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S informed by police sergeant Gunnar Norling when he caught her jaywalking She has come from San Francisco to work as a eporter for the local newspaper and she is uickly learning life is definitely not the same in the coastal Oregon town which is greatly influenced by its Scandinavian Hysterie roots Though Lilly has noticed many of the men in the area are particularly good looking because of their heritage especially Gunnar she has no time for dating as hereason for taking a new job is to prove her worth as a journalistOne subject in which she has special interest is the history of the town as she thinks it would make an informative article However Gunnar is one a several Der Flügel des Engels : Autobiogr., Selbstzeugnisse, Briefe an Jack Kerouac residents who know about informationecently uncovered about Heartlandia facts that they want kept secret He is a very devoted citizen of the town as well as dutiful policeman and he worries the sharp minded Lilly may keep digging for the truth When she tries to get closer to Gunnar he cannot help but wonder about her true motive After having met Gunnar in the previous book of the Heartlandia miniseries plus eading his first scene in this story I had high hopes a potential partner would be someone feisty so she could shakeup his need for control And the opposite thinking Lilly certainly brought disorder into his life His sense of obligation conflicts with her drive to write a newsworthy article and they are both heavily swayed by prior actions of their parents Although these two do have much fun when they are together the past keeps intruding and affects their eactions The one area in their lives that is compatible is their sexual attraction and Ms Marshall lets them express their feelings with heartfelt sincerity Though Gunnar and Lilly are drawn to each other their goals keep pushing them apart The importance of trust in their lives is skillfully interwoven into the story where impulsive comments make them come across as even true "to life individuals There is a little bit of mystery in the book and what is actually "life individuals There is a little bit of mystery in the book and what is actually just adds to the mounting secrets in Heartlandia The whole concept of the miniseries is very interesting and each story has made me eager to discover facts How the town is depicted is also very fascinating because of the various Scandinavian influences There are books to come and I am looking forward to seeing what will ultimately occur to the community and its many likable townsfolk HER PERFECT PROPOSAL is captivating with distinctive characters and a notable storyline Lynne Marshall is a master when it comes to heartwarming omance CataRomance eview HER PERFECT PROPOSAL has Love and Its Place in Nature: A Philosophical Interpretation of Freudian Psychoanalysis received a 4 12 star TOP PICKeview from Romantic Times Magazine for March Humor takes precedence in Marshall s omantic mystery Her aw shucks dialogue and uotable Times Magazine for March Humor takes precedence in Marshall s omantic mystery Her aw shucks dialogue and uotable give a fly on the wall perspective Her culturally opposite couple is genuinely lovable while her Triskell Tales: Twenty-Two Years of Chapbooks returning and new co stars are essential parts of the tale Debbie Haupt RT Book Reviews I totally understand why RT Magazine gave this book a Top Pickeview Ms Marshall s humor will make you smile I did eally enjoy this story I loved the town of Heartlandia and the characters added so much to Lilly and Gunnar s story Lilly moves to town and starts work at the local newspaper and is determined to make a name for herself as a journalist and Gunnar is the local police sergeant with plans to become mayor of his town one day but trust about a secret plays a big part in their story and issues day but trust about a secret plays a big part in their story and issues both their father s as well I highly ecommend this one it will have you smiling Author Lynne Marshall Mein wildes Geheimnis 03 returnseaders to the fictional community of Heartlandia with Her Perfect Proposal Book Two in the Home in Heartlandia series Petite powerhouse Lilly Matsuda a thirty year old journalist from a well to do family has decided to move forward with her own choices in life Leaving San Francisco behind to work for a small town newspaper with a secret plan to buy out the paper and start it over fresh in her style of eporting seemed like the way to go Beginning with police officer Gunnar Norling who eprimands her for jaywalking Lilly finds that small towns often offer up big surprises Gunnar gorgeous green eyed. T and he efuses to compromise that for anyoneeven beautiful Lilly who's hot on the story's trail Besides she's not going to stick around forever and Gunnar efuses to let his heart get trampled on unless Lilly decides to put love firs.

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Ring herself to the top of the headlines Gunnar Norling is the local cop who gives Lilly a warning citation for jaywalking on her first day in town along with a warning that she obey the ules of the city This is their first meeting with each other and as isn t their last Lilly s father most likely wished that his daughter had been born a son No matter how well Lilly did or what she accomplished in life he thought she could do better The only person who believed in her dreams was her grandmotherGunnar s father was imprisoned for committing a crime and he has been trying to show that he is nothing like his father The only problem is that he can t trust and without trust hasn t been able to be in any sort of long term A London Home in the 1890s relationship Heartlandia seems to be a lovely town with a beautiful past Or is it There areecords that have shown up The Geology And Landscape Of Santa Barbara County, California, And Its Offshore Islands recently that the town may have once been involved in piracy and the founding father was not the good guy that everyone made him out to be You ll enjoyeading about this small town and the Biopower: Foucault and Beyond relationship between Lilly and Gunner Journalist Lilly Matsuda writes headlines she never makes them Until sheuns afoul of Gunnar Norling while on a assignment in the tiny town of Heartlandia Gunnar has been sworn to secrecy about the town s mysterious past and he Jane Doe and the Cradle of All Worlds refuses to compromise that for anyone even very tempting and beautiful Lilly who is as all journalists should be hot on the trail of a good story And of course to her it does not matter much anyway it s a headline today and a past story she did tomorrow She ll be long gone and onto the trail of the her next headline before the impact of exposing the town s secret even hits her That is unless she decides to put love firstI have always loved this authors books the stories are always heartwarming gives new hope and simply shines like bright stars breaking through the clouds on a late stormy evening Thisead was no different it had all of that going for it and In this ead it is not only Lilly that finds that new zest and hope for life nor is it only Gunnar the whole charming and absolutely captivating town for life nor is it only Gunnar the whole charming and absolutely captivating town Heartlandia finds new hope The fun part about this ead was definitely the secret and mystery of the town I found myself eady to climb definitely the secret and mystery of the town I found myself eady to climb the pages and dig just as hard and deep as Lilly to get to the heart of the secret and just why the town s people are so determined to hide itAll the characters in this The Prince read were simply marvelous intriguing and soealistic that they were all so much than just characters they were like A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators real everyday people I come across the author brought them all to life with vivid clarity I am taking away a message of life is a challenge with everything we do but when we become the challenge instead of theeal person we are inside then it s not a challenge any it s of a thing we have become and thus we are pretty much no longer human We push and push to Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival reach the end of it all and along the way we are simply just little specs of dust that use to be one needs to alwaysemember what life is truly about or those who are or become important to us will merely see us a here today gone tomorrow And no one wants to be Lifting remembered as simply just thatIecommend this Mathruhridayam read for fans that adoreomance eads with loads of lovely twists and turns mystery and just plain crazy falling in love fun Well done Lynne keep them coming4 star eview She A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned rushes to make headlines heushes to capture her heart A downhome feel is evident all throughout the Heartlandia miniseries and Lynne Marshall makes every scene engagingly enjoyable Though most of the characters forgo the big city lifestyle they still have to face worrying issues Some troubles pertain to the history of the uaint town while other concerns are of a much personal nature The second book deals with hometown secrets plus being able to trust and how the two affect the budding elationship of a spirited couple No matter what the heart may desire the beliefs of someone should also be in agreement or often damaging problems may arise HER PERFECT PROPOSAL is compelling with touching ealismIt was not long after Lilly Matsuda arrived in Heartlandia before she broke one of its ules as she wa. Lilly's investigative sensesbut she isn't going to let Gunnar's megawatt smile or smoldering good looks melt her heart Gunnar isn't a fan of people snooping around Heartlandia He's been sworn to secrecy about the town's mysterious pas. Her Perfect ProposalA second hit Book two in the Heartlandia series was a fun ead and it was great to evisit the town I love how Lily and Gunnar are seemly different but make a great pair I wonder how many police officers land up with someone they ticket it makes getting pulled over a interesting dating option I loved "THIS READ AND LOOK FORWARD TO BOOK THREE GOOD "read and look forward to book three Good of a small town with a secret and two people who have choices to make about that secret Lilly has arrived in Heartlandia to work on the town s newspaper She has dreams of finding a big story to break and eventually owning the paper On her first day in town she eventually owning the paper On her first day in town she caught jaywalking by Gunnar the police sergeant who warns her about following the ules Gunnar and Lilly are two very interesting people Gunnar has spent most of his life feeling as though he has to atone for the mistakes of his father who was sent to prison when Gunnar was a boy As a The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division result Gunnar tends to be prettyigid about the difference between Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) right and wrong He finds it very difficult to trust people Lilly is the only child of two very driven parents She has always felt that she was a disappointment to her father just because she wasn t a son so she has done everything she can to earn his approval He has always told her to keep her goals in sight and do whatever necessary to achieve them From the moment they met Lilly and Gunnar are attracted to each other but it isn t an easyelationship Gunnar is used to women pretty much falling at his feet and Lilly s Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl resistance to his advances confuses him He s so cocky about his appeal that Iather enjoyed seeing Lilly shoot him down on a egular basis Lilly is enjoyed seeing Lilly shoot him down on a egular basis Lilly is to him but she has no intention of letting him distract her from her goal of finding out what the big secret is His persistence eventually pays off and they begin to get to know each other but their differing outlooks create some Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide real tension between them Both of them have to learn to compromise a little and open their hearts to trust I loved the way that Lilly used the tea ceremony to show Gunnar how she feltcopyeceived in exchange for honest Black Gold in North Dakota review A Solid 45Something dark is brewing in the uaint and uiet little town of Heartlandia Their storybook past may actually be a cleverly woven veil of lies hiding unpalatable truths and history is threatening to bee written So when journalist Lilly Matsuda sets her tenacious sights on exposing a town secret that local policeman Gunnar Norling is eually determined to keep buried sparks fly as heated as the fires popping up suspiciously all over town and it s not just their different opinions on the proper boundaries of privacy that have these two flaring Trust is not something that comes easily especially to children who ve been epeatedly manipulated or lied to even when they ve long since left childhood behind Both Lilly and Gunnar are guardedly governed by the sins of their fathers Can each finally lay those burdens aside and fling open the door to loveLynne Marshall has a way of welcoming you into worlds ich with culture and diversity making you feel a part of ather than merely an outside observer of things There s always an unexpected glimpse into traditions unlike our own like an authentic Japanese tea ceremony I like that Her primary characters are not perfect often a bit far from it they stumble and falter they struggle and grow and with their guidance so can we Her secondary characters bring a fullness to her stories and leave us looking forward to hearing about adventures all their own Her Perfect Proposal is the second book in Lynne s Heartlandia series I suggest you start with A Doctor for Keeps and be prepared to continue on to Falling for the Mom to Be in order to uncover the full story of Heartlandia s mysterious past a trip well worth the taking Her Perfect Proposal by Lynne Marshall is a continuation of the Home in Heartlandia series This book can be ead alone or with the other book in this series I eally enjoy eading Lynne Marshall s books so I have to say Wicked City: The Other Side read the series but if youe looking for a great uick ead you ll enjoy this book tooLilly Matsuda moved from San Francisco to Heatlandia hoping to take over the local newspaper and WRITING HER OWN HAPPY ENDING Journalist Lilly Matsuda just writes headlines; she doesn't make them That is until she uns afoul of Gunnar Norling while on assignment in the tiny town of Heartlandia The handsome policeman intrigues than.