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T and Caleb comes to the rescue Soon they realize someone is out to kill Anna and they have to figure out who and why Strange things start to happen They pretend to be engaged but soon it s not pretend any Interesting time in history and the story makes it an interesting subject While the premise of The Engagement Bargain by Sherri Shackelford is compelling and the plot has several exciting andor amusing moments the author fails to deliver a cohesive novel It starts out strong opening with Caleb McCoy and his sister JoBeth Garrett visiting Kansas City in 1884 specifically to see Anna daughter of famed Suffragist Leader Victoria Bishop speak on Women s Rights Caleb a veterinarian finds himself in the right place at the right time when he hears a gun shot and sees Anna collapse in a growing pool of blood When the doctor can t be found Caleb is the one to clean the wound and stitch the woman up Caleb now feels a responsibility to protect Anna from further harm so he doesn t complain when the desk clerk lists the invalid as his fianc on the hotel register so she can maintain a low profile while the shooter is sought Anna despite her wound is a capable "resourceful woman while Caleb is portrayed as a shy man Both are passionate about their "woman while Caleb is portrayed as a shy man Both are passionate about their s work so it is not surprising that they feel a connection towards one another However Caleb is used to small town life while Anna was brought up surrounded by wealth and trained to be independent The two lifestyles would never mesh yet each carries a growing bit of love within their hearts despite their dissimilar backgrounds Anna starts out as a strong fearless woman but as the story progresses her becomes domestic Caleb although is introverted and inexperienced with women but as the plot develops he becomes daring and heroic Caleb is surprisingly enlightened supporting the idea of women s rights based on his veterinary experiences with abused animalsThe main problem is that too much of the book is taken up with rueful thoughts of I think I love you but we aren t right for each other from both parties There is ust too much introspection and not enough action Shackelford also has a problem with pacing The set up takes a third of the book while the climax is over in a couple of pages This is the fourth book in the Prairie Courtship series so some of the characters have been previously introduced but when Caleb brings Anna to his hometown of Cimarron Springs there are too many townspeople interacting without enough background to easily assimilate the information Hopefully these characters were rounded out in one of the other books since the villains responsible for all the strife in this story are thrown at the reader without much explanation making the resolution of the plot confusing While it was admirable to focus on the topic of Woman s Suffrage the portrayal of Anna s mother did the cause no favors If anything it promoted the idea that the leaders of the suffragists were self centered arrogant and pig headed By making Victoria Bishop insufferable it took away from our sympathies towards the movement However real life leaders such as Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were extolled and the first elected female mayor in the United States Susanna Salter from Argonia Kansas in 1887 was eluded to when in the epilogue Anna becomes mayor of Cimarron Springs Sherri has a brief note at the end of the book covering some information on the history of the vote for women encouraging the reader to do research on the topicPerhaps the most glaring error is the misleading title Anna never actually agrees to pose as Caleb s fianc it s ust assumed by the townsfolk after a series of misadventures including the actions of a playful goat It s over two thirds of the way through the book before Anna graciously accepts the situation All in all a disappointment especially since all the elements were present to create a great story 2 and a half stars A thank you to Netgalley and Love Inspired Books for sending me this ARC in exchange for an honest review I actually passed over this one a number of times before downloading it to review It s no secret religion and gender euality don t often go hand in hand and I made an assumption we were going to be taught a lesson about why feminism is bad However I have actually enjoyed most of Harleuin s so called Christian historical romances and I was in th. Le code bid Caleb watch over the innocent beauty And a pretend engagement is the only way to protect her from further harm Raised by a single mother and suffragist Anna doesn't think much of marriage and she certai. ,

The Engagement BargainE mood for something with "a nineteenth century US setting so I thought I d give it a go The "nineteenth century US setting so I thought I d give it a go The Bargain actually turned out to be a solid read and I didn t feel offended Author Sherri Shackelford bravely tackles some issues conservative readers might not be totally on board with and so I appreciated the book all the Mostly I felt like neither hero nor heroine came out of the book looking too over the top in their views and I thought the women s suffrage topic was dealt with sensitivelyThe Christian aspect is *SO MINIMAL YOU PROBABLY WON T EVEN NOTICE ITI *minimal you probably won t even notice itI also pretty happy with the danger that ran through the story The book starts with our heroine being shot as she s speaking at a rally for women s suffrage and from then on there s a bit of suspense running throughoutI also liked the insecure hero who didn t know the first thing about how to court a woman he d never even kissed anybodyThe only problem I had with him was that he was supposed to be a veterinarian and yet he fed stray kittens bowls of milk Note to anyone who ever finds a stray cat milk is dangerous and will make the poor thing sick It really stuck out to me because I ve only ust finished raising a litter of stray kittensI did think occasionally the pacing of the book was a bit off There were a few too many characters crowding the scenes considering its length and a couple of scenes I didn t really feel were necessaryHowever I did like that taking a chance on this book turned out to be a good choice Review copy provided by NetGalley 4 starsThis is a romance that is set to the background of Women fighting for the vote It is an interesting time that I take for granted how long the fight was for The main character Anna Bishop is shot while speaking to a small group out west in Kansa cityAnna Bishop was raised by a single mother The I hear about the mother the I dislike herAnna was raised by servants Her mother said they did not need a man in their livesCaleb McCoy went to hear Anna at the suffragist ralley with his sister JoBeth Caleb is a vet He comes from a big family When gunfire happened and Anna was wounded Caleb went to help The doctor did not come so Caleb treated AnnaCaleb Anna pretended they were engaged to protect Anna till her shooter was foundThe setting was in 1884 in Kansas City Kansas and in Cimarron SpringsI liked the characters I have read a couple of books with the McCoy s in them and want to read Lots of drama mystery humor and romance Also a clean read Besides dealing with right to vote also dealt with forgivenessI was given this ebook to read from Harleuin and Net Galley and in return I agreed to give honest review Favorite in the series so far Since I love all things historical I found this book to be intriguing It dealt with the suffragist movement in our country and I found it fascinating The lead female character Anna was raised by a single mother who was wealthy but very single minded in her belief that women didn t need a man for anything so she passed this belief to her daughter Thankfully Anna had a series of nannies who softened her somewhat into a caring individual unlike her mother I really did not like Anna s mother A very selfish and stern individual When Anna is shot while making a speech regarding the women getting the vote her mother doesn t even come to her aid She ust sends a telegram telling her to rest while she continues her trek around the country doing her work Caleb is the hero and he s a very compassionate man Although he s a vet he has to stitch up Anna s wound after she s shot because the doctor cannot be found From that moment he becomes her protector and friend The two begin an adventure that takes them from Kansas City to Cimarron Springs a small town where Caleb "lives to keep Anna safe while the law tries to find who is trying to kill " to keep Anna safe while the law tries to find who is trying to kill The rumor began in Kansas City that they were engaged so they ust let it continue in Cimarron Springs Anna has never known this type of country lifestyle She s always lived in big cities and never known neighbors The town comes to mean a lot to her and the people embrace her I loved the goat that adopts her I found the book so enchanting I have enjoyed all of the authors books but really felt a special connection to this one and didn t want it to end I really loved the characters and the way they grew as the story went on I especially loved the epilogue I hope people will read Nly doesn't plan to try it herself But playing Caleb's blushing bride to be makes her rethink her independent ways because their make believe romance is becoming far too real  Prairie Courtships Romance on the rang. I found this one to be delightful I laughed SO MUCH ONCE THEY CAME BACK TO CIMMARRON SPRINGS much once they came back to Cimmarron Springs book is a mystery of a dead body hidden in a truck At first it s boring and confussing but as you go on you start understanding what is Happening It ends with a happy ever after I ve never read a book by Sherri Shackelford before but when I was nosing around the Internet it seemed she was a go to writer for historical romance Although it s not my typical genre of choice I found myself in a historical romance kind of mood so I thought Shackelford might be exactly what I was looking "ForUnfortunately I Was A Tad Bit Disappointed At First I "I was a tad bit disappointed At first I a bit nervous that I had picked up Christian fiction because it began with a uote from the Christian bible Although I have no issue with Christian fiction I generally avoid it because I m not a Christian and therefore I m not the target audience I decided to continue with the book however in case that first impression was wrong Fortunately despite a few mentions of God which were appropriate for the time period and a brief heavy handed non religious woman considers putting faith in God moments the religion aspect was light and it did not affect my enjoyment at allThe Engagement Bargain is certainly well written and I enjoyed reading about protagonist Anna Bishop s struggle to reconcile her desire to have a family with her work as a suffragist That being said the book was definitely a bit Le guide Ornitho judgy of women who chose to remain childless or who despised womanly activities such as embroidery or gasp dancing We were supposed to root for the insta love between Caleb and Anna and we were supposed to harshlyudge Anna s mother who was anti marriage In fact as the one anti marriage person Anna s mother was the most unlikable disagreeable selfish individual in the novel perhaps even so than the murderous antagonist who is discovered in a blink and you ll miss it reveal toward the endPerhaps I would have enjoyed this book if there had been unmarried and not merely widowed women who were relatable and moderate than Anna s shrewish mother Ultimately I did not hate this novel It was well written and Je voudrais que quelqu'un m'attende quelque part just interesting enough for me to not cast it aside But I did not care for the instalove and it merely trudged along without any real sense of urgency despite events that would have caused concern if they had actually occurredThank you Netgalley and Harleuin for a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review This is a mini Books For Christian Girls review It is not a full content review and will not receive one These mini reviews are years old andust for clarity on the rating the book received on Goodreads 10272015 I did not enjoy
this book immensely 
book immensely to different reasons Because I could tell that this was a book that was in the middle of the series due to all the mentions of the other couples romance stories it would be best to read them in order if you are interested Main Content Anna was raised that the Bible doesn t want women to speak to God therefore she doesn t talk to God or go to churchA dead body semi detailed Blood Pain shooting assassination attempts semi detailed Blood bullets being hit by one semi detailed Doctor activities stitching someone up other medical supplies up to semi detailed Minor cussing dumb and idiot Mentions of curses said not written including Caleb muttering a curse A bit of sarcasm Mentions of the war Mentions of drinking Mentions of a runt of a goat litter being attacked by its siblings might be killed a threat to kill it A couple mentions of divorce A couple mentions of cigarettes cigars A mention of chopping up a body semi detailed A mention of a husband abusing his wife A mention of drowning kittens Two not detailed kisses and three semi detailed kisses Touches Nearness semi detailed Remembering a kiss barely above not detailed Wanting to touch kiss up to semi detailed Noticing Staring Flutters Anna doesn t know who her father is Anna s mother is nearly anti men in all of her comments Caleb has never kissed a girl before a tramp Many many mentions of Anna being an illegitimate child Mentions of kisses stolen kisses winning a kiss kissing A few mentions of a married man having a mistress A mention of a still birth A mention of a man taking liberties Love falling in love the emotions We meet up with Caleb McCoy with his sister Jo at a suffrage speech The speaker Anna gets sho. Make believe betrothal   Rock solid and reliable confirmed bachelor Caleb McCoy thought nothing could rattle him until he discovers he needs to pose as Anna Bishop's intended groom After saving her life his honorab.

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