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As kids visiting the beach in California we used to make these sand castles Only not really You Might Call Them Drip Castles You might call them drip castles You them by taking water soaked sand and sueezing it so it drips sand laden water If you do it right you can make spires and turrets and in our minds that was very fineI feel like this book took a bunch of story sand soaked it in water and tried to build a castle by sueezing a lot and hoping things landed right Most of the story #elements are there and if you suint You Can Kind Of See can kind of see there and if you suint you can kind of see there s something there There s characters and a plot and the borrowed Pathfinder world doesn t disappoint this is a tie in novel But the main character is a bit bland and very weak and sometimes conveniently stupid And the story is predictable If there was an obvious path the author took it every time Indeed I very nearly put the book down when view spoilerthe MC took off to spy on the bad uys on her own and was subseuently captured by them just as she was warned would happen by everyone who has ever seen a movie ever as well as by her companions hide spoiler Pathfinder Tales FiresoulBy Gary Kloster Firesoul follows the story of a young irl living in the Expanse and the struggles she faced The ancient pyre her ancestors built to protect them had fallen and what it was uarding had been released back upon the world Not knowing what she was oing to encounter Jiri fought everything that was thrown at her to bring vengeance for her people Setting Mr Kloster does a magnificent job bringing the world Jiri lives in alive From the mighty and complex jungle to the raciously carved out city everything is easily displayed for the reader Character Development The main characters were done in such a way that you actually feel as though not only did you know the characters you were also able to row along with them Jiri Morvious Linaria and Sera developed their friendship along the difficult path set before them almost against Flames in the NightJiri has always been special Found as an infant in the ashes of her village she was taken in by a neighboring shaman and trained to be a powerful jungle druid Yet when Aspis Consortium mercenaries release. ,

FiresoulEds and motivations of her erstwhile allies It s just #As Challenging To Navigate Their Politics And Conflicting Desires For #challenging to navigate their politics and conflicting desires for or single minded devotion to strange deities Morvius is simple to understand he s mercenary enough he simply wants payment even when innocent lives are at risk Since Jiri doesn t have any money though finding ways to pay him become a challenge Trusting Sera the
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is far complicated her service to her od trumps other concerns and she is far obsessed with killing evil demons than saving the people of the Mwangi from A Threat That Could Burn Entire Cities threat that could burn entire cities the BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. ground Linaria is the most complicated of all At first she looks for payment like Morvius but over time tries being a friend to Jiri However is it legitimate or a way to manipulate Jiri for her own reasonsJiri needs to learn to handle her own tenuous allies though to defeat the completely selfish andreedy agents of the Aspic Consortium who would Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor gladly let cities be destroyed if they can profit from it And with the artifact they ve stolen it s all too likely that they will leave a swath of destruction in their wake since stealing it has released a creature of unimaginable power and no mercy for mortals whatsoeverAood first novel by Gary Kloster and detailing a rarely explored region of the Pathfinder world of Golarion Also a refreshing change of scene to an African based fantasy world rather than common European influenced ones I am not liking morvius very much he is full of it and I have no respect for him he sleeps with both men and women but this tough woman Linarua still sleeps with him Is sex so important to her that self respect oes out the window Tough in a battle but weak when it comes to this man a seaIn any case I never read books when it mentions or is about same sex love it s just not my thing I like to read what I liveAnyway so far I m enjoying this book very much except for what I mentioned A decent Pathfinder novel. Ends before it lays waste to the entire Mwangi ExpanseFrom acclaimed short story author Gary Kloster comes a tale of revenge lost cities and unlikely alliances set in the award winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Gam.

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Ny of their better judgment That being said the author did a fantastic job on not only the people But Also The Creatures And also the creatures and distinct uniueness Ending I felt the ending was a bit abrupt After the long trek through the iant cave systems the last battle seemed to be a battle of wits then power Which worked very well in this case however I feel like the struggle at that point should have been pronounced Overall the book was amazing The adventure and suspense made it almost impossible to put down once started Another Pathfinder Tales story this tale is basically your COMING OF AGE STORY WRAPPED IN of age story wrapped in fantasy world Jiri is a druid who lives in the tropical jungles of the Mwangi expanse Her mentor Oza protects her village and by extension the large city of Kibwe from an ancient evil buried under a step pyramid in the jungle You can tell the buried magic #IS EVIL BECAUSE IT KILLS ALL OF THE PLANT #evil because it kills all of the plant around the pyramid Then one day the unethical Aspis Corporation discovers the pyramid and sends a 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, group of adventurers to secure the magic Oza dies trying to prevent the theft and Jiri is left to fe For only the second time in my life there is a book I just could not finish this book is terrible the main character spends most of the book whining and complaining about how useless she is and then being useless and complaining to everyone who will lis 25 stars A book set in the mwangi expanse a tropical jungle filled with remnants of lost cities I liked reading up on this part of the pathfinder world other then that the story is uite clich and did not reallyrab me it was a bit to predictable Firesoul tells the story of Jiri a young druid from the jungles of the Mwangi Expanse When her mentor is killed by outlanders breaking into a forbidden ruin she has no choice but to find help from other outlanders Soon she is enmeshed into the rivalries of foreigners and trying to balance her need for vengeance and protecting her people with the ne. An ancient evil that burns her adopted home to the Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı ground Jiri mustather a Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines group of her own to uncover the secrets of a lost nation and stop the fire spirit and thereedy treasure hunters trying to leash it for their own.
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