company s payoff for hosting the Mayor s fundraising was huge Led these two down a road that neither one of them expected It was an erotic epic encounter that drew Rye and Lacey like a moth to a flame It was passionate real scorching and painfulThese two had to learn to navigate the oftentimes choppy waters of love With disapproval s coming from some people insecurities Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth jealously discrimination fighting for the love to stay together and love each other unconditionally This is the story of a them both You will find yourself rooting for them yelling at people to mind their business It is in those uarrelsome times that you find outust what these two are made of and better yet can their love surviveYou watch as family and friends battle to be heard over what they believe is good for Lacey What I loved so much about Rye is that he didn t give a damn about what anybody. Hat he was her brother’s best friend Or that her focus should be on getting her business on solid footing Lacey Bishop independent logical black female was about to hit the sheets with the white boy next door She’d uestion her sanity laterRyder McKay wasn’t suffering from lack of female att. .