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Writing As Transformation Story Alchemy by David Sheppard is unlike other book I have ever read I would classify as a writer s craft book for without uestion Sheppard has writers in mind as his primary audience But this is not a handy tips for writing kind of book It is intended to ignite a fire in the soul and as is always the case with fire there is some danger in handling it Sheppard takes us on a journey into the interior of our minds and even warns us before we venture too far of the potential hazards that await us Using alchemy the ancient pursuit of a means for turning base metal into old he portrays the art of writing as a transformative process True alchemy of course does not transpire in the material world but rather in the depths of the alchemist him or herself Carl Jung was a student of alchemy as he was of many of the occult hidden arts and Sheppard relies heavily on Jung for the process he describes in particular Jung s use of Active Imagination as a means to bridge the chasm between the Unconscious and the Conscious mind Reverent entry into the "Realm Of The Unconscious As "of the Unconscious as it were a journey into sacred space is the essential core of writing with deep understanding compassion and intense emotion The Unconscious however is not accessible to just any wanderer There are conditions to be met by the pilgrim the most basic of which is worthiness One must prepare for the night sea voyage for only those who are prepared within will be able to return with the elixir. Screenwriter Novelist Playwright Write short stories Story Alchemy presents a powerful. Story Alchemy Authors Craft Book 2Struck me as something he have written as don juan and the art of mystical Don Juan the Art of Mystical I liked things like Castaneda when I was a teen to 20something but I outgrew that approach long agoI m not saying its mystical mumbo jumbo it s just couched in terms that feel like that The theme is the search for the alchemical philosopher s stone of storytelling so it does make sense but I prefer my craft related books to be down to earth in feel He has some really Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia good points about accessing the unconscious mind and the collective unconscious of our species which is where allreat themes reside I recognize some of the techniues I already know about meditation and self hypnosis to focus your mind and allow it to enter a creative state If you don t know anything about that "this book might help you learn to use "book might help you learn to use sort of techniue to spark your creativityThere s a lot of Jung s theories and even reference to Plato and other reat philosophers to help you understand how you create and how to access that creativity While the visualization imagery he recommends turned me off the concept is valid I don t feel like I wasted my time reading this Everything that takes a thoughtful well reasoned approach to the craft is of value You never know what is oing to teach you something new or The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) give you a different view of what you already know YMMVive it a try you might enjoy it than I did I loved his other book Novelsmithing so I don t fault the writer I just didn t Riding Hard get into the style of this book. Ive process If you thought Novelsmithing wasood you'll be blown away by Story Alchemy.

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That empowers writing to bring healing It seems to me that it is no coincidence that the author s name Is Sheppard Or Even David Sheppard or even David the uestion I kept asking myself as I read this book was Am I willing to let this man shepherd my spirit as I journey deep within In other words Can "I trust him as a uide for the soul Should I be honest I read the book with "trust him as uide for the soul Should I To be honest I read the book with reserve holding myself back a bit And while I found the whole experience intriguing I may have forfeited the opportunity to discover the Philosopher s Stone the prize which alchemy seeks as the key to transformation So do I recommend Sheppard s book I cannot say I do think though if you begin reading it it won t take you long to decide whether or not to finish it And if you do stay the course you may feel as I do that the book bears reading again There s treasure in it but it will not yield itself to the faint of heart It will test your resolve But I believe it will reward it as well Story Alchemy uses a mystical draped in the robes of the psychological approach to reaching the part of your mind that creates the fictional worlds you bring to the page I only ave it 3 stars because I really couldn t et into the style of writing it s purely a personal likedislike of a style not a comment on the author s uality or knowledgeIt s well written well researched but I couldn t Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students get into it personally I ll date myself here and some of you may not know the reference but I felt like I was reading Carlos CastanedaThe book kind of. New techniue for establishing story structure andaining insight into the entire creat.