In Another Country (PDF)

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In Another CountryMr Constantine moves into my top tenshort story writers list with this heady work i can list with this heady work I can that these stories are beautifuly written and that the language used is exuisite can that these stories are beautifuly written and that the language used is exuisite I just didn t enjoy them and gave up after reading about two thirds of them I ordered the book from the library after watching the film 45 Years to see what the source material was like and that was interesting to compare but the rest of the stories just didn t grip me The overall air of melancholy was relentless and I realised I was just waiting for some light relief to brighten the gloom But I can understand why others

Have Feted This Book So 
feted this book so it for yourself Beautifully written short stories ublished by Windsor s own Biblioasis Would love to read Constantine s novel Davies David Constantine is an expert in Pure Chance precisionrecision in language in image and in character His story The Necessary Strength illustrates vulnerability better than anything i ve ever read and it brought me to tears At the same time there is a dream like uality to these stori. Featuring the story adapted into the Academy Award nominated film 45 YEARSThe first American ublication by one of the greatest living fiction masters In Another Country Es and there is wonder he gives the reader a dictionary of light a field guide to the sea and the lost map of human nature I worry that this will sound hyperbolic but I don t remember ever relating to or empathizing with characters as much as i do through these stories The rotagonists or the subjects of the stories are often broken and they know it Or they are attempting to heal this was my introduction to Mr Constantine s writing I will seek out of it especially his oetry This work is above all a work of oetry From BBC Radio 4 DramaTom Courtenay Reads This Story In Which A Young this story in which a young falls to her death in the Alps Sixty years later the man who accompanied her receives a letter A body has been discovered But what was the relationship of these two na ve teenagers And how will memories of their flight from Nazi Germany affect this man s relationship with his long suffering wifeDavid Constantine s masterful story of A very special collection Each story is different unexpected and well ut together in every way Surprised to. Pans David Constantine's remarkable thirty year career Known for their ristine emotional clarity their spare but intensely evocative dialogue and their fearless exposures.

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See that I did not review this A rich discovery for me of a new author A very varied group of short stories Some Better Than Others As better than others as happens in a collection with an emphasis on themes of aging loss and isolation Several stories including the brilliant heartbreaking and original title story were among the best things I ve read this year Every time I read short stories I am grateful that they weren t made into long ones Bit of *a chore for me to get through but could just be me *chore for me to get through but could just be me of the stories I just didn t get what was going on Not a big fan of the no unctuation dialog because Makes It Hard For Me To Know it hard for me to know talking or even if anyone is I did like some of the stories which were mostly themed around loneliness and brooding but on a whole didn t enjoy that much That said there is some redeeming value and I think those with different brains could capture that nuances better than I could I just wanted to read the first story in this collection since it is the basis for the film 45 Years Well written worth a read. Of the heart in moments of defiance change resistance flight isolation and redemption these stories demonstrate again and again Constantine's timeless and enduring appeal.