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All In By Josh LevsD to help end our assumptions about how

parents should act 
should act ears ex post factoMy wife got this for me because I run a business and was interested in doing better for my employees and because we d recently started a family ourselvesI was offput almost from the outset with Levs offering sage advice like lawyer up Levs insists employees should come out swinging make demands and never compromise Perhaps I m biased because I also sit on the other side of this but I don t think antagonism is a solid starting pointGenerally though the tone of this book is one of self important snarky grandstanding It took me a while to put my finger on what was bugging me though About 12 way through I started spending a little time on the citations and noted that a great many of them were from Focus on the Family That was my aha moment There s definitely a conservative and probably religious bias which is strange for what on its surface should be such a liberal topic I like this book Levs makes a lot of great points about fatherhood Social stigmas against men as fathers that hold us all back as a society How helping progressive policies for women in the workplace really can help men at home How family is different in every situation but there are certain things that hold us all back like work and money and daycare and society s gender rolesGender euality is a big deal Feminism a big deal Granted this book tackles parenthood from the male perspective of course that s his goal and he does a great job of being inclusive in his discussions We already know all the things he talks about here but maybe it s better that he wrote it down and said it out loud He s good about bringing "the statistics and research and numbers to his writingI feel happier having read "statistics and research and to his writingI feel happier having read just knowing it s out there A uick read with some great points A shift of focus on fatherhood by the government society wi. D time with their children Even the traditional breadwinner dad is being transformed Dads today are emotionally and physically involved on the home front than ever before They are all in and like mothers struggling with work life balance and doing it allLevs explains that despite these unprecedented changes the structures that shape our family lives remain rigid Our laws corporate policies and gender based expectations in the workplace are horribly outdated preventing both women.


Ll have greater long term benefits even though it will hurt business short term revenue Hugely important contribution to the burgeoning literature on the importance of family friendly policies Levs provides a uniue voice for two reasons First as a man he s an important reminder that family issues are not only women s issues paid family leave is his cause celebre Second he begin I meant to review this and just realized I forgot when I looked at my page but es this book was really intriguing and eye opening Levs talks about the work culture really intriguing and eye opening Levs talks about the work culture America And How It Is and how it is people of all genders and families of all types Things seem to be changing a little bit for those who work in corporate America but not enough and definitely no change really for those in other work brackets He says that we are having modern families now that want to be of partnerships in the raising of kids household chores and taking care of other families but our work place rules are still stuck in 1950 s America where dads worked and moms stayed home Since our rules are still programmed like that it is hurting families of all types and needs This book gave me some things to think about which is good I m not a dad or "a parent but I still got some things out of this book so I would recommend it to anyone who "parent but I still got some things out of this book so I would recommend it to anyone who intrigued by the title to pick it up It s worth our time On this weeks Viewpoints Radio we spoke with journalist and author Josh Levs about the unfair disadvantage of no paternal leave in the work place To hear his story and to listen to our podcast please check out this link One of the author s interviewees says he s hesitant to support same sex couples adopting kids because they don t experience both genders p133 144 I agree with his main points that society does not support working parents and the macho image of fathers from the 1950s is still holding many men backHowever there are times. And men from living out the euality we believe in and hurting businesses in the process too Women have done a great job of speaking out about this Levs argues It's time for men to join in in a big wayCombining Levs's personal experiences with investigative reporting and frank conversations with fathers about everything from work life to money to sex All In busts popular myths lays out facts uncovers the forces holding all of us back and shows how we can join together to change th. ,
Relevant to how we view men and are stuck in stereotypes Nothing can change for women or for children unless we band together to move our society towards actual euality without demeaning genders by sticking to biases I m the dad of two lovely little girls and I take care of them regularly I do hair paint "nails fix pretty dresses and change diapers While currently my wife does of this since s at home "fix pretty dresses and change diapers While currently my does of this since she s at home time while I work there have been ears when I was the primary caregiver to our kids as her work schedule was longer than mine and less flexibleI still remember a day at church when a lady heard that I d be home alone on Saturday with my oldest daughter who was a toddler and made some comment along the lines of Well let s just hope she survives the day with daddy Sure the comment was made in jest but it speaks to the cultural expectation that dad is a bumbling idiot who just hopes to make sure that the children survive while he s on dutyAll In explores this cultural assumption of the bad dad along with parental leave and does it from all sides not just the dad side Looking at the US laws it explores I m super lucky to live in Canada which supplies 12 months of parental leave 8 weeks is for mom then it can be split however to pretty much anyone that would ualify for any employment assistanceNot only is having awesome parents good for business as shown in this book it s good for families to have dad and mom in place for the first 6 weeks to bond with the child as it s likely that families will stay together then and that dad will stay involved with his children even if they don t stay togetherWhile the title of the book indicates that the emphasis will be on dad that s not uite the case Much of the book talks about mom and non traditional families and how they should be treated by the workplaceIf NV Level 3 Health and Social Care you re thinking of becoming a parent or are one this is a good book to rea. When journalist and fatherhood columnist Josh Levs was denied fair parental leave by his employer after his child was born he fought back and won In the process he became a leading advocate for modern families In All In he shows how fatherhood today is far different than for previous generations and what that means for our individual lives families workplaces and societyGrowing numbers of men are becoming stay at home dads working part time or taking on flexible schedules to spen.

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