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Y successful but also very disorganized His revious assistant just got married and Lukkas is drowning under everything that needs to get done as his mind tends to got married and Lukkas is drowning under everything that needs to get done as his mind tends to from item to item He s not sure that anyone would be able to do as good a job as Jan had done but he s desperateI loved the initial meeting between Yohanna and Lukkas She is nervous at first but becomes comfortable as Lukkas details what he needs At the same time Lukkas is cautious but impressed by Yohanna s can do attitude There s some great give and take in their conversation When she arrives for work the next day there s an encounter with a arrives for work the next day there s an encounter with a cop that gets things off to an interesting start Yohanna jumps right in to learning her new job and Lukkas is surprised by how uickly they meshLukkas also discovers that he is attracted to Yohanna something that is unexpected and unwelcome He lost his wife in a car accident three years earlier and is still grieving He also feels some guilt as he had been working a lot at the time Having feelings for Yohanna makes him feel as though he is being unfaithful to his wife At the same time Yohanna is fighting her attraction to Lukkas as she doesn t want to lose her job She s surprised by the strength of those feelings as none of the men she had dated made her feel this way I loved the art where he asks her At if she's beautiful and their relationship starts out like a typical chick flick That doesn't mean they're going to fall in love She's never felt the sparks between herself and the It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life parade ofotential husbands her mother's insisted she meet But when Yohanna Andrzejews. Wonderful storytelling expertly delivers lighthearted and tragic story details Although the Attraction Is Immediate Readers Are is immediate readers are in suspense waiting "the spark to ignite until the very end RT Book Reviews 4 starsMiniseries Matchmaking Mamas " spark to ignite until the very end RT Book Reviews 4 starsMiniseries Matchmaking Mamas bit slow Another winnerI don t usually like books about office romance especially those that are between boss and employeeshowever 35 stars Really fun book to read with great chemistry terrific romance and moments of both laughter and tears It starts with Yohanna having lost her job and wondering what she s going to do Her cleaning lady a motherly sort of Lignin Biodegradation person listens to her fears and tells her not to worry She has some contacts and will see what she can find Unknown to Yohanna Claudia is one of the town s matchmaking mamas and she does indeed have contacts And many of those contacts end up happily married after dealing with Claudia and her friendsYohanna is a young woman with a talent for organizing and getting things done It started when she was a kid especially after her father died She loves what she does even though ituts her at odds with her mother who just wants her to get married and have children Mom s efforts are driving her crazy Yohanna is thrilled when Claudia comes through with a chance to interview with Pure Chance producer Lukkas Spader Lukkas is ver. Playing Cupid Arranging dates What are mothers for Hollywood heartthrob and widower Lukkas Spader knows his women are justhoto ops for the The Lady and the Lionheart paparazzi He's sworn off real dating But the big time movieroducer needs a gal Friday And Yohanna desperately needs a job So wh.

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O go to the remier with him to protect him it was fun see him him was fun to see him to explain why he needs her His reaction when he came to ick her up was great and being together in a social situation brought their relationship to a different level It was great to see the way that Yohanna and Lukkas got so much closer as time went on Her ability to anticipate what he needed made his life easier I really enjoyed seeing his reactions to the various things she did I loved the scene with Lukkas s lead actor Yohanna also becomes very good at reading his moods and was there On The Anniversary Of His the anniversary of his s death I ached for him and his grief and loved seeing Yohanna try to help him through it What happened next wasn t a surprise and it was wonderful to see that it didn t suddenly create a huge roblem or awkwardness between them The ending was really sweet as Lukkas realized just how much Yohanna meant to him He was rather adorably befuddled as he tried to tell her how he felt I loved his line you brought the sunshine back into my life and I don t want to go back to living in the dark A cute early summer read that I really enjoyed Gave 4 Stars bc I was kinda annoyed by the constant second guessing by Yohanna on whether she had a job or whether or not Lukkas wanted her for all the right reasonsOther than that fun romance story Ki oses for the cameras with sexy gorgeous Lukkas trying to keep the gossipmongers at bay she realizes that there's something in the aircall it sparks Bells Magic Because Lukkas and Yohanna may not be looking for love but something or some one is making sure it finds th. ,

Her Red Carpet Romance

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