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What happens when the spying heroine drops from the sky Politically Incorrect lands straddling the drunk hero s head Very happy girlie parts a hilarious spy intrigue romance filled with NIGHTS OF NAUGHTINESSMari Lamarre is an uniue female of the 1800s with not wanted to get married wearing breeches financial supporting her family being a spy for hire jumping out of nothing wrong with it balloon parachuting to the earth The death of her fianc made her heart impregnable against any male ever Now she is on the most important spy mission of herife to get the secret Beyond Varallan list that could endanger her family herself Mari will do anything to protect heroved ones ike ie cheat steal stalk SEDUCE if she used toLord Cosmo Dun is a deeply tormented man hiding his deep inner pain of failing to save his sister s ife He was to busy with drinking getting aid partying as his sister died in childbirth in Paris So now to dull his father s the Maruess of Aldridge disappointment in him his tremendous guilt he continues to drunk womanizing partying 247Now this romance has a uniue one of a kind of PIXIE DUST carrying Fairy a 1st for me Godthingie that bring these 2 crazy kids together it s a PARACHUTE Mari Dona Flor lands straddles on the drunk Cosmo s head Mari sees a drunk idot Cosmos sees his own personal angel One thing about the glorious outraged angel straddling his head is instantly somberness Mari thinks it s herucky day that she Rocker Babies Wear Jeans lands on the son of her target changing into her damsel in distress persona gets herself invited to stay at Langtry House but Cosmo thinks this sky dropping angel is up to something he will discover exactly what it is So with the bridge washed outike Mari didn t know that the sickly Maruess offers his home a roomy cottage for her brothers Marcel Max who Cosmo calls The Ms The Ms soon show up with all the ballooning parachuting supplies for their family s big exhibition in London start causing a sexy ruckusNow this unplanned house party is filled with a jealous female neighbor many mysterious accidents a Lord of Perfection a guest from the Home Office an unknown nemesis blackmail an adorable unexpected tiny guest The Ms caressing info out of the area females a kidnapping shots fired a mysterious Spymaster most importantly nighttime NAUGHTINESS Let s explore the NIGHTS OF NAUGHTINESS my personal favorite with Mari searching every room in her unmentionables somber Cosmo stalking her via secret passages Soon they become unlikely allies with benefits ike undies melting kisses wandering hands unmentionables evaporating dipping girlie parts male parts turning to comfortable steel With great passions comes those evil FEELING soon the walls protecting their hearts begin to crumble with each kiss ick moan screaming satisfaction Will Mari find the Sono with Visits from the Seventh list before it destroys her family Can Cosmo prove to himself that he is worthy ofove Can Mari walk away from her torture past Or embrace her future with Cosmo Will they expose their underbellies to accept Remarkable Creatures love Is the maruess the traitor Who is the next M to fallThis is the 1st book in Ms uincy s newest Regency Spymasters series she filled it with hilariousness aplenty spy adventures galore Ms uincy had 2 flawed characters that needed that 1 special someone that could complete them made them travel aong hard journey inside themselves to get it Mari was an a kicking totally taken names gutsy gave society the finger about what a female should be ruled her family with an iron taken names gutsy gave society the finger about what a female should be ruled her family with an iron kind of heroine Her parachuting was uncommon for males in the 1800s but it feed her that adventurous high that helped her get through her onely days Cosmo was a typical rogue of the times but his sister s death devastated him his self worth so being a drunkard womanizer was the easier path for him to take then to really excepting what his failings change Ms uincy floored me with her PIXIE DUST card carrying Parachute that played its Fairy Godthingie part beautifully with adding an introduction filled with sexual hilariousness for her hh Let s chat about the yummy sparks there was sexual tension that built up to blowtorch meeting a puddle of kerosene PASSION EXPLOSION my girlie parts were so very satisfied Ms uincy also taught me some really "uniue new words about sex ike dock docking or diddies that caused my furry grandbaby to give me " new words about sex Heroes Adrift (Hero, like dock docking or diddies that caused my furry grandbaby to give me evil EYE but no bloodletting Ms uincy made this espionage rollercoaster ride filled with ROFL hilariousness uirky uniueoveable cast of characters my 1st Fairy Godthingie 007 inspired spy moves scenes that steamed up my new Kindle So Ms uincy has totally EARNED my top score of 5 fingers up 10 toes for this 1st book in her Regency Spymasters series PLEASE WRITE FASTERNetGalley ARC given for my honest review A delightful story about a sexy female spy who is also a balloonist and a debauched English Lord You know this will be uite an interesting match I d say the heat Chuck and Danielle level is oh about a 4 out of 5 for this book I enjoyed the story from beginning to end there was never a boring moment with plenty of intrigue and excitement to keep you guessing until the very end Our heroine will turn this English Lord sife upside down and of course reform him in the process This heroine is the hero of the story and a most interesting and daring half English half French Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old lady to boot When Mari meets andet me just say it was a knock down meeting our English Lord Duns he is a drunken debauched sot He is very much in need of reforming and Mari Lamarre is just the Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs lady to meet this challenge not that that is her mission but this is a romance story after all You will enjoy this Diana uincy book Spy Fall as much as I did I am sure. When a fiery French parachutistands on a drunken Lord Cosmo Duns he surmises she’s an angel sent from above But is she a spy after something far sinister than his debauched soul A fearless parachutist is out of her depth Mari Lamarre is ga.

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Spy Fall Rebellious Brides #1You will get pulled into their romance Will these two embark on a torrid affair and have sparks flare a hot passion I am ooking forward to read her next book in this series License to wed I received an eARC from NetGalley Spy Fall I received an eARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewSpy Fall by Diana uincy is book one in the Regency Spymasters series This is the story of Mari Lamarre and Lord Cosmo Duns I thought this was a really great book that had some drama romance mystery and great secondary charactersMari and her brothers are spy s for the Crown Their new assignment is to find out if Maruess of Aldridge is giving information to France as a spy traitor Mari and her brothers are also aeronautic balloonist who Puckster's First Hockey Sweater learned their skill from their father She used that skill to get onto the property of Aldridge andanding on his son CosmoCosmo was coming back from drinking and whoring when he was caught off guard by Mari anding on him and his property Comso has been feeling sorry for himself since the death of his sister when he was not able to save her when she was giving birth alone and died This has also put a strain on his relationship with his father His father is also going through a hard time with his health and the ost of his daughter Cosmo is uickly attracted to Mari but feels that she is not what she is representing her self to be So he has decided to keep an eye on her and find out what is going on with herMari has found too that she is finding Cosmo hard to resist and she Liar likes his father Mari has been hurt by a man before and she knows most man will not put up with her balloonist activities not to mention the spying she doesWill we find out what is going on with the father Aldridge Can Cosmo stop his bad ways to become the man for Mari and his father need Will Mari be able toet her guard down and believe that she can have it all This is a fun read about a female balloonist and parachutist in the early days of aeronauts She Noir landsike an angel beside a slightly hung over member of the nobility and her French accent immediately makes him wonder if she is a spy Napoleon has taken over France and it s only a matter of time before he thinks about invading England The southwest coast is popular for smuggling brandy but aeronauts are a new method of gathering informationAs the Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are lady is indulging in such risky sport and wearing breeches she is clearly noady the unmarried man thinks nothing of propositioning her and although it s a fair while before they make it to a bed we can see that it s a sexy warm romance from the start I Gaffer love the details about the new science of aerostation and seeing the silk parachute which supported a wicker gondola to hold the parachutist at exhibitions she even dresses in aong fine dress to please the crowd This raises money as her family is not wealthy However the author has not put the same Circumstantial Evidence level of research into horses Many times the reins of a riding horse are referred to as ribbons Ribbons are only the name for carriage horse reins This annoyed me considerably as I ve never seen this mistake elsewhere and it is so easy to check The riding horse of the gentry or the army wore a double bridle At one point theady is put onto a horse and told to pick up the reins which is new to her The double bridle "has two sets of reins the bridoon to turn and the curb to " two sets of reins the bridoon to turn and the curb to and make the horse flex his neck The bridoon rein goes under the third finger and the curb rein is controlled by the Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers little finger as it is so severe Nobody could just pick up her reins if she is not shown how to hold them and what each rein does Theadies at this time were always supplied with a ong spur for the heel to hit the horse s eft flank and tapped the right side with the whip as this gives the signal on the egless side No spur is mentioned though the whip is Sidesaddle riders could hunt with all this euipment However the horses are a small part of the story so I won t reduce the star rating Daring dashing and devious A wonderful female heroMari Lamarre s aeronautic jump from her hot air ballon falls somewhat short of her target although others might say she was spot on She ands on top of the drunk Lord Cosmos Duns son to the Maruess of Aldridge in a somewhat compromising position Off to a hilarious start this novel of spies traitors deceit and Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) love has it allHalf French Mari Lamarre is a spy tasked with searching for compromising materials known to be in the hands of the Maress The practice of her craft is theure the cover to getting herself inside the walls of the home of the Maruess What she doesn t count on is Cosmos his rake and debauched son her iking of the maruess of aldridge her iking of the Maruess of Aldridge deeper family tragedies concealing secrets that will both complicate and shed God Said, Ha!: A Memoir light on the whole taught situation Lives are depending on her success and as it turns outives that are closer to the Aldridge s than conceived An unusual plot that carries the story wellI oved Mari s enthusiasm for her parachute jumping and the introduction to a topic I know ittle about parachutes in the Regency era Great hookA NetGalley ARC I On the Right Side of a Dream loved this book What s better than a feisty heroine who is a parachutist whoands on a drunken and handsome scoundrel Both Mari and Lord Cosmo are fascinating and multi faceted characters who grow throughout the book The author keeps you guessing who the villain is until the end Is Cosmo s father the Maruess of Aldridge guilty of treason Is Mari a French spy The sexual attraction sizzles on the page between Mari and Cosmo There s even a Rise and Shine: Encouragement to Start Your Day love scene in a hot air balloon I highly recommend it. Ous woman Surrendering to a fierce passion the two embark on a torrid affair even as Cosmo vows to protect his family at all costs But in doing so will he riskosing the captivating beauty who’s swept into his ife and made off with his hea.
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This is the first book in her new Regency Spymasters series After meeting all the characters in this book I cannot wait for book 2 A License to Wed coming in the Spring 2015 Something soft and rounded bumped up against his cheek and straddled his head His angel was sitting on his face Smiling he curved his hands around the delightful swells of her bottomPerhaps heaven was what one wanted it to beI Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq loved this book The opening is so clever with the female parachutistanding on the drunken hero It made me Michelin Green Guide Normandy laugh as did the rest of the book This is a funight hearted historical with a hot rakish hero and a smart bold heroine who isn t afraid of anything The plot had some surprising twists and turns and the romance was spicyIf you ike different historicals you l definitely enjoy this one ARC Copy provided by the publisher and NetGalleyI find myself oddly neutral about this bookI don t know how to explain this without spoilers so I am going to discuss the first scene In it we meet Cosmowho reeks of sex and perfume and alcohol Not attractive in a hero And then he is described as perfect as attractive as capable So do we ike him or notMari is funny capable and fierce but at the same time she is over the top and IMO than a ittle rude I think this is supposed to be charming to show her strengthbut it eft me not 100% sure what I thought of her if I iked her or notshe fell out of the sky onto himyet it is HIS faultSome of this was over the top Some of it 45 Stars As soon as I saw the description of Spy Fall I wanted it Y all know I m always What Every American Should Know About the Rest of the World looking for something different in romance and here it is This is a smart sassy sexy totally original adventurous and FUN Regency romanceWhen Mari Lamarre parachutes into Dorset sheiterally I Got a New Friend lands on top of Sir Cosmo Duns in a cornfield returning from a night of debauchery Annoyed by the shockingly improper and infuriatingly alluring rake who can t wrap his still drunk head around what he s seeing her attitude uickly changes when she realizes who he is the son of the Maruess of Aldridge the very man she s investigating and her ticket into his house Faking an injury she convinces an unwitting Cosmo to carry her into the house of the man she intends to destroy And heruck gets even better Turns out the Maruess is fascinated with the emerging world of aeronautics and extends Mari an invitation to use his grounds to practice for her upcoming London exhibition Soon her flying brothers and fellow spies arrive and the three of them get down to work the brothers canvassing the countryside and village taverns while Mari searches Aldridge s house for the evidence she needsBut Cosmo is no dunce and he is uick to catch on to the fact that his angel is hiding something He s fascinated by Mari who is unlike any woman he s ever known So it s really her own fault that he catches her mid snoop since he can t take his eyes off of her But when he earns why she s there and what she suspects His Father Of He Becomes father of he becomes to prove otherwise and in the process he begins to earn about his father and the burdens he shoulders and Cosmo starts to do some Experiencing the Resurrection: The Everyday Encounter That Changes Your Life long overdue growing up Things get even complicated when he and Mari finally becomeovers Things do get a ittle wild and a whole ot of hot between them but I found it all to be tastefully done As if her profession weren t already dangerous enough a series of accidents turn out to be anything but and Cosmo is forced to accept that not only might his father be a traitor but someone is trying to kill the woman he oves and he may be the only person who can save them bothThere is much to ove in this sparkling novel from Diana uincy The hero and heroine are fresh and engaging and even the supporting characters have real dimension The banter between Mari and Cosmo is peppered with wicked dialogue full of sexy double entendres And the best part It has a real plot I know my above recap seems rather vague but I don t want to risk spoiling it for anyone I was burning through the pages as secrets unraveled and new twists were revealed There are real obstacles standing between Mari and Cosmo s happily ever after no contrived plot points or annoying misunderstandings here And the entire story is underscored by Mari s Babes in Toyland: The Making and Selling of a Rock and Roll Band love for balloons and parachuting and the author has obviously done her research to make that aspect of the story come toife authentically and believablyI m bumping it down a notch for some modern The Meaning of Star Trek language and the final resolution of the mystery didn t play out uite as I d thought it would veering too much into melodrama instead of the poignant turn I was hoping for andeaving me with some uestions but I m thinking those might be addressed in the next book in the series which I ve already added to my wishlist If you re Mirage: Napoleon's Scientists and the Unveiling of Egypt like me alwaysooking for something different in a historical romance and if you ike your romance with healthy doses of sass and sex add Spy Fall to YOUR LIST THIS REVIEW WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED TO ROMANTIC list This review was originally posted to Romantic Reviews Beautiful introduction to her new Spy series I ove stories of spies and SPY FALL was no exception Written by Diana uincy I found this fun story a delight to read This is my first read from this author I wish to note that the heroine has a French accent and Ms uincy really used the right translations for each words and expressions I know ma native tongue is French Some even made me Frommer's Irreverent Guide to Walt Disney World laughThe story starts as Cosmo a passionate and sinful rake has a vision of an angel falling from the sky This angel is Mari Lamarre an aeronaut or a balloonistwho is is also a spy Lots of ups and downs Beautiful chemistry between Cosmo and Mari Beware. Ining fame for her daring aeronautic endeavors but her riskiest adventure begins when she collides with the darkly charismatic son of the Maruess of Aldridge If her mission succeeds Cosmo’s father will be ruined A rakehell falls for a danger.