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Scouts gI m fully aware that this might be a simple case of not the right reader for this book I usually enjoy aood YA novel especially if it s a mysterythriller type but this one just seemed to lack all the suspense and thrilling notion to propel me forward Sure it was an easy read and it did have some parts that The Organ Grinders gripped me overall this wasn t a terrible book it just wasn treat This story had a major meh factor for meOn paper this book sounded necessary That blurb hooked me immediately and I couldn t press the reuest button on NetGalley fast enough I waited in agony for MONTHS to be approved thinking they were just waiting for the archive date to pass where it would disappear off my pending list but I ot that blessed email you know the one don t pretend you don t have a brief fist pumping moment and knew it was my time to shine This was oing to be one of my top YA books of the year Unfortunately I think I put too much expectation and pressure on this one which caused the flat feeling to fall a little harder than it might have otherwiseI think my major issue with this book was its predictability The characters the mystery the whole plot really was just too expected I ve read other reviews that state this so I won t harp but early on you have that I think it is so and so but it can t be because it s too early and there have to be some red herrings so thank God I KNOW IT S NOT THIS PERSON moment but in the case of this book it is that person What a let down There wasn t much suspense revolving around who did it which for a book that heavily leans on that factor to The Complete Idiot's Guide to Detoxing Your Body give it credibility was a huge downfall for me I also felt some of the fluff could have been cut if they had ended up cutting aood 50 75 pages it would have sped up the pacing without taking away any necessary information I wasn t really a fan of any of the characters so that was a bummer as wellThere isn t much else I can say I felt the author was talented in her writing style she just could have made the mystery a little difficult and Silver in the Wood given the characters a little depth and humanity yes even YA novels need this I don t blame her for the extra padding in the story I feel that s a joint effort between the editors and author She had me hooked just enough where I would likely check out her next piece to see if any of my issues were improved in the futureI received my copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review Thankful for the opportunity Reviewed by Hello Beautiful Book Blog Uniue engaging story It was told in a manner that had meuessing if this was real or fantasy Lana seems like "any other teenager about to raduate high school until certain circumstances surrounding her life are revealed The book "other teenager about to raduate high school until certain circumstances surrounding her life are revealed The book in the after for Lana The after being the murder of her stepbrother Ben whom she was extremely close to They did everything together and Ben s make believe stories were their favorite thing to play as kids When murders start to plague their small town Lana may know what is causing all these horrendous things to happen The night everything that mattered changed This is "Not At All What "at all what expected I thought I was etting into something completely paranormal This book is completely different from what I ve read before It seems like it took a WHILE FOR THE STORY TO START for the story to start shape but once it did I loved it The uniueness of this story was really what I found so interesting It was a mix of horror and suspense but with a YA twist It turned out to be super dark like my soul People wear sadness like they wear hats I love YA books There is a certain reminiscence when reading about high school or just being at that age This book starts out like any other YA coming of age novel but boy does this switch up uickly I thought I had completely misread the premise of this book from the first few pages I read Then bam You are taken on a completely different journey with Lana and the core I actually love the closeness of the core It makes you feel like a part of something Lana is just starting to become one of them in the after One of my favorite parts of this story was their willingness to look out for one another no matter the cost I am reckless I am a heaving chest I have to say I love this cover I loved it before but now after reading the story it also seems very appropriate for the bookI think some parts could have been executed better such as Lana is freaking vengeful She thinks everyone deserves what is coming to them She s pretty sick People don t deserve to die because they said something mean to you in middle school Get over it I was shocked at some of the inner monologue It was freaky but I uess that s part of the reason I found this book so appealing the freakiness I am a story I really liked the writing style with this book It just felt crisp The sentences were complex and nice That always plays a big role in whether I like a book or not It will take it to the next level This had me wondering if it was a real life horror or fantasy This was such a strange book that I couldn t help but like it Everything was very vivid within the stories The tone of the story is something I thought was executed perfectly There was an eerie unease throughout Lana used to know what was real That was before when her life was small and uiet Her olden stepbrother Ben was alive She could only dream about bonfiring with the populars Their wooded isl. The Telling

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R found Lana is torn up with rief unable to pick up the pieces She struggles to cope until one day she Essential Andhra Cookbook: With Hyderabadi and Telengana Specialities gets up and begins to live And this is where the book picks up With Lana hanging with the core at the spring They find the body of airl at the bottom Maggie Lewis Ben s ex and the reason he was driving the night he died The connection makes Lana a suspect while she wonders if the man with a red painted face came back to finish off Maggie making her even adamant at finding the true killerIt doesn t take long for the bodies to begin piling up And Lana seems to be reminded of the stories Ben used to tell There s a strange connection to these murders and those stories leaving Lana wondering what is really The Sorcerer's Apprentice going on Her pale form stands out against the night She has the look of a character from one of Ben s stories My throat tightens She reminds me of the lily pad maiden who was strangled by a mad king and left in a wateryrave Here s the thingI may have expected out of Ben s stories Expectations adjustedyou really only Eagle's Gate get references to these storiesnot the whole a story within a story thing like in We Were Liars I originally expected these tales interwoven into the plot but that s just not the case However we doet a YA contemporary mystery with shades of fantasy added in that have you uestioning if everything is real or not until you know the truth The truth is a vindictive fuck I wanted out of the characters most specifically the members of the coremainly Carolynn and even Becca which I know she touched on I wanted so much out of their shared history Their mother s friendship I m not sure why it intrigued me but I felt there could ve been a fascinating female friendship to read about And there wasn t enough here It s odd saying there wasn t enough when my other biggest complaint is the length of the novel It wasn t necessary and only contributed to a slower pace A World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi good amount could be taken out not harming the novel I promise you I liked thisit had it s faults But still aood read The writing upped the ante for me It truly elevated the story with several passages that are still resonating with me If you enjoyed The Creeping or other YA mysteries you d appreciate Alexandra Sirowy s second novel Life ot a little crazy so it took me awhile to finish this but I really enjoyed it I thought the writing was really strong it kept me uessing throughout the entire thing and the characters were interesting My theory about what was Who Is Muhammad Ali? going on was so completely wrong it made me laugh This was a perfect book to pick up for the SpookAThon I mlad the hosts decided to make it their Don't Worry, Eat Cake: A Coloring Book to Help You Feel a Little Bit Better about Everything group book otherwise I may not have ever picked it up After Lana s stepbrother Ben is brutally murdered she finds herself withdrawing from everything as she mourns until one night her long time crush Josh finally approaches her Josh is a member of the core theroup of cool kids that Lana had "never been a part of but now they "been a part of but now they Lana into their world as she finds herself starting to heal from Ben s passing One day Lana and her new friends are out swimming and when Lana dives under and sees a body Diving down and freeing the body Lana discovers it was #Maggie her stepbrother Ben s ex irlfriend who police had wanted #her stepbrother Ben s ex irlfriend who police had wanted uestioning about Ben s murder Had the killer returned for Maggie or was something else oing onThe Telling is one of those books that absolutely sounded amazing but surprisingly when I began to read I just couldn t find myself connecting with this one Lana just seemed to have such a dull personality that I wasn t etting excited to find out what had happened with her telling the tale which kept making it very easy to set this one to the side After a while the story seemed to pick up a bit and made reading a bit engaging as began to happen But unfortunately I also had a theory very early on that I hoped wouldn t be that easy to figure out but in the end ended up exactly what I d been thinking so I couldn t help but feel a let down that it wasn t a bit of a twisty ride Overall 25 stars for this one I just didn t find the MC that exciting and thought the ending was fairly obvious from pretty early on I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews please visit The Telling was one of those books that pulled me in at the very beginning even though I seen the ending coming Set on an island near Seattle Lana is trying to come to terms with the brutal murder of her step brother Ben who was killed by an unknown man with a red painted face The only witness to the crime is found dead and Lana is the one who pulls the body out of the water Lana and her group of friends are the likely suspects to the police knowing that Maggie is Ben s ex irlfriend of friends are the likely suspects to the police knowing that Maggie is Ben s ex irlfriend hated by Lana The further they dig for the truth and to prove their innocence people connected to Lana are killed Soon Lana starts piecing together the stories Ben used to tell her as a child to the way the people are being killed Is Lana committing the crimes and b The Telling by Alexandra SirowySimon Schuster Books for Young ReadersRelease Date August 2 2016Rating 5 StarsI would like to thank the publisher for providing me with an advance copy of The Tell. From too high up living with nerve and mischief But after also has horrors deaths that only make sense in fairy tales and terrors from a past Lana thought long forgotten love blood and murd. He entire book Great execution of revelations of characters and plot points Overall a reat uniue bookARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for review 25 starsI was beyond excited about this book The synopsis is intriguing and I couldn t take my eyes off that cover I was definitely interested right away but then my excitement just dwindled with the turn of every page Lana s inner monologue was bland and uninteresting I couldn t keep my interest and set the book down several times I could have easily walked away from this book not known the outcome and been just fine There are some things I didn t see coming and the ending was pretty satisfying but it wasn t enough Obviously by the reviews I m in the minority Huge thanks to Simon Schuster and Edelweiss Crazy read Full review to come Edited for full reviewThere is something fun about a read that right from the start messes with you You know things aren t normal and there will be some wicked twists along the way and yet you still aren t completely prepared for them all even the ones you think you see comingThis was that read for me The one that kept me on edge constantly wondering constantly uessing and constantly turning the pages wanting I truly was surprised with how wrapped up in the story I became even when I thought I had it all figured out This was well executed well played and well done if not bizarre strange and also crazy and I lapped it up until the very end ARC copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review This is my last review for the next couple of weeks plays the world s smallest violin and unlike the title of this book I don t really have a lot to say about it Which is why this is probably oing to be the longest review ever anywaysThe blurb sounded so promising I haven t read many YA thrillers so I was wondering how scary it would be compared to a regular thrillerI have to admit a couple of scenes had me on the edge of my couch with some half ass attempt at hyperventilating but I also have to admit to skimming through a lot of paragraphs because I was bored out of my mindThis is the story of Lana told in the first person by drum rollLana She lives on the island of Gant a fictional island near the coast of Seattle with her dad stepmom and stepbrother Ben Ben s name is being mentioned 873 times in the book Maybe this isn t just the story of Lana eh Or maybe Lana s just slightly obsessed with Ben You can t really blame the lass because Ben was stabbed and thrown off a cliff practically right in front of her eyes All Lana and the police knows is that the culprit was a man with a red painted faceWhile everyone s determined aka slacking the shit out of the actual investigation to find out who Ben s killer is another person is found dead on the bottom of a river Maggie Ben s ex irlfriend The one who also happened to be present when the man with the red painted face dragged Ben out of his carSo while this still sounded promising to me at around 10% into the book this is what happened next Lana Ben Ben Ben yadayada Ben I feel so awful I feel so amazing I m a bad person somebody should spank me Ben yadayada Ben I feel so awful I feel so amazing I m a bad person somebody should spank me The Ancient Greeks: Ten Ways They Shaped the Modern World girl just couldn t make up her mind about anything which made it very hard to relate to her This is uite a problem for me if it s the protagonist we re speaking of The other characters horrible teenagers matching dialogues I have no problem with YA and YA drama most of the time but this was just toe cringing The plot Just like Carrie mentioned in her review here from theet o it s pretty obvious who the killer is So you d expect it not to be that person Nuff said there apart from it being A Bit Of A Disappointment bit of a disappointment the end The length of the book Somebody edit this please It could ve had a 100 pages less easily and probably would ve been a lot better too thenWhy am I still iving it 25 brownies Because I m a sucker for the Scream formula in which victims are picked off one by one and where everybody s a suspect The edge of my couch peopleJust because I didn t really like it doesn t mean you won t either If you re into YA thrillers and don t mind reading about some Mean Girls type of teenagers this might be a nice summer read for youhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchvcwKWiThanks to Simon Schuster for providing me with a copy of this book via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest opinion I asked him where they came from than once Where did your stories start He side stepped He pleaded imagination He went silent stood abruptly and left me in the blanket fort Stories have beginnings origins But what do they matter They aren t real Lana lived for her step brother Ben s stories Absolutely lived for them from the moment his mom married Lana s dad The two would et lost in make believe pretending they were the heroes who always defeated the "Villains The Stories Were "The stories were and brutalplenty of different villains settings and plots One thing remained the samethe heroes Lana and Ben McBrook brave and always coming out on top Here s a secret though I was hungry for the violent stories the sheared off body parts the vengeful heroes as much as any boy could have been Two months ago Lana s life changed forever when Ben was brutally murdered by a man with a red painted face The killer neve. And home was idyllic she could tell truth from lies and Ben's childhood stories were firmly in her imaginationThen came after After has Lana boldly kissing her crush jumping into the water. ,

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