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Anne Perrys Christmas Crimes (Christmas Stories, kWhen I spotted Me Mr J up on Netgalley I was intrigued We ve all seen the news stories and read the articles about teachers and students who fall in love I mostly read them in disgust because ew But it s not very often you get the chance to read a fictional story that takes on such a taboo It s a hard one to decide to read because you re just not sure how thisind of novel will be received My absolute udos go to Rachel McIntyre for writing such a topical difficult bound to create waves ind of novel for her debut That takes some large onesI was actually mightily impressed with the novel and seeing it through Lara s eyes I White Water kind of wonder if student teacher relationships are as gross as made out I mean they ARE but when you read Lara s story youind of wonder if what they had was love A lot of teacher student stories you read are all about grooming being groomed it s all the teacher s fault etc but Me Mr J left me not nowing which way was up Was what Lara and Mr J had wrong Right Completely screwed up I STILL DON T KNOW I have literally no idea how I felt about Lara and Mr J s Relationship Because It Just because it just t seem like something that was black or white And we only see it from Lara s point of view I would literally ill for Ben s point of view now THAT would be an interesting read so it s hard to condone something that s the only bright spot in Lara s life But on the other hand that s what probably makes it worse ARGHAnother huge plot of the story was the bullying Lara suffers for what seems like no other reason at all than the colour of her hair If people are so small minded to bully someone for the colour of their hair they should be shot Lara was right you can t bully someone for the colour of their skin without repurcussions so why can you bully someone for their hair colour It made me want to sit in a ball and weep A lot of people Special Agent know what it s like to be bullied me included and it s just the worst thing ever I mean secondary school is bad enough isn t it really without otherids making your life even worse It was just despicable What they do to Lara made me so angry and got me so worked up that I wanted to punch them all in their scummy faces It felt real and it just made me so sad that they had to pick on the girl who basically had no one to turn to and no way to make it stopIt s so tough to explain how Me Mr J made me feel It made me feel everything And it s so easy to see how Lara could so easily fall in love with Mr J because her life was just so pants Her parents are on the breadline she s bullied and picked on and harassed like no one s business and Mr J offered a bit of a haven At first I did wonder what Mr J would ever possibly see in Lara Not because of anything except that she was a very young fifteensixteen Her diary entries were so much fun to read and she was so snarky and amusing but they made her seem so much younger than she was But actually it was so easy to see what Mr J saw in Lara and so hard to remember that it was wrong and not allowed and there S A Reason There Are Rules Against a reason there are rules against like that But did I want a happy ending anyway You bloody bet I did and I can t explain why It wasn t just because I love happy endings it was than that This novel is certainly going to have people talking and that s the best ind of book It left me with a lot to think about and I really really want Mr J s side of the story Pretty pleaseLeah Loves This is an incredibly intense strong story

about love that 
love that shouldn t be It s amazingly written wonderfully accurate and relatable and full of excitement and energy I really really loved it from cover to cover It was a great readOnly marked 4 stars because I love my happy endings So the actual rating is 45 Full review to come ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI didn t want to like this book I say that a lot TeacherStudent affairs understandably ind of gross me out and seeing them romanticized it not something that. Fifteen year old Lara finds her soulmate There’s just one problem – he’s her teacherLara's life has changed radically since her father lost his job As the eldest Lara tries to eep upbeat and the one outlet for all her probl. Me and Mr JI generally find appealing especially with a character this young This book though I couldn t stop reading Even after I told myself Okay I couldn t stop reading Even AFTER I TOLD MYSELF OKAY LL I told myself Okay ll one page and then be done with it because GOD I CAN T HANDLE THIS TROPE I ept reading Told strictly in diary entries you got see the tale of a wonderfully witty and smart 15 turned 16 year old schoolgirl unfold from solely her POV It was easy to see why she would have an infatuation with the new young teacher at her school As an older reader it was also very easy to see that while perceived as an old soul so to speak and mature than her peers she was still very much a 16 year old girl with what was essentially her first boyfriend She never really understands the severity of the situation and potential blowback that could occur whenif discovered So yes I wanted to stay far away because of the subject matter but stayed for the writing and characterization I do wish that what I felt should have beenwas the main point of the novel That she may have wanted and willingly entered into a relationship with an older man who was an authority figure in her life but regardless of want and consent IT IS THE AUTHORITY FIGURES RESPONSIBILITY TO SAY NO hadn t been so uickly thrown out there in the epilogue But I think the diary style way the book was written didn t lend itself to any other option I d like to point out that this has some serious bullying in it and I don t think that s mentioned enough in the blurb but it was such a huge and important part of the book I loved this When I close my eyes I see him lying next to me in bed I can almost hear him breathing and feel his arms around me Feel his skin The pure clean version of that afternoon not their dirty perverted account that s what I m clinging on to The truth Anyone that really nows me nows that I will read every book about student teacher inappropriateness before I A World on Fire kick the big bucket into the sky Why I don tnow why It s one of those taboo subjects people get their panties in a twist for and I love it More awkwardness pleaseLara is a depressed high school student Her best friend Chloe left her to join the cliue of the popular girls and no it s all Lara who Her family lost their money when her dads business went under and they decided to stick it town rather than moving along with her Uncle and being in the solar panel business Now paycheck to paycheck is all they can look forward to Her mum is a cleaning lady for the mean bully at school Ding ding ding ring that bellThis leads to horrendous bullying that Lara won t let out in the air and ask For HelpUntil Mr Ben Jagger helpUntil Mr Ben Jagger an appearance and all the girls are smitten Fighting for his attention The English teacher is out on maternity leave and in her place comes this drop dead gorgeous thing named Ben Let the harassing and dreaming begin With the fighting over his attention becomes and over the top Lara and her bullies step it up a notch The bullying becomes crime like and people should really be put in jail for what they have done to her When she fights back they make her wish that she never did And now what s a girl to doMr J sees that Lara is in need and opens up his door to her and also his pants Eventually Lara becomes over the moon with emotions and helps Mr J any way she canOn the way to a college tour to Cambridge they take the relationship from student teacher to something so much and dangerous Keeping things a secret is even tougher when his ex girlfriend starts snooping aroundThis was such a heartbreaking book to get through The bullying was exact and dreadful These are the things that Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life kids actually deal with and they are afraid to speak up It shocks you at what theseids get away with towards the middle of this book I can t believe people can be so heartless The love story that blossoms over through the book is ind of uplifting He saves her from a complete meltdown and lifts her spirits Maybe she isn t that bad at everything like those bullies. Ems is her diary where she can be open about how dire everything is at home and worse the fact that she’s being horrifically bullied at schoolAnd then a shining light comes out of the darkness – the new young and MALE teacher. ,

Have been planting in her head A lot of people will say that he preyed on the weak but it felt like adoration all around To me it was sweet and caring The only part that I didn t like was how everything ended There was no finding each other and it was just left open I hope that means something else will be written about Lara and Ben because I don t think their story is uite over yetLet love bloom and don t let anyone stop you from enjoying what you want Me and Mr J is written from the point of view of Lara our fifteen year old protagonist Lara is at a difficult enough age as it is but her parents are having troubles both financially and as it is but her parents are having troubles both financially and as result in their relationship and her family life is su There s two aspects to this story One the teenager having a relationship with her teacher as the marketing tells us Two a teenager who is VICIOUSLY bullied To me this book is about bullying than anything else Emotional physical humiliatingly foul bullying The novel is written in the form of Lara s diary as she records her feelings and reactions to the things that are happening in her Lara s diary as she records her feelings and reactions to the things that are happening in her Exams money troubles her parents separating and the aforementioned DISGUSTING bullying She feels lost alone repulsive and unwanted and she considers ending it all Then someone shows her attention respect and maybe love and she starts to see herself differentlyI don t want to spoil anyone so if you re likely to over analyse and try to guess stuff skip to the next paragraph ok The ending was a little abrupt in a way that reminded me of Stolen by Lucy Christopher That s not a bad thing and it applies here just as much as it would in the Stolen situation it s just a comparison that came to mind uite strongly so I wanted to mention it On one hand it wasn t a satisfactory ending but then this ind of thing can t end satisfactorily can itThe whole was their relationship REALLY wrong uestion that others have posed and I guess what this book wants us to ask is a simple one for me Teacher Student Bad I don t care if they both consent I don t care if there s only X years between them He s in a position of power and legally an adult She s 16 and exceptionally vulnerable If they both want it GET ANOTHER JOB So yeah interesting well written and I enjoyed it a lot I ll be recommending it for this year s Anti Bullying Readathon too I don t think I can read any of thisI don t usually rate books I don t finish but I need to say things about this one I stopped for a variety of reasonsFirstly being a teacher this book and where it was going made me feel really uncomfortable and there was no way I could turn that teacher head off whilst reading it to be able to enjoy it Secondly I felt the girl came across as a lot younger than what she was supposed to be Don t get me wrong it s not that the voice was a bad one but I just didn t buy it She felt like one of my year 7s not my year 11s and it meant she wasn t believable for me Thirdly all the bullying stuff didn t sit right with me Don t get me wrong I am sympathetic to bullying and the toll it has but it again something with it felt forced and overdone So not the book for me I m stopping at about 80 pages and leaving it there So I hate Teacher Student relationships in books and tv shows so I was a bit sceptical going into this and some parts of this book were really well done and reminded me a tiny bit of Stolen by Lucy Christopher others were really weird and I disliked them a lot This is the story of a young girl called Lara who s family are on the breadline after the family business went bust If things were not hard enough she is getting badly bullied at school and being ginger haired with an unfortunate surname is just about all the bullies could possibly need to begin a war against her Lara s interior dialogue is hilarious and even though she really is struggling with these bullies and having no real friends to speak off she is very brave and gutsy and I had to admire her for thatWhen a ne. Mr Jagger The one person who takes Lara seriously and notices her potential The one person who is ind to her The one person who she falls madly and hopelessly in love with The one person who cannot reciprocate her feelings can he. .