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Promises Kept The McBride Brothers #1Itutes at the local saloon and has no plans to marry her or any of the other women He Has Been Sexually Involved has been sexually involved would not recommend this author for anyone who is looking for InspirationalChristian romance and I do not plan to read any of her other books Rated 35 A historical western mail order bride novel with a surprise twist creates expectations for the rest of the series Western historical fans will rejoice in a new series to follow especially since the third book will release April 2016TBR Challenge 2016 Theme Recommended Read a book that was recommended to you Follow the discussion on this review and this challenge with other bloggers at my siteVictoria Eastman places an ad in the newspaper for a husband hoping for a positive future for herself and her boys She accepts an offer to meet the only man who didn t mention her wifely duties out of the several who answered her ad All her hopes and dreams for the future are scattered when she arrives in Wyoming Territory to learn that her possible future husband has diedColt McBride runs his family s ranch with some hired hands after his brothers left to find their future when their father died Colt s fast draw with a gun has kept him safe so far in a territory that reuires protection from others wanting what s yours When his best friend turns p dead Colt blames the one man who is making all their lives a living hellEuan Wallace a rich rancher determined to buy Even Monsters Need Haircuts up all the land around him orse his hired guns to help him acuire it manages to stay just one step ahead of the law Especially when he has the sheriff on his payroll and kills the judgeWhen Victoria finds out that her now deceased mail order husband has willed her his farm she decides to stay on in Wyoming Territory and send for her boys Colt feels responsible for his best friend s betrothed and tries to protect her while maintaining an emotional distance A sworn bachelor Colt is attracted to Victoria but not in the least bit interested in obtaining a wife That is Unti Love Street Book until Euan decides to court Victoria and sway her opinion toward his innocence hoping to obtain her farm Will Colt stand by and let Victoria marry Euan before he proves his guilt in his best friend s deathA creative story PROMISES KEPT includes a mail order husband ranchers struggling to keep their animals fed and watered farmers hoping to retain their land soiled doves causing trouble a saloon overflowing with whiskey gambling and gun fights not always in that order cattle rustling plus gunslingers on both sides determined to prove their prowessI m particularly fond of mail order bride stories and westerns so I especially enjoyed the several twists in this one In addition to the future husband windingp dead Victoria is running from something but we re not sure what There s also the mystery of the twin boys she s protecting as well as the past that haunts herI enjoyed this story but there were A FEW THINGS THAT FELT AWKWARD few things that felt awkward seemed to be too many characters playing the same type of roles when they could have been combined to make the story less confusing such as two soiled doves causing the same trouble or two gunslingers as villains Also I didn t realize this book was inspirational Fit and Sexy For Life: The Hormone-Free Plan for Staying Slim, Strong, and Fabulous in Your Forties, Fifties, and Beyond until toward the end Without any warning the faith message came into play and it felt out of place I enjoy inspirational stories with a faith message but there ssually some hint earlier in the novel that it s heading in that direction The violent nature of the God fearing hero didn t always make sense How can he attend Sunday services read the Bible and think about killing people consistently and still be a viable believer I get it that it s the West in a really rough time and everyone has to defend themselves E arrangement on a farm in Promise Wyoming Only problem is that her would be husband turns در آخرین روزهای رضاشاه up dead the day she arrivesRancher Colt McBride is known for his true grit and business smarts Yet when it comes to his new neighbor Victoria he's stumped Who is she really She's lovely to look at of course. Review also found at won a copy of this book as part of a giveaway on Goodreads in exchange for my honest opinion This will be short review Fans of romance will enjoy this story Fans of something a little different may not What this story delivered was a solid romance albeit rather predictable While this is not necessarily a bad thing sometimes you just want the story to stray from thesual formulas I like this story however I was not blown away What I LovedVictoria is a very likable heroine I thought she was well written Most of the characters were extremely well written and I could see them all so clearly as I was reading The attraction between Victoria and Colt was great and I enjoyed their love story Romance is what I look forward to the most in book and I wasn t disappointedWhat I LikedYou can t have a cowboy in a book and not expect some showdown action Continue Reading Scarlett Dunn kept the events wanting you to read ntil you realize you have read the entire book before you know itWhat does man do when he wants what someone else has watches loved ones killed and sees everything he has worked for being lostHE FIGHTS FOR WHAT HE WANTSWhat does a woman do that loves her boys has nothing and wants to have a homeShe does what she has to to get what she wants and needs in her lifeThis story for a historical romance has it allthe cowboys the beautiful woman the villian and lots of action This is a new to me authorso I wasnt sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprisedI enjoyed the characters immensely and loved the storyline I loved the inner strength of Victoria Eastmen and her determination to protect two little boys in her careI admired Colt McBride for his determination tooThis is a fast paced book that held my interest from the first page to the very last page It has SEVERAL CHARACTERS THAT ARE AS ENTERTAINING AS THE several characters that are as entertaining as the charactersIt s a story of letting go of past hurts learning to trust and opening your heartI recieved a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I don t generally read books in this genre but Promises Kept was a very pleasant surprise The main character Victoria Eastman is on the run from a shameful past and desperate to make a new life for herself and two orphaned boys but at every turn she s in danger of having her secrets revealed As the book progresses she learns she must put aside her prejudices in order to find not only love but the forgiveness she so desperately needsThe author kept the pace lively with lots of twists and turns that ratcheted p the tension I found it harder and harder to put the book down as I read Good job Ms Dunn You ve got yourself a new fan I have a few estions1 Why is a man still considered a good Christian if he has sex with prostitutes when the prostitutes themselves are shunned from good Christian society because of their occupation2 Why Is Being A Red Blooded Man is being a red blooded man has needs considered a sufficient reason for his lack of self control for men while women are blamed for both their actions and his3 Why is it okay for a man to ndress a woman with his eyes but wrong for a woman to stare at a man with non sexual curiosity4 Why do men think that they have the right to expect their future wives to be virgins who are as pure as the driven snow when they themselves freuent brothels5 Why are all of the female prostitutes villainized by being depicted as malicious violent jealous and dishonest while the men who are their customers are depicted as considerate protective generous and truthfulEven for mainstream romance this book was really sexist For Christian romance The so called hero of this story does not have any Christian values He drinks gambles and is a regular customer of one of the prost. Lady of marriageable age with two young boys in need of husbandI am a good cook and hard workerVictoria Eastman grew p in a Texas saloon an experience that made her tough resourceful and determined to forge a new life So she places an ad in a gentleman's newspaper and soon finds herself a suitabl.


Endgame (Doom The Dark Secret of Weatherend
Ut Colt seemed a little blood thirsty and out for revenge for someone trying to convince Victoria to reconnect with her faith Had he been struggling with his faith and it was Victoria doing the convincing it would have been less of a red flagThere was good adventure in this story and some endearing characters Victoria s boys are cute and they soften Colt s rough nature The dog was a good addition but there was a situation with him that made me wonder about its inclusion Victoria is a Brave Woman Restarting Her woman restarting her in a rough territory especially with the boys and as a single source of income for their survival I liked her choice of friends and ability to stand p for herself when necessary Even though Victoria was stereotypically gorgeous in a territory full of men her good heart and innocence was charming I liked that her cooking was a big attraction as well and that the book didn t rely on just her beauty for all the men tripping all over themselves around herAlthough I m looking forward to books in this series I felt that PROMISES KEPT seemed rushed at the end Adding characters toward the end makes sense for the next book but I would have preferred to get to know them a bit at the beginning It just seemed rushed and overly convenient as a set Dirty Tricks (The Nancy Drew Files, up by adding them at the end making the flow a bit choppy and not as natural as I expected from the majority of the book The last few chapters took away from the main characters romance so maybe the book should have been a bit longer to compensate for the new introductionsEven though I found some inconsistencies they were never enough to stop me from reading The flavor of the west pulls the story forward with promise of resolution A good beginning to a western historical series with potential PROMISES KEPT sets the stage for book two FINDING PROMISE Look for LAST PROMISE due to release April 26 2016 Western inspirational fans will enjoy Scarlett Dunn s creative styleReview by Dorine courtesy of Romance Junkies and The Zestest Print ARC provided by the publisher This review is also posted on Book by BookScarlett Dunn s Promises Kept the first book in her McBride Brothers series certainly of Full of foul immoral values The main male character sees no problem with filling hisneeds with harlots at the saloon
He Claims To Have Faith 
claims to have faith goes to church and is described as a good man of character even while seeing no problem with his continuing sexual immorality The main female character is repeatedly alone in his room on his bed with him even letting him partially Pedro and Me undress her and nearly sleeps with him before their wedding He pulls back last minute but multiple times he suggests that sort of behaviour proving his lack of respect and that he has no true wish to protect her from his own immoral desires As the daughter of a harlot she grewp in a saloon and dislikes cowboys after one tried to rape her She also dislikes their two faced behavior of sleeping with prostitutes while going to church and hearing the preacher tell them sex before marriage is a sin He is involved in exactly that kind of behaviour and nearly takes the same advantage of her but somehow she is supposed to see him as a good man and fall for him disgusting Even if he didn t claim to be a believer he is exactly the kind of man she would despise This was my first Scarlett Dunn book but it won t be my last It was a easy to readwell written interesting story about the west and a mail order bride Lots of likeable characters in this book And a hint of religion I really enjoyed the historicalromance clean story I could hardly stop reading it Loved the ending can t wait to read the rest of the series I won my book from Goodreads Giveaways FYI the story may make you hungr. And has proven herself a gentle soul She's even causing him to Break Us (Nikki Kill uestion his staunch bachelorhood But any kind of future may be shattered when a stranger reveals a secret about Victoria's past one that could destroy them both Unless together they can take a leap of faith right into each other's arms.

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