Turning the Good Girl Bad (FREE)

L them It did make for a fast paced story however and gave #A Breathless Feel To #breathless feel to romance which I m sure the paced story however and gave a breathless feel to the romance which I m sure the was going for I liked that it was a different style f writing especially for a M B I will be reading from this author The bossemployee trope is not Light, Gesture, and Color one I favour becausef the inherent power imbalance between the character but I m glad I made an exception for Avril s bookFor Classic Krakauer: Mark Foo's Last Ride, After the Fall, and Other Essays from the Vault one in this story it s the PA doing mostf the seducing Both characters are into each ther but reluctant to do anything about it because they work together and because backstory n her side that I won t mention because spoilersAnyway he wants her but won t do anything because he s her boss She wants him but won t do anything because she s been burned before read about re spoilers Thankfully they get together and it proves rather explosive I love her brother wish there was a book with his story too is there AvrilI read this book in Canada one sitting I just could not put it down Yay for holidays and time for reading Love this author This book continues her streakf engaging stories I especially love the hero in this ne loved him from the very beginning f the book and all the way through Read it you won t be sorry Every good girl wants a bad boy no matter how many times she tells you she doesn t deep down she craves the excitement Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, of being with a sexy bad boy who will rough her upr at least rough up her life just a littleIn the latest read from Avril Tremayne the good girl is PA Catherine North she s all cookies and cream perfection her hair is tightly coiled and so is her sex life Saver that way she always says But as I said every good girl craves a little release from the world DogFace of always being good Caterhine s release comes in the formf the very super sexy romance novel she secretly writes it features her very hot and too hot to handle boss Mr Bad Boy make my knees go weak Max Rutherford Then suddenly Max get s his hands What You Owe Me on the book and starts to see prim and proper Catehrine in a whole different light He wants to see just how bad the good girl can be and he s planning in enjoying every minutef itThis is the second book from this author and it was as awesome as the. From the steamy romance novel she secretly pens featuring her too hot to handle boss Max Rutherford After all a girl has to channel those fantasies into something productive But whe. Tremayne has attempted to the spotlight Buffalo Woman Comes Singing on uite a few serious issues in this short romance I think the playful fantasy role playing in regards to the infamous book featured in the story doesn t balance well with the serious intentSexual harassment is still far too commonplace inur day and age Both women and men find themselves victims f people who believe they have the right to verstep intimate boundaries and personal space Catherine has found herself in a situation like that and the repercussions f the harassment still influence her daily lifeCatherine pretends to be something she isn t a buttoned up and straight laced prim woman She hides the fun loving fashionista behind dull clothes and a bland exterior Why Because she believes and was told by her abuser that she brought it all upon herself for looking too good Her fault because she dressed in a way that provoked him to attack herOf course this is the part f the story where Shining City one needs to step lightly To make sure no victim blamingr shaming Blind Spots occurs in any way shaper form The character A Boy and A Bear in a Boat of Catherine leans towards that representation which isn t pleasant but perhaps a true representationf how society makes people in these situations feel especially women and girlsMax helps Catherine to move beyond the fear and the misconceptions she has about herself and the men around her He understands that she needs to heal before the two SOS of them can be togetherI received a copyf this book courtesy f Harleuin UK and Mills Boon Actual Rating 35 Stars Are you saying if we re alone together you re going to kiss me Max Huh Clearly an intelligent response was beyond him Probably because he did want to kiss her Right then Right thereTurning the Good Girl Bad is a boss employee romance where Max and Catherine s forbidden fe Delightful fun read that will have me daydreaming at work so that s worth ten fe Delightful fun read that will have me daydreaming at work so that s worth ten I am addicted to Avril Tremayne s uick pace and humorous dialogue I love the heroine Cathy and her good girlbad girl conflict And Max Sigh I think I ll go read this again before work Pretty steamy read Nicely written but I wouldn t say I m a great fan f all the The Roman Family one word sentences not sure what else to cal. How bad can this good girl be PA Catherine North is twin set and pearls perfect  Her hair is tightly coiled and so is her sex life – it’s safer that way  Hernly release comes. First This author packed humor pure romantic bliss and awesome writing into this book from the start goI was complete hooked to this read the intensity f the CHARACTERS WAS MIND BLOWING I ADORED was mind blowing I adored heroine it was so much fun to read about how she unravels after Max finds the dirty book Max was a bit f a jerk but hey show me the boss that s not especially when he has an verwhelming attraction for his PAI laughed I cried I yelled and I ached for these two to find their happy yelled and I ached for these two to find their happy after which when it came was as romantic as it was funny I highly recommend this read for all fans f romance with a twist This author knows how to grab your attention entraps you in her world and nce you re there trust me you will never want to leaveBrilliant work Avril55 star review Good girl goes bad but will the bad have her reaching review Good girl goes bad but will the bad have her reaching a chainsaw to slice the bad away 35 starsI enjoyed both Max and Catherine in this I thought Max was really great although I m not sure why the author mentioned how he bellowed at Catherine constantly it didn t really seem to fit and wasn t consistent with his behaviour most f the time I thought Catherine was interesting but I would have loved to hear about what she was like before the incident with her former boss Her brother constantly alludes to getting the Too Bad to Die old Catherine back butther than a different wardrobe we don t get too much insightOverall it was a fun read easy bossemployee read that I would recommend uite an interesting story with two view points n the job sight sexual harassment issue The employee who has to downplay their image to keep from being harassed the view f I m the boss and I bet my wayI liked both Resist (Wicked Ways Book 1) of these characters and how they helped eachther to see both sides And the writing back and forth Beautiful Ghosts (Inspector Shan, of the novel that was fun to see what they would come up with Max was a veryutstanding hero in my viewThere were sexual situations in the book Boss secretary story The heroine isn t the prissy virgin she pretends to be so it s not really a turning her bad It s actually f a recovery from past bad experiences and convincing the hero that she s recovered from the past Lots f hot scenes that didn t reuire skimming I liked N Max finds the steamy book he sees his perfect PA in a whole new light  Now he wants to know just how bad his good girl can be and he’s going to enjoy every minute Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, of findingut. Turning the Good Girl Bad

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